Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday, September 16

Surgery day is tomorrow.  More cats that won't add to the population overload! These are all FFRC cats, College cats & a volunteer cat.  Here's the list:

First, the physicals:  Livingston, Quinn, Camvi, Jones, Joey, Joyful, Lucy Ann, Merri, Pddy Purr, Polly, Walter and Phoebe.

Tiyani  3.10
Zun   3.00
Clark Kent   3.13
Ramsey   2.01
Ingy   2.01
Male cat--for Ashlyn (Defiance College)
Male cat--for Ashlyn  (Defiance College)

Grishko   6.11
Orpha   4.00
MJ   2.01
Misc. cat for volunteer--female
Female cat--for Ashlyn (Defiance College) 

Other surgeries:
Todd   5.05  (eye enucleation)
Vincen Van Gogh---tail amputation
Endure---leg amputation

Whoa---wait a minute, you say.  Who is VIncen Van Gogh and Endure!  Well, we took in two new kittens yesterday.  Here is their info:

Vincen Van Gogh--a cute brown tiger boy, 8 weeks old, birthday of 7/21/16. He arrived yesterday morning. He was found the day before in a garage, all by himself--no littermates, no mama.  He also has a completely degloved tail--no fur, completely stripped.  This tail will have to be removed as the bones are exposed.  He has a few fleas but generally appears healthy.  A little worried about life but the poor little guy has gone thru a lot in the last few days. He weighs 2.01.  He was hungry upon arrival and has a very good appetite. He is on soreness meds and an antibiotic.

Endure--a sweet grey torti, 6 months old, birthday of 3/14/16. She also arrived yesterday morning. She was found on a front porch-the owner of house had never seen her before.  This sweet girl has a probable trap wound to her front left leg. This probably happened 5-6 days ago, long enough for a major maggot infestation. Every toe bone was completely exposed. This leg cannot be saved as it has also severed the nerves (actually are gone). During all the work on her yesterday, she never complained even once. She had a bath, much maggot removals and the lower foot area was removed (no worries, she felt nothing--had to be done due to the complete sloughing of all tissue there).  Leg is now wrapped and packed with antibiotic ointment for major infection of leg.  She also has an URI. This girl is all heart--what a love she is. She was so so hungry and cleaned up a plate of food before we could even get her water bowl. She is on 2 antibiotics, soreness meds.  We are hoping she will be up to her leg amputation tomorrow but not positive. 

Here's some information on the 3 kittens that Peggy is fostering.  Female--brown tiger with slight tortiness, Male--grey tiger & white, Male--orange tiger.  Their birthday is 8/29/16. So little yet but all are active and already appear ornery! They've had their first worming.

We had an adoption on 9/13--sweet Christine, one of our inky babies. They love her already. She went to a home where we know several generations of this family--wonderful people!.

You probably have heard already that we lost an FFRC friend. Donna H/donnawankenobe.  She has been a part of FFRCNation since 2011 and will be missed. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening---we are grateful for you!
Zoolove--case of baby food
Joco--4 cases Fancy Feast, 5 cases Sheba Purrfect Portions
Jacksmom--3000- 6 in. paper plates, 3000 plastic spoons, 9 containers Clorox Wipes
Bifllie K--2 lg bags Royal Canin dry kitten food, 4 cases Fancy Feast can
Clark, Jessie & the gang--chicken $5 for Pippi, Polly and 7 Covies~
Melissa L from NY--donation for FFRC
Tom from IL--donation in memory of our friend Bob Albright

We also had BOXES on Wedsnesday evening---big big thanks (yes, I've gotten behind!)
Helen N from OH--donation to FFRC
Julie C & her kitties Anna Marie & Miss Mellow--donation for FFRC, 8 gorgeous paw print bracelets for Flash Sales.
Joco--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Conii & her kitties--3 cases KMR, 2 cases FF Medley, 2 cases Appetizers, 2 boxes FF Broths!
Carla M/CJ500--Beautiful crocheted items--4 Kuranda bed blankies, 7 kickaroos. Also lots of crocheted crate blankies for Flash Sale 
PaintedDaisy/June--3 notebooks, paper clips, playpacks & stickers (for kids), tote bag. Then some really gorgeous jewelry--2 kitty watches, many many silver bracelets & necklaces--so pretty. You will see these in a Flash Sale too!

Stephanie S--donation for a commissioned keepsake teddybear
Eugenia S--donation for baby Quinn
MLS--5 cases baby food, 5 cases FF kitten canned food, 3 boxes plastic spoons
Justme--stuff for FFRC & a donation to FFRC in honor of Angie & BIll
Keith G--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC

We also received a donation from Bedheadsdd to cover lots more of the Leggydew blankies that we give out at adoptions--thanks ever so much!  The new families love these. 

More thanks too!
Pablo--visitor last weekend & volunteer--4 gals. vinegar, 2 cases water & donation
Ronda from Tucson, Pablo's friend--2 lg bags Purina Pro, 2 cases Friskies can

We had a nice surprise yesterday.  DeTray Chiropractic Center from Defiance dropped off a basket full of items of gratitude for FFRC helping the community. So very kind of them! 

Updates:  the group of kitties in the back Thumper's Room are doing better. Their activity level and appetites are doing good.  Still a couple that are punky, but we expect full recoveries.  Such an awesome, friendly, pretty kittens!

Quinn update---our sweet boy is with us but is certainly struggling. He has a major battle that he is fighting. We are following the guidance of our vet for his care. This is a very tough situation.  A fellow rescue friend of FFRC wrote this today to me:  He writes his destiny and we only can respect his decision and bring him our love.  That is exactly true and really wrapped my heart. I thank you all for your kindness, prayers and good thoughts for our little boy.  Will keep you all posted as you are very important to him. 

Take care, have a wonderful weekend and I thank you for caring about the cats and kittens here at FFRC--it truly means a lot to me.  This Rescue Center creates it's own huge job but the load is easier with our volunteers and all of our FFRCNation.