Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday, September 3

A week from today is Catstock! Wow--time just flies by! We've been busy.  Have confirmation on the Dunk Tank, emptying of our Werlor, 3 tents and 2 porta pots being delivered on Friday.  Today will talk to pizza place about big order for Saturday evening.  The 30-some carnival games are ready, prizes are bagged and ready to give to all the kids (win or lose!), food preparation underway---lots of stuff going on!

Many thanks to you all for the wonderful Flash Sale on Thursday. It was awesome and much appreciated. The funds that this generated will go to our weekly operational needs--that is where our need is right now.  So so many people involved in these sales---Mich, MK, Dawnstar, Canton, all our moderators, Lynnette, Pat P, all the folks who provided the items of the sale and to those who bought them.  A takes a huge communal effort to pull this off...........and you all are a big part of it.  Thanks ever so much! 

Big thanks to Mary, our Friday night volunteers! She brought 5 rolls 2 inch tape, 3 boxes Highlighters, potty bags, 6 rolls of PT.

We also had BOXES THursday evening.  Thanks, thanks, thanks for your support!
Rosesf6cats--case of Fancy Feast
Eaglewatcher--2 Robotic Fish that move in water (cats played this morning with them!)
Painteddaisy--kitty card with donation & sponsorship for Jolene. Boat load of prizes for Catstock
GrumpyCathy--donation to FFRC, 2 rolls tape, stickers for Catstock
Jatcat--can opener
Pat, our Thurs volunteer--donation for spay/neuter fund

And some more thanks!
Jerome S from CA--donation to FFRC
Donna B from GA_-donation for Coralie & donation to be used wherever needed in loving memory of my Daisy. 
Graweyr--donation for FFRC
Shannon S from IL--donation for the care of Victor, Leonard, Jackson & all of their friends

We've had an update on Hamilton's adoption! He's been renamed Solaire--a warrior of sunlight. Absolutely great with the sons and is very smart.  Way to go, Hamilton/Solaire!

We also know that Merlee Jo's adoption is doing super! She's all around the house exploring and already sleeping on the bed!

As of this morning, we are at 75,243 votes--wow! I am so grateful for each one. Please keep voting daily at:   

Have you got your recipes in?  How much fun this 3rd edition FFRC cookbook is going to be. To be able to flip thru the pages and see so many of our friend's recipes!  And of course, then the fun of trying them! Just go to our website at and click on the Cookbook link. It's easy to submit recipes!  Please have them in by September 30th.

Our 3 new baby greys have names. While they still look a bit rough and underweight, they are indeed making progress.  No more syringe feeding them as they are starting to eat by themselves. Always a good sign. We have placed them at 4 weeks of age with their birthday at 8/3/16. And they now have names.
MJ--the healthiest of the 3, weighed 1.05 on arrival. All grey, female
Ingy--in the middle for being healthy, weighed 15 ounces, male  (prounced In-GEE)
Saseka--the lightest, weighing only 10 ounces, female (pronounced sa-SEE-ka), means pretty.
All three had 3 out of 4 ranking of fleas, a few maggots, upper respiratory infection and major roundworm load.  All are on antibiotics, broad spectrum wormer.  Fleas and maggots are gone.

We also took on 2 new kittens.
Ramsey--found behind Dr. P's vet office, probable drop-off by someone. He weighs 1.14 and is 7 weeks old. His birthday is 7-15-16. He's friendly, no fleas and is a happy boy. Ramsey is black and white, with a left lip/chip that is white and 4 white feet. 

Clark Kent--found in a woodpile by friends of ours. He had been there for about a week. He is very friendly, no fleas and also a happy boy.  He is 12 weeks old. His birthday is 6/10/16. Clark Kent is a gold tiger.

Many of you know that Jones has been ill.  We've been in touch with our vet and he is getting a whole "cocktail" of meds to help him. Today he is (once again) better.  Our one hard thing with him is in connection with his neuro problems---this always complicates things. But today he ate, is walking around, going potty and acting happier. 

Grishko is doing wonderful. What a beautiful girl. She is starting to look so much healthier---it's amazing what good food, rest/relaxation and having parasite control can do!  Zun is a crazy kitten---just how I like them! He's a toughie who likes to play with the big cats, especially Stevie. Woodrow, our little brown tiger is our shy boy. He's been getting lots of extra holdings. 

Kwatile, Janna and Sindell and their friends Cairys and Cairo are out and about a little more in the main area. They are just so cute--the fuzzy group! All 5 are growing. They sure love to play!

There's 3 fun-raisers going on right now for Catstock---check them out on facebook. Also there is info on the cam, by watching the insert video. One is for the Wolfpatch cookies---called the Yum-FunRaiser!  Another is to help with showing our appreciation to the Strawberry Hill band. And the other is the Dunk-FunRaiser.  Both the Dunk and the Yum are up for $5 tickets. Be the winner of the famous cookies by Wolfpatch or be the winner of having someone stand in for you at Catstock to toss the balls at the DunkTank!  Fun all around! 

Oh my goodness---just had an awesome phone call.  For every dollar raised for the Yum-FunRaiser, an anonymous person will match it. This will directly benefit the Rescue Center!  I am so grateful! So......know that for every $5 ticket you buy for the cookies, you are actually donating $10!  We will be drawing TEN names (at 4:00 ish on Catstock day) to receive the cookies of your choice (4 dozen) to be made fresh and sent to you! WOW---what a great deal! Thank you to our Anonymous Friend! 

Vernon has a new name---it's VNB for Vernon Needy Boy. He is indeed a needy boy and loves nothing more than to be held and hugged. He's been on his very best behavior and seems like quite a happy boy. 

As you know, in the mornings, I feed the Porchies, Firecats, Covies and Barnies.  I've noticed the last few weeks, more and more Barnies come up to the front area for their breakfast and the Firecats are also coming to the Porchie area--just for breakfast, then it's all back to their own areas!  This morning, I walked out and there were 23 cats--these were of the Porcheis, Firecats and Barnies. Wow.  There's more than that, but it's interesting how they get along and how they've discovered breakfast time is sure a yummy time!  It helps too because some days they get snackers and Bonito Flakes!  Then after these feedings, the Covies are next! What another awesome group of cats. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Peace, love, friendship and cats! we come!