Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday, August 30

Now it's 11 days to Catstock! I found the stash of missing hippie beads--Sevaun and Covies were stashing them. The story they gave me is this:  we give the people beads to wear and they will give us pizza!  I told them that's not how it works but they're not listening! Always the hopeful bunch of cats! 

ATTENTION!  Be on the lookout for a person that goes by the name of "Mich". The latest caper was in Defiance, Ohio at The Friends of Felines Rescue Center, along with a "Vern" fella. They have been known to barge into a rescue facility and conduct a random Flash Sale. They then pet the kitties and disappear into the night. If you encounter these two, do not approach! They both have two arms and are very unstable. The craziness is addictive so be careful! Call your local animal rescue and tell them to bring the large restraints. It is thought that one or both may be heading towards Defiance again soon. They may strike at any time (but never before noon or on a Sunday). This APB will be in effect until they are apprehended or they show up at FFRC!     (psssst---keep Thursday at 2:00 ish open for a Flash Sale!)

We had BOXES last night! You are very appreciated!
Barbara W from IA--4 bags of Precious litter
Anonymous Friend--3 cases FF, Case of Friskies, carton of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Robin H, Hubby and kitties--2-16 lb bags Purina One
Robin R--2 cases Fancy Feast
2 catsNJ/Alice & Lou--case of Whiskas
Patricia R--9 bottles Mr. Clean
Dianna C from OH--donation to S/N fund, rug, microwave bowls & potty bags
Susan C from OH--donation
Diane K from MA--donation
PckrBckr--Donation to S/N fund
Jatcat from CA--2 more safety cutters!
Kris M from MN--donation for Derecho & Bruno

Alli M & friends & her mom came on weekend--happy 10th birthday to Alli. Instead of gifts for her, she asked for gifts for FFRC!  Lots of dry cat food, 6 towels, 6 rugs, litterbox, kitty snackers, track ball toy, 4 Dawn dish soap, 7 cans chicken, 10 cans tuna, 4 packs 9-Lives,  kitchen trash bags, scratcher refills--wonderful and appreciated by us!

Tammy & Keith C from PA donated Clorox Wipes, paper towels, paper plates, Russell Stovers PB cups, RC kitten, 2 tubs snackers. 

And........we had another adoption! Tammy & Keith adopted Merlee Jo. Sounds like her new name will be Jo-Jo. It was sure obvious that Merlee Jo was quite taken with both of them. Such a beautiful girl. They have some time off to spend with Merlee Jo while she's getting use to her new family and home! 

Winston is fitting right in.  At first he, Stevie and Felix were a bit rough but both are settling in now. Sometimes it just takes a little time to feel at home. Sometimes leaving their past environment is a bit scary and so they may feel the need to be bossy. But.....all 3 are calming right down. They sure love to play.

Today, Cairo and Cairys moved to Cat's Corner Room with Jenna, Sindel and Kwatile. That's going to be a rockin' and rollin' group! They will bond while in this room and become good friends. 

We haven't seen any seizures from Farrah or Hensley now for quite some time! Pania is on meds again for another bladder infection but she is responding very nicely.  All incoming kittens and cats get their required 5 days of Panacur---a broad spectrum wormer. Cairo and Cairys has 2 more days to go.  

Coming soon with info about 2 fun ways of participating in Catstock, even if you are at home!