Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, August 29

12 more days to Catstock! Volunteer bags are ready, prize bags are ready, games are organized and in their own bin, we're gathering up tables, sorting thru the food menu for the day, flyers are starting to go out to the schools, Strawberry Hill is confirmed to come, It's all falling into place!  It's all about fun, peace, love and cats! 

We had 2 more adoptions! Our Woody and Chuckie were adopted.........together! The family that had tabs on Woody for a few weeks, surprised their kids with opening their door to both of the boys! Happy day! Such an extra sweet adoption day! 

Hamilton was also adopted! He went to his new home on Friday. Such an extra sweet boy. I've already received an email from the family. It said that Hamilton is doing very good. He's playing and loves a sun spot for napping!

Jones is doing super good now. He has his bounce back in his step and meets us again at the door. That's what I was waiting to see--his bouncy attitude! Sea Turtle too is hanging in there. 

Tyger and Lucy, the 2 adult cats that we are kitty-sitting for are now back in the back Thumper's Room.  They are awesome cats. I've had them together in 2 bedrooms upstairs for a few weeks.  They are not too keen on the kittens so they were happy as larks upstairs. But now that the back Thumper's Room in empty, they are back! They like being visited by more people! Lucy is a lovebug. Tyger wants a hand on him all the time, being petted!

Our 3 little ones, Sintel, Janna and Kwatile are now in Cat's Corner Room. They are growing. Such messy little eaters! They require a daily bath. The 3 have been having short excursions in the Main Area a couple times a day. Naptimes though are still important and needed for these little ones.  The wound on Sintel from the maggots is slowly healing.  Such cute fuzzballs!

Big thanks to:
Lostgirl--a box of awesome prizes/toys for Catstock!
Janet M--donation to FFRC

Would you like to help us show our appreciation to Strawberry Hill, the super wonderful band that plays for us for Catstock?  During Catstock, you will see live video the entire time of the action, including hearing the band. They are the perfect band for Catstock. If you'd like to show your appreciation, you can send a check or PayPal for any amount, designated Strawberry Hill!  

We have another 4 weeks or so to get those recipes submitted for the FFRC Cat Lover's Cookbook 3rd Edition! Just go to our website and click on the cookbook tab. Let the recipes flow in!!

Keep up the miles for ResQwalk! You can walk, job or bike--and it's all free money for FFRC. We are now up to $499.00.  And it's good for your heart! Thanks so much.

We took on 2 new little kittens.  They arrived with a good dose of fleas, but a capstar and bath took care of that. Both are boys, 4 weeks old and are white with grey on them. Their birthday is July 31, 2016. Here's their names (both Name a Cat names)
Cairys, pronounced care-is, short/medium hair  (remember s is for short!)
Cairo, pronounced ki-row, long hair
Both are eating good on their own and sometime soon will share playtime with the 3 fuzzie kittens! They should all have a good time together! 

Update on farmyard: the baby chick is doing good.  Watch out all other creatures cause mama hen will super protect this baby chick. A real mother hen! The 10 turkeys are doing great. Here's a problem though--watch out for your hineys if you go out there with sparkles or bling on your jeans--the turkeys can't resist pecking at bling! The peacocks are done molting and so we have a nice supply of peacock feathers to give again at adoptions. Millie the donkey is trying to shed a few pounds---a bit overweight. But......she's not trying very hard! 

Take care to all and have a wonderful week!