Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weds. August 24

Happy Day!  Cats are relaxed and healthy.  Kittens are a bit crazy and healthy! I am very grateful for the good health of these cats. This is so very important to a rescue center---things can be going along good and then come to a screeching halt when a virus comes in. But......for this day, I am happy about the health! 

Woody and Chuckie are doing fantastic. They are still in the back Thumper's Room just so they can be monitored easier than being in the main area. But, all is good. They are ornery, eating very well and have nice round tummies. And their energy level is sky high.  Woody will be neutered on Friday and hopefully will be ready then for adoption on Saturday. 

Livingston had another vet visit two days ago. Hmmmm, there's no "nice" way of saying things--so let's just say it. You all know his penis had went AWOL---the vets have done 3 surgeries on him now and no penis was found until Monday!  It's a "found part"!!  This is the very best news we could've had! Sutures are holding it in place.  This morning Livingston though it would be ok to chew those sutures, so now he's sporting an e-collar. He doesn't seem to mind it too much.  He's such a great kitten.  Here's to getting him to grow more! 

We had BOXES Monday evening. You are so very much appreciated!
Linda S/mls--21 heavy duty scotch brite sponges
RoBoT-MaN--13 black/white cat Webkinz & 2 tiger Webkinz for a flash sale
Erin K--8 bags of Temptations snackers & 3 cases of FF kitten
Anonymous Friend--8 packs of Clorox Wipes
Michael & Kathleen--card and donation for Catstock in honor of Janessa
Joy & Dan D from NY & all their kittens--card and donation to FFRC
LittleKat, Elaine & Alan from FL--LittleKat's allowance & 5 books of Pet Stamps
Amy & Diana from OH--potty bags, 4 kitty snackers, 8 cans of 9-Lives & 10 packets of Sheba Perfect Portions
Alice & Lous/twocats from NJ--6 bags of chicken snackers, 10 bags of seafood snackers, 10 bags of salmon snackers & 24 rolls of Brawny paper towels
Brian & Liz Bennett--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed

Logan, Amanda, Sydney---you all are wonderful. These kids put together a lemonade stand at a garage sale. All their sales went to FFRC---a really nice thing to do for the cats. Thank you!

Many thanks too to Joyce D for the pizza for our surgery day. And to Gusti for the drinks for surgery.  It was nice to be taken care of! 

We are in our Fun-Raiser right now. This special Fun-Raiser is being done to help our spay/neuter fund which has become depleted. It's almost over---9 am tomorrow morning!  Boxes will be tomorrow at 5:30 and the drawing will be at 6:00.  Not only is this a special fun-raiser because it's to help our spay/neuter fund, but there's an extra extra bonus!  We have not one, but TWO people who choose to be anonymous that would like to match funds.  That means for every $5 you donate for the fun-raiser, it now becomes $15 for FFRC.  I am just blown away by this----truly gives me a big huge lift! Sometimes when things look so difficult financially for FFRC, wonderful awesome things happen. I am forever grateful to you all for your kindness and compassion and giving ways. 

We also had two adoptions. Lucia, our beautiful white Persian was adopted. I can guarantee that Lucia is going to become a queen in her new home and be very pampered! There already is another FFRC cat in this same home and she too is pampered.

Vivienne also went adopted. Our beautiful siamese. She went to a new home where she will have a sister that looks alot like her. Her new dad was very excited to have her!

Wolfman Jack is doing wonderful. He's just a young kitten and is doing great. Saul is growing already---his fur looks rather silvery--very handsome.  The 3 new fluffy babies are extra cute--Sintel, Janna and Kwatile. Their tummies are so round. They try to run on the floor and it just makes a person smile! Kwatile's wounds from the maggot infestation are almost gone already. 

I believe I had forgotten to mention Woodrow, the little brown tiger who arrived on 8/19. His birthday is June 24. He was just 2 pounds when he came in. He was another kitten in a car engine. He had a small cut above his right eye and under his tail. His lower lip is also sagging down a bit too. But....all is healing. He's a round boy too. A little shy but coming right along!

Zun is the other kitten that was in the motor. He's black and had a very large case of cat lice. Lice of course are dead, but it takes a long time to get the (dead) knits off of the fur shafts. He's a happy boy and loves everything that happens. He's hanging out with the 3 fluffy kittens. 

We also took in another kitten. Her name is Grishko--pronounced just like it looks! It means "pointed shoe" in Russia, a Name a Cat name. Catopractor found her outside his office, eating the corn that was at the deer feeding station. Poor sweetie was quite hungry. We have her down as 7 months old with her birthday on 1-20-15. Grishko is a beautiful long hair grey torti who loves people. We had a problem with her at first---we couldn't get her to stand up! All she wanted to do was to roll over and have her tummy rubbed! What a sweetiepie she is. 

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