Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday, August 5

Seymour is doing great! His wound is healing nicely. I actually had to catch up to him this morning when he saw me coming with his antibiotic and ointment! He's a toughie and didn't want to be babied!  But afterwards, he sure loves his ears to be rubbed.

We had BOXES Weds. evening. Our gratitude is big!
Plee9--case of Fancy Feast appetizers
Vickie B--16 Woolie Balls for the 2 dryers
Barbara E from NC--card & 4 extra large fleece blankets for FFRC--really nice!
Margaret P from CT--donation in memory of Tiny Toe
Alan, Elaine & LittleKat--Caticorn card with photos from Catathon!
Dottie C--5 flat sheets, 7 pillowcases, great kitty toys, 4 Christmas stockings, 14 potholders made by 9 yr old girls in her church class, 2 Thanksgiving Bears, baby Christmas blanket with snowman. And a beautiful quilt--Springtime In The Country.

Here's our newest cats that we've taken in:
Merlee Jo--arrived 8/3. She is a Himalayan with gorgeous blue eyes. She is 1 yr. 3 months with a birthday of 5/22/15. She just appeared to a family that let her stay in their garage. They kept the door open but she never went outside. Due to family issues she needed to be rehomed and so she arrived at FFRC. She is already spayed and declawed in the front. And is she ever a talker! She likes to meow her opinion on many subjects!

Lucia--arrived 8/3. She is a Persian, completely white with stunning gold eyes. She is 5 years old with a birthday of 5/26/11. She is a kind cat and is adjusting nicely already. She was used as a breeder and has her championship points. We want to find a home for her where she will be a loved pet.

Winston--arrived 8/4. He finally made it from Greater Dayton to FFRC! Connie S and family brought him up here since they live close to Dayton. He is a brown tiger with mild CH. He is 2 years old with a birthday of 7/16/14. He is already on the floor in the back Thumper's Room, enjoying the other new cats there. A sweetie boy.

Tiyani is doing great. He's still a bit shy but once being held becomes a purr machine and cuddler! His hole from the cuterebra is healed and looks great. We've been still putting him in the playpen as he is so little yet and I don't want to "lose" him in the Main Area. He loves to play with the other kittens as they climb in and join him!

We have named one of the newer Firecats! It's the brown tiger girl that has appeared this summer. She is spayed, vaccinated, tested, wormed and had flea prevention put on her. Her name is Nikka, a Name a Cat name. She is a very young cat and is not able to be handled. She comes every morning to the Firehouse though to have her breakfast.

Our next FFRC surgery day is August 20, a Saturday. We will get our FFRC cats neutered/spayed that are not done yet. If there's a lighter schedule, we will fill in with public cats. We want to do as many as we can!

Tomorrow morning we have a special day--FFRC will be participating in our local Farmer's Market from 9-1:00.  We will have freshmade goodies from our volunteers plus garden items and also kitchen type things from our Paw-Mart store. If you are in the area, come and visit us!

Iams was here two days ago.  Remember last year they donated their time to build our Cove's jungle-gym and to insulate the Porchie Haven. They would like to do another project for us this year. We have an idea for them.  A friend of mine built us 2 awesome winter 2-decker, well insulated cat houses. They have a shingle roof that can be lifted up to place clean blankies in it and to clean. Several cats can fit nicely inside. With the second level in it, they can stay out of the wind and be warm and dry.  They are going to talk about making us 6-7 of these. FFRC will provide all the materials and they provide the labor! These houses will go over by the FireHouse for the many cats that are in that area. Between these houses, the FireHouse and the smaller barn houses we have, the cats should have enough shelter then.  Even though it's so hot outside, we have to think of winter!

And more adoptions coming up!