Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Weds., August 3

Poor Seymour. He has a sore spot on his side. We're not sure exactly what happened. It does not appear to be a bite. And of course, no one would hurt Seymour! He must've caught it on something. Anyway, the area is shaved to enhance healing. He's also on antibiotic and soreness meds. He'll be better soon.

Our sweetie Wendell was adopted this morning by Nance, our moderator! He has been loved for a long time and much waited for! It was obvious that he already was "at home" with his new mama too! A couple more adoptions coming up---Friday morning!

We also had an adoption on Monday. A wonderful family that has adopted from us before, fell in love with Sanford. He ended up being a birthday gift to Emily who turned 12.  Happy kitten, happy family. 

I've also heard back from a couple adoptions! I so enjoy hearing how things are going. Classy is one happy girl---no one to "bother" her. She so loves being the only cat!  Both Classy (kept her name) and her new mama are happy!

I've also had word about Janessa and Sedona. Both are doing great! I was a bit concerned if things would be peaceful and it is! Janessa loves her new mama's lap and Sedona is crazy about the bay window overlooking the bird feeders. All is good! 

And a bonus---we've heard from the family that adopted Una a couple years ago. Her picture is beautiful. The family says she's a happy cat and loves to lay in the sun. They love her very much!

I know many of you were worried about Elsie last night. She got herself in a predicament (again). I heard scratching coming from pen #1 where the main computer is. I thought that was rather odd. I opened the door and saw Elsie (the back is plexi-glass) scrambling to get herself back up on top, from the back. She apparently had slipped down a bit. She was easily rescued (again) and just needed a little holding.  About 10 minutes ago, we had to get her down from the high shelf (again).  That girl.........she knows no fear and truly is an explorer beyond most! There truly is no stopping her.  And yes......the spot that caused the problem last night is fixed!

Good news! Winston will arrive here tomorrow in the afternoon.  Connie and Hannah have offered to pick him up since they live close by and will drive him to the Rescue Center! Just as a reminder--Winston does well with other cats. He loves to curl up with people when they pet him. He enjoys walking around and is a chirper!  Speaking of chirping, Stevie is a pro! That boy chirps even in his sleep. Admittedly he is a bit rough with the kittens, but we work on this everyday with him.  He comes up to the Main Area and sometimes goes to the back Thumper's Room.  He's trying! Remember when Walter, Walter, Walter first came?  Stevie reminds me alot of Walter. Stevie too has the bobbing CH head and is also deaf. He simply hears nothing. And his food manners are the sameas Walter! Messy, messy! I keep telling him it's a good thing he's cute! 

Livingston was at the vet's office this morning and is already back.  He had a light sedation to remove his sutures and for Dr. P to take another good look at him. He applied medication. Our course of action: pray he keeps on urinating and doesn't develop a fistula. A fistula is an abnormal connection, usually caused by injury,  We don't want a "pocket of urine"to form again where he simply leaks urine. So, at this point, we will  neuter him when he's older--possibly 6 months old in hopes that "his parts" grow bigger! As Dr. P says---sometimes the wisest decisions is that of choosing to do nothing at the moment.  Grow, little Livingston, keep growing!

Great news! On August 12, our new FFRC sign will be here! We will take down the old sign on the 10th or 11th in preparation of the new one! So excited about the new sign. Many thanks to Vaun for her hard work in coordinating this.