Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday, August 8

It's here! Today is the day! We  have an awesome event that starts today!  How so very exciting!  Introducing: FFRC CAT LOVERS COOKBOOK 3RD EDITION!    Friends, chatters, viewers, volunteers, supporters---just everyone!  We would love your participation!

This is a fun and collaborative opportunity for all of you to submit your favorite recipes from around the world. Have a yummy recipe?  A special family recipe?  A recipe for cats or dogs? International recipes?  We want them all!

There's lots of information on our website    Simply go to our website and get the whole scoop and how to submit your recipes. It begins with you sending in your recipe(s)!  So many categories---here's just a few: Main dishes, seafood, desserts, pet friendly treats, soups/salads! 

Now---send the recipes in!

September 30th is the deadline for submissions. 

October 1st--things begin already to prepare the recipes for the cookbook

October 30ish--cookbook will be completed and submitted to the publishers

November--Publishers work on our cookbook!

December---FFRC Cookbook ready for sale---in time for Christmas!

We are so excited about this!

We had BOXES Friday evening.  You are so very much appreciated!
Anonymous Friend--Angel Garden stone for Spencer
June/painteddaisy--card and sponsorship for Joy
Megan & Jonathan C from IN--with Sanford & kitties---donation to FFRC
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Miranda J from MI--coupons
Kelly R/littleonemine from CA---8 wonderful scratcher beds
Joni & Caitlin & Cara--day visitors--kitty litter, Fancy Feast & moist food, Indoor dry cat food, PT, windex
TWKitty--3 day visitor--3 lg bags Purina One, 32 case Friskies, 4 jugs vinegar
Linda/mls--3 cases Fancy Feast appetizers
Plee--case of Fancy Feast & Gravy Sensation pkts
Phleblady--3 cans lysol wipes
Justme, our moderator--2 pet cots with canopies--1 for Covies & 1 for fun-raiser
Mary, our Fri. volunteer--5 boxes poptars, 3 gals Mr. Clean, 2 laser lights & appetizers, sheba & Purina One
Jazmyne Raven & Bruce--day visitors--2 gals vinegar, 1 Mr. Clean, 1-13# Iams, 2 cases FF

And then we opened two big boxes from Warped!  WOW!  She's been a busy friend!  She sent 60 crate pads, 6 warpedeedoos, 1 crib blanket, 5 biggy blankets, 18 kickeroos & 5 totes.  You'll be seeing some of these items soon in a Flash Sale!

We also want to give thanks to these folks:
Tracy Luoma--donation thru PayPal
Hallie G--donation thru PayPal
David D--donation thru PayPal
Izznan--donation thru PayPal
Jakesmeowmy--donation thru PayPal
Michael J. W--donation thru PayPal

We had another adoption!  Olle was  adopted by Jazmyne Raven, a viewer who has adopted from us in the past. She and her husband adopted Ichobod, Screech, Scott and Corby.  Olle made himself right at home! Ichabod is Olle's caretaker! Sounds like Olle is a perfect match!

And we had 2 more adoptions!  Frisky and Keanu were adopted together on Friday. . I've already heard from them. They love watching the squirrels and all the fun of having a patio door! Frisky likes to help sweep the floor. Keanu is now called Sparkey! Sounds like they are super loved!

And we now have an update on Gustave! He is doing great. He is playful, likes the couch and loves to explore. We're told Gustave is a happy cat! 

Little Tiyani has graduated himself out of the playpen! He simply decided on Sunday afternoon that he's had enough of that and crawled out! He's doing great and has been exploring. A really sweet boy.

Winston is now in the Main Area and has no intentions of going back to Thumper's Room. His favorite place to nap is on the Princess Bed by the windows.  Merlee Jo has come up part of the time in the morning. What a beauty! Stevie is still half up and half in the back! He seems to be settling in and finding the proper way to play, without being too rough. He's a smart boy!  Lucia is a doll---she loves to be petted and comes forward when we go into the back Thumper's Room. 

Sounds like a Flash Sale coming up---we have lots of really neat items! More later. 

Please keep on voting at    You can vote daily--- know that each vote is appreciated!

Saturday we had a great event. We had a table at the Farmer's Market. Many thanks to our volunteers who was able to make this possible.  We made $230!!  A big help! 

We have taken on two new kittens this weekend.
Mandisa--a brown tiger/white with 4 white feet, female was found in a volunteer's garage. This little girl has earmites and had fleas. Fleas are gone and we are aggressively working on those earmites. Her birthday is 5/15/16 and she is 12 weeks old. She looks alot like Frisky that was just adopted. Her name is a Name a Cat name. 

Todd----a long hair gold/white, male was found hanging out at Defiance College campus. His fur is rather straggly right now but I think will grow to be a full set of long hair.  He simply cannot get enough pettings. He even purred and kneaded when his blood was drawn! He's a bit thin and had a single tick on him. He has a rather large umbilical hernia which we will watch until we can have that fixed. He also will need his left eye removed--actually the eye is gone but needs to have the orbit surgically cleaned out and closed. So, Todd has 3 surgeries ahead of him---his neuter, hernia repair and eye enucleation. 

We have 4 1/2 weeks to go to Catstock!