Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016

Exciting day today is! First, our new sign for the front yard will arrive. Major thanks to Vaun for organizing this! The old sign was taken down yesterday afternoon so we're ready now for the new one!  They will install this sign themselves.

Today is also our Flash Sale by Mich and Vern. We have lots of awesome items--I think you'll enjoy it! It begins about 2:00 ish this afternoon. Vern and Mich always adds a fun spin on these sales!  This sale will go towards our general budget which is in need.  Many thanks!

We also have a special guest arriving this weekend. I do believe you all will have a good time with this person! will know who! 

Here's some more exciting news!  I've been contacted earlier this week by ABC News.  Apparently they've seen our kitty cam and like it! They've asked permission to stream our live cam on  They will credit us in the headlines or captions. They like to do animal cams as it gives people a break from politics and other news and showcases what volunteers can do! There's just a couple more things we need to do to finalize this. We may not know when they are streaming us---they just watch and when something is going on, will present it! I'm very appreciative for this and am grateful for this pawsome news!!  Hoping it will increase awareness of the love of cats and possibly more adoptions! 

We have TWO BOX nights to catch up on!
Weds., the 10th:
Diann B--5 cases Fancy Feast
Eaglewatcher--10 bags of Pure Bites for Derecho and his buddies (he loves these!)
Vicki B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat (Hensley is eating some at this moment!)
Roostergirl--4 cases Fancy Feast
Zoolove--case of babyfood
Littleonemine--3 beautiful rugs!
Julie & Dave--kitty card. For a fun-raiser--a beautiful plush blanket with 3 kittens on it

And then we had BOXES last night too!
Billie K--2 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat, 2 cases Sardines
Billie K--donation to help with Todd's medical needs

Jobear22--card, 15 kitty Webkins that we will add to a Flash Sale
Mary S from NC--3 pretty kitty pins to use how we wish
Teresa H from IN--donation to FFRC
Trudy S from OH--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Phleblady--Hangry Kit full of snackers for Vols!  4 cases Fancy Feast
JustMe--one of our mods!--Pet Cat with canopy for future fund-raiser
Arden & Charmaine--2 big bags Purina One!
Deb11111--a super order of 40 cases of canned Friskies!  Wow--helps our food pantry a LOT! 

Remember our 2 kittens that were adopted--Bows and Valeta?  We've heard from their mama and they are doing great! Bows is now Juliet and Valeta is now Oswin. Juliet is very energetic, a good jumper and is working on fetching! Oswin is sweet and friendly and especially loves her mama! 

Have you turned in any recipes yet?  Please do!  Just go to our website at and enter a few of your favorites recipes! This Cookbook will be a representation of YOU, our FFRC friends! Many categories to choose from! Recipes need to be turned in by Sept. 30.

Dorothy is playing! What joy to see her rolling around with a toy! Paddy Purr is on my desk this morning, sound asleep. Those 2 Paddy brothers are definitely not morning cats! Felictiy is also here--she likes to be on top of the desk, with her head over the edge watching my fingers. Joey just got a kiss from Lisa! Todd is looking a tiny bit better--his scruffiness is slowly leaving him! Sarge is a nut! So active. This morning he was playing with the toys hanging down and pulled it so hard that one of his baby incisors came out! We'll have to put that tooth under his cushie and then he can find a new cat nip toy in the morning from the Tooth Cat Fairy! 

Catstock is keeping us busy! We have the games fairly organized. The prizes are in their bags and ready to be passed out. The Fire Dept. is ready to bring the 500 gallons of water for the Dunk Tank.  The food for the day is being organized. Tents are ordered. Strawberry Hill is going to be here!!  Working on getting all the supplies needed for that day. Running off flyers for the schools. Lots to do! 

Our food cabinets were looking very puny. But, food has steadily been coming in all week. Thank you!  Those 2 little words seem so small in comparison to the thoughtful and helpful things you do for FFRC..  You are truly appreciated! 

61,270     Many thanks!  Have a wonderful day!