Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday, August 26

Oh my garsh--what an awesome Fun-Raiser! My knees were wobbly, my tummy was jiggly and my arms were like rubber!!  I never know the results of these Fun-Raisers until you do. I was overwhelmed and utterly grateful. My most biggest thank you to you all for your participation and support. YOU all make a huge difference to FFRC.

Our Spay/Neuter Program lives.............and all because of folks like you who care. I promise to use every single penny wisely for this program.

Here's the details! 
We had some folks that wanted to donate to the Fun-Raiser but didn't really want to do the tickets. So.......we created Pre-A--this is an accumulation of these donations!

Pre-A:  $780
Item A: Black/white afghan, 54 tickets, $270, won by Minnkitty
Item B:  Cream afghan,  53 tickets, $265, won by Joco
Item C:  Green afghan,  62 tickets, $310, won by Carley82
Item D:  White afghan, 65 tickets, $325, won by Joyce Als
Item E:  Sherpa Cat Carrier, 147 tickets, $735, won by Nocats
Item F:  Purple afghan, 75 tickets, $375, won by Billie K
Item G: Red afghan, 101 tickets, $505, won by Tom for Connie D
Item H:  Larissa's Bowls, a whopping 317 tickets, $1585, won by Diann B

WOW, wow, wow!  This came to $5,150  

A huge thanks to ColoEagle for all the afghans (were designated for the spay/neuter program) and to Beth/eaglewatcher for the Cat Carrier and to Larissa for the 3 beautiful bowls.  Another big thanks to Pat P, Jocie, Mk and Lynnette for counting all those tickets! And to the mods for their extra help in promoting this Fun-Raiser. Big thanks goes to Dawnstar for the cam video and to Canton for the info in facebook! 

And then, we had some bumper-uppers!  Beth, Farmgirl, Mich, Jo6 and Pablo.   This added another $600.    Our grand total now was $5,750.

The consolation prizes were won by: bedheadsdad, purplecat, Friday Mary, Zoolove, Bouddicea, Echomist, Anthony (thanks to Tom), SVCathy, Justme and FaithyMD.  Congrats!

A shower of thanks too to the two Anonymous Donors who wanted to match the ticket purchases! I am forever grateful. This adds a huge boost to our Spay/Neuter Program.  There was thought that we would have to discontinue some of the discounts that FFRC has given for spays/neuters. We do not have to do that now!!  These discounts are what helps to encourage people get that surgery done! So......our spay/neuter program will still flourish!  Truly, this is the way to help reduce the overpopulation problem of cats. We want every kitten born to have that wonderful place to call their own......a home.  I am so very grateful for these 2 caring, compassionate people. 

We also had BOXES last night! So much appreciation to you!
Zoolove--2 shirts for Jacci---I love them! Many thanks.
Hannah P in IN, our special friend--2 bags of kitty snackers & 18 boxes of latex exam gloves
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Djaq and Koda
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

We also had BOXES on Weds. evening--big thanks to you!
Buffypotter--UK, 2 of her special edition FFRC kitties #1 Purrfectly Hope & #2 Purrfectly Peaceful. Will see at a flash sale!
Samuel S--3 big jugs of Dawn liquid soap
MLS--lots more of the Scotch Brite pads
Miranda J from MI--coupons
Faithy/vol--4 bags Derecho Dental Treats & 3 pks. of Fat Toy & 3 cat dancers
Anonymous friend--huge box of Frito Lay snackers for the vols
Erin K--2 cases Fancy Feast & 2 cases Friskies
Sharon Z from AZ--case of Friskies

We had another adoption yesterday! Our sweet Thelma found a home. I do believe she picked this new family as she cuddled right into them! 

Our little Woody was neutered today and will be back here already shortly! Today he and Chuckie will be coming back up into the Main Area. Watch out cats---they are full of energy and orneriness!  Grishko will probably be coming up today too. She is such a beautiful kitten.

Do you smell it?  Yummmmmmmmm---Wolfpatch's famous cookies! He's very busy making them right now---what a HUGE project. Can't wait to taste those Almond Crescent ones! 

Jones is doing better! He's been a worry for us all. Slowly but surely, he is getting better. And he's peeing just the right size now! This morning he was actually trying to catch a fly which is one of his favorite job requirements! Livingston too is continuing to do good. All is good "in that department" too for him! Love these two boys!

15 more days to Catstock. It will be here soon! Looking forward to this community event and to all the visitors! Peace, love and cats!