Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday, August 19

Yeah!  The temps are a little lower as is the humidity too. Fabio especially is happy about that! And we've gotten some rain too to help with how dry everything is.  So many areas having weather crisis--wishing you all safety. 

We had BOXES Weds. evening. Super appreciation for you all!
Zoolove/Pam--Box of Nellies Natural laundry Powder---we love it!
Plee--4 cases Fancy Feast
Gusti--box of 50-65 gal. garbage bags, lg. bag Purina One Adult, 7 big tubs kitty snackers, 3-24 cases Friskies
Joco--silver and red replacement Step Stool
Elizabeth from MN--card with a donation
Lostgirl/Debbie--card with coupons 
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--very cute birthday card for Joey's 4th BD and for Clark and his sibs' 3rd BD.  And a chicken $5 for each!  Clark's sibs are: Camilla, Cashel, Carlton & Clay

LJ--she's outdone herself (again!).  LJ sent 3 shadow boxes with felted kitty pictures from kitty fur brushed and collected by Judy S, vol.  They are gorgeous. The names of the 3 designs are:  Seymour in Love, Fuzzy Tail and Hunting in the Cove.  You'll see these again.   LJ also sent lots of Scotch Brite sponges.

A big thanks too to Yvette who maintains the Twitter page. As of yesterday, we have 883 followers! Yvette keeps up with the adoptable kittens, adopted kitties, posting the Simon's cat video's, Flash Sales, voting, pictures, etc.  A great job! The twitter site is:

Wolfman Jack and Saul are already in the Main Area. The door was opened yesterday and out they came and did not want to go back! They are both wonderful. Saul has lots of friends already. Wolfman Jack is very occupied with eating yet---he wants to make sure he's not hungry again! It must feel wonderful for both of them to have no more itchies from fleas. 

We took in 3 new kittens yesterday.  Would you believe me if I said they were very cute?!!  Of course....all cats are cute!  These 3 babies were seen waddling down the road and were picked up by a kind person. He kept them overnight and then his family brought in the next morning which was yesterday.  They are 4 weeks old and their birthdate is 7/21/16. Their names are from the Name a Cat list. Here they are:

JANNA--female, long hair, black tiger/white with 4 white legs with a full white collar.  Fleas 1/4.

KWATILE--female, med.-long hair, black with white paws and the cutest grey crest up above the nose. Fleas 1/4. Name means Regal Princess and pronounced Kwa-tilly

SINTEL--male, long hair, black/tiger/white with 4 white paws, black dot on left side of nose.  Fleas 2/4. Major maggot infestation around bottom and a sore on the hip.  Capstar to the rescue (which in addition to fleas, kills maggots). A bath followed which finished the maggot problem.  Now he just needs some healing time.

These newbies are eating pretty good by themselves. I tried to syringe feed but they preferred sucking up their meal from the plate! They are all tuckered out and slept most of the day yesterday and still this morning. 

Enjoy this beautiful day and the kitties and cats!