Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weds., August 17

We are getting ready for our surgery on Saturday. We don't have as many surgeries but we have quite a few physicals.  Here's the temporary list:

Females: Roberta, Christine, Lucia, Mandisa 
Males: Chucky, Woodie, Tiyani, Todd, Wolfman Jack, Saul and possibly Schinn 

Todd will also have his major umbilical hernia repaired.  One of our volunteers has a cat that had a bit of an accident with his tail and we will do a repair on that too. 

Lots of physicals needed:  Stevie, Schinn and Amelia, Livingston, Merlee Jo, Winston, Camie and Janie (my dogs!), Coralie, Elsie, Felicity, Felix, Hensley, Jessie, Joyful, Paddy Cake (recheck heart murmur), Pania, Sea Turtle and Seymour.  Some of these are because they are new here to FFRC and some of the physicals are needed for their yearly check ups. 

We have thanks to give!
LostGirl--7 gallons of Odo-Ban
Gusti--donation for drinks on surgery day
Brenda Q from MI--donation to FFRC
Hencass/CaSandra--donation to FFRC

We are using the funds from our last Fun-Raiser for the technical needs. We were able to purchase the much needed replacement computer. On Monday, the new and bigger awesome router was put in--this one takes the place of 2! Our speeds are super now! We also purchased a new cam which will be put in place soon, along with some needed new cables. Thank you to you all!

We have a few new birds out on the farmyard. One of the hens hatched out a single baby chick. So cute. The cats have great respect for this chick as mama let them know to be very very careful around this baby! We also have 2 young turkeys. They are as tall as the peacocks already. They've been in a nice big pen to help them know they are "home". Today we will let them out loose. These turkeys were handraised since tiny babies and so are friendly.

We have taken on 2 new kittens.  
Wolfman Jack--what a sweetie! He was found by one of the Arthur Phone Company employees. He's a long hair gold tiger, about 10 weeks.  His birthday is June 7, 2016. He purrs just looking at him--such a happy boy! 

Saul--a handsome grey/silver tiger, short hair. His birthday is June 1, 2016 and he is 11 weeks old. He was found in a yard by by his lonesome.  He arrived with major fleas and very bad earmites. Fleas are gone and the earmites are already being treated. 
Both names are Name a Cat names.

Have you noticed Dominic? Wow---he is going to be a big cat, I believe. He's much bigger than his siblings. He is so handsome. Lucia did it----she came up to the Main Area this morning all by herself. I love it when they make that decision themselves to progress out of the back room.  And I love how Joyful has decided she is now happy about claiming the Kitty Kabana room. She's so comfortable there. I don't believe I've seen her back in the Welcome Room for a long time. 

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Recipes!  We want recipes!  Go to and look for the Cookbook tab. Lots of information! You have till September 30 to submit your recipes!

Which FFRC cat was stuck between 2 walls as a baby?    Zelda
Which kitten was fad a cuterebra in the neck and was so small had to be bottlefed?   Cutie
Which CH kitten was brought in by Jacci's cousins?   Derecho
Who are the 2 white Persians?    Joyful and Lucia
Which CH cat was found on a busy road and is SonJa's valentine?    Vernon
Who are the 2 cats that live in PawMart?  Sea Turtle and Jones
Who is Majic's best friend?   Trucker!