Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday, August 14

The new FFRC sign is in, mulch has been put around the base and the rocks returned. It's so nice. And with the new flag pole right there too, it makes for a nice entrance! Thank you to you all for making this possible! So we have another check off from our list of items we wanted to accomplish!

We had our Flash Sale on Friday. Many thanks to Mich and Vern for doing this sale. Thanks too to the mods for helping with it, the people who donated the items and the people who bought those items! We'll be starting to get them out tomorrow morning! This Flash Sale brought in $2,165!! This money will go in to help with our General Overhead needs---thanks. We needed a boost!

Lisa, our early morning person who works every single day starting at 4:30 here will be off for 6 weeks.  MK, our moderator and good friend, is here to fill in for Lisa during this time. Many thanks to MK. Lisa will be missed--she is so good with the cats too.

We had BOXES last night. Many, many thanks to you!
Deb11111--4 more boxes of 32 ct. of Friskies
Nancepants, our moderator--2-24 ct and 1-32 ct cases of Friskies
Dianna R from SA--kitty wipes
Billie K-12 cans of chicken
Lannml--5 cases 32 ct of Friskies
Keiko from CA--Immersion blender--very nice
Phleblady--1200 9 in. paper plates
Karen & Jeff R from OH--Chief Tapes
MK--5 containers of Clorox wipes
Lna H--donation to FFRC
Melvin S from PA--donation to FFRC
Carla M/cj500 from FL--her crocheted items!  10 shell pattern scarves, 5 kitty blankies, 50 kickaroos, 100 spiral toys and a bag of cat nip.  Wow!

The outside cats---Porchies, Covies, Firecats and Barnies are all doing good. They sure know how to "lay low" in this heat and humidity.  During the heat of the day, you rarely see them. Then as the air becomes cooler, they magically appear! 

We'll be working on our surgery list for this coming Saturday. We're also hoping to get a few physicals done too.  We're planning on repairing Todd's hernia at the time of his neuter. Livingston will also have his bum rechecked too.

Recipes.......we want your yummy recipes! Keep them coming in! Just go to our website at and check out the tab. Whether you're a chatter, lurker, sometimes visitor---we would love your participation!

We had another adoption! Little Arnold went to his new home. His new mom and dad has been here a few times to visit him but had to wait until their new move was complete. He's going to be a happy boy there and already knew that he belonged to them!

I've been asked a few times about where Lucy and Tyger are. They are safe and sound and upstairs in the 2 bedrooms!  They are doing wonderful but just don't like all the commotion with the other many cats. They are getting lots of attention and love it when I go up and lay on the bed and read to them.  They're doing just fine! 

I just took a look at our list of what we wanted to accomplish from the Catstock funds. We have only a few things yet to do! We still have the maintenance check on the generator---this will happen sometime in the fall.  We also need to do the slab of cement for Bella's Place. And the last one on the list is to repair the roof area by the awning and sunporch.  One by one, we're getting these done! 

#62,492---Wow! Keep those votes coming please--one a day till Jan. 4th! Many thanks!