Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Weds., September 28

A huge big thanks to you all for the wonderful Flash Sale yesterday. Thanks to Mich and Vern who absolutely make these sales successful and fun. Thanks to Dawnstar and Canton for putting "it out there" for you all to know about it, thanks to the mods who pass out the info and who help with the sale. And wow---all those items were donated by caring people--thanks! And then there's you.....those that purchase the items.  Big thanks! It takes a huge group effort to make these so successful. It looks like our total (thanks to Mudjie keeping track) is about $1,261.  This much needed help will go towards our general fund. 

And we have even more thanks to give!
Geremy & Gloria--6 cases of the 13 ounce Friskies!
Aunt Donna (Pat & Michele's family from FL)--donation to FFRC for spay/neuter program
Linda, from MI, friend of Aunt Donna--donation to FFRC, also for spay/neuter program
Buffypotter--donation for commissioned keepsake Cat Bear
Ferole--donation to be used wherever needed
Snoopybaby--pie!  Her delicious way of thanking all of us for helping her during her recovery
Susan C, from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Carol C from MA--donation to FFRC and thanks for sharing the cats thru the kitty-cam

Melvin S from PA--donation to FFRC
Seth & Kayla, visitors--box of cat treats, cat food, sanitizer, laundry soaps, bleach outdoors

Do you remember Solaire? We have an update:  "Solaire is still doing great, our son really loves him".  I love these updates! 

An update on Eddie White---he is still planning on making his way here to FFRC but after my vacation. This way, there's no worrying about him acclimating to a new place while I am gone. 

Dates! Our next Transport Surgery date is October 17.  Our next FFRC surgery date is October 22.  Get your recipes in---the last day to enter these is September 30, which is Friday. 

The youngest kittens are now spending full days in the Main Area. Maybe one more night in the back Thumper's Room, then they can stay in Main Area 24/7. 

My vacation is coming up--our family is all very excited.  We will be leaving about 2 am this Saturday and will be back, I believe, late Sunday.  I won't be on the computer much but will check in with the mods and volunteers and Lynnette daily. I have complete 100% confidence in everyone that is helping with this week.  

I understand that Trucker's having a bit of trouble with me leaving.  He asked SonJa to help him with his song:
Trucky:   I gots the momma vacation blues,
she won't pack me with her shoes.
Did ya hear the latest news
I got the momma goin vacay blues.....ohhhh yeah

And the mods have sent me an email as follows:
"Lots of meowing and cabinet meetings going on about your vacation. All the kitties will miss you terribly and some will miss you but will take advantage of the situation. Below is a list of things your mods have heard (we hate being snitches, but we always tell you everything, well almost everything!)"

1) Coralie has made a deal with Tabitha, we think it involves a catnip payoff. Anyway, you know the note you have? "Coralie to get 2 snackers only" well it will have a 1 in front of the 2.

2) Chloe is going to take out a full page ad in the Crescent News, "KITTENS WANTED!!!,No questions asked!!! Deliver to Chloe at Friends of Felines Rescue Center."

3) The Deputys Cake and Purr plan to nap and forego their usual state of high alert.

4) Trucker and Vern will be spending a fun week in your house.

5) Merri Elizabeth and Hensley will be taking down the names of any vols who do not pick them up on demand, no excuses will be accepted.

6) Not sure who Derecho bribed, but 5 minutes after you leave a sign will appear on the fridge: "Mama Jacci sez Derecho needs chikens 3, I meenz 4,timz a day. Iz importent for hiz health so nos forgetin."

7) On a positive note, Pania has promised not to get stuck on the catwalk as she is pretty sure napa would call the fire department.

8) On a related note, Pania told Elsie to stay off the catwalk. Elsie replied with "pffttt, iz goes where iz goes wen iz wants."

8) Zelda intends to open all incoming boxes containing snackers, catnip, or toys. All others will be piled up on your desk.

9) Saving the scariest for last...Sevaun has yours and Steves credit cards.

Well, that's about all the info we have. Some of the kitties know how to keep a secret!
Have a wonderful and carefree vacation,  the cats have you covered :)

Many thanks, mods for the heads up.  Sounds like there's a cat party gonna happen in my absence!