Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 2016

We went up with 2 and brought back 3. Now, how did that happen?! 

We took Joey and Phoebe to the vets yesterday. The wonderful part is that Jenny and Brent drove clear down here from Canada to be with Joey during this "different" day for him---gave him much moral support.  Joey had one K-9 tooth removed--ended up having 9-10 sutures in that one spot. He also had an ultrasound cleaning! He's doing great, ate a good breakfast today and is acting like nothing happened. Now, on to Jovember when he will be adopted into his Canadian home!

Phoebe also had her nose surgery---where a skin patch is removed by both nostrils---this opens up the airway so she can breathe better. Unfortunately many Persian noses are so small that when they inhale, it closes off the tissue in the nose making it hard to take a proper breath. Just like Alice Mary, we expect her to do just fine. Her sutures will come out in 10-12 days. 

And then.........we brought Dancer home with us from Dr. P's office. She's a little girl that was found at a pole barn dance. Out there in the country all by herself. She cannot get enough holding and loving. She purrs just looking at her and kneads her little paws constantly, like she's dancing, hence her name. She is all black except for a little white on her neck. Her birthday is 8/2/16---12 weeks old.

You might already know---we had 2 episodes with Alice Mary where she suddenly had major respiratory issues. She actually started meowing differently and looked at us both times like she was letting us know of her troubles. Meds were immediately given and quick relief was noted. Because of her quick response to this med, it is felt that she may be an asthma cat. She is now on a treatment protocol per Dr. Darcy. She is doing fine once again and is showing good interest in eating. The good thing is she's not fully engulfing her face into the food dish now---we don't have to wipe off her forehead anymore! What a sweet little girl. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening---so many thanks given to you.
Littleonemine from CA--case of Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--for Trucker, 2 cases ZiwiPeak.  Extra thanks--he likes it!
Lannml--5 cases Friskies
Zoolove--2 cases Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 2 kitty hoodies for J!!!
Macncheesendoosles Mom--donation to S/N in memory of Macaroni & donation to FFRC
Joyce A--card--loved it!
Robert & Renea H from IA--donation to FFRC
Charlotte from WI--note and donation to FFRC

Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy Birthday to Snappy and mama, Jenny--both had chicken $5
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC for Djaq and Koda and their care.

LJ from ME--2 soft blankets and 123 Christmas Elf Poo Cat Toys. These are similar to Trucker Poo Toys that we had last year. If you'd like to purchase these, feel free to email me---they are $5 each and make great gifts for cat lovers! 

LittleKat, Alan and Elaine--a Halloween card from LittleKat with her allowance and stamps. Right after BOXES, Elaine called me and told me that their dear LittleKat had very recently passed away. She was 18 1/2 years old. We have had such fun with LittleKat's gifts, cards and notes. She is greatly missed by Alan and Elaine. KittyKat enjoyed a very wonderful life and was so very loved. We too will miss her. 

We have heard from Bradley's new mom! He has a new name too---it's Bentley! He is doing great and is making himself right at home. "He is such a joy."  

Today is a Move Day! Eddie White, Jordaan. Dusty and Dancer are now in Cat's Corner Room. They have been showing interest in expanding their horizon! Yes, we've seen them peeking out the door to see what's on the other side! They look very relaxed already in this room. Won't be long until they get that door open and they can join the rest of the cats! Eddie White is doing awesome--seems like he's fit in very quickly! 

Our current voting status:  107,858!!!

Breanna will be arriving on Friday sometime late afternoon. This will be our newest kitty for FFRC. Kristen, who is bringing her, also brought Hensley! I can't wait for her to see our Hensley boy and to meet Breanna. 

Remember our Scrip program! If you are planning on giving Christmas gift cards, you can visit out Scrip site. Each order gives a kick back to FFRC! It's easy!  Go to  if you are new.  Then send an email to Angie at for an enrollment code. Simple! And many thanks!

"I have come to understand that life's deepest purpose can be found in relationships. It is our connections with our parents, our children, our spouses, our siblings and our friends that provide us with lasting joy."  Blue Mountain Arts