Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday, October 30

Right around the corner is Jovember---when our dear Joey boy makes his way to Canada and becomes a part of Jenny and Brent's home.  This adoption will make me especially warm in the heart. Here's a cat we could barely look at when he first arrived due to fear. And now.....just look at that boy go! He's forward in wanting to be petted, he's happy, he purrs, he goes all over the rescue center. He is ready---yep---emotionally, physically and mentally, Joey is ready for the next part of his life--a forever home. I will miss him tremendously but can't help but smile at the thought of this particular adoption.  Brent and Jenny will arrive on the 5th and leave on the 6th with their new boy.

And....we've had a few more adoptions!
Saul--went to his new home. I do believe that Saul picked his new mama. He will be well loved.
Kwatile--she went to the same home where Ingy went! They are now happily family together!
Towner--he is in heaven and loves his new little girl already. Sweet adoption!

Our sweet Brianna has arrived. Her foster mom and dad came from NC to bring her. They had also brought Hensley 2 years ago and was thrilled to see their boy! I do feel that Hensley recognized him---it was very sweet. Brianna is in the back Thumper's Room while she's acclimating to us. She's doing great though. She purrs and is eating good. Due to her medical problems (thought by vet to be shaken kitty syndrome) she is a bit slow in thought and movement. But....she is very aware of what she wants to do, where she wants to go and is a happy girl. She's receiving lots of holding and love. This morning we will put some of the kittens in that room to be with her so she can play with them. Eventually, she will make her way up to the Main Area. 

Eddie White, Dancer, Jordaan and Dusty are all doing super! They are out and about in the Main Area. Dancer is a sweetie. Jordaan is playing with the other kittens. Dusty's wound on his face is healing. Eddie White is everywhere and exploring! Seems very comfortable. 

Alice Mary seems to be in a "steady position" right now. She has sure caused me much worry but hoping each day will help her grow and get stronger. In a few days, Phoebe's sutures will be removed.  

I've gotten behind in my thank yous---so sorry. YOU are very much appreciated!
Weds. evening:
Wolfpatch--8 cases Friskies
LJ323--5 cases Friskies
Anonymous Friend---2 bags catfood
Deb11111--24 cases Friskies
Alyssa B--2 of 32 ct & 5 of 24 ct cases Friskies, 3 cases Fancy Feast
Keith & Tammy/bellabell with Bell, Jasmine, Merlee Jo--2- 32 ct cases Friskies
Linda H from IL--donation in honor of Pam St's Birthday!
Jim & Debbie from GA--Lots of folded potty bags!, pop tabs for Kellen, toy rings, snackers, kitty tote bag, bag full of octopus toys made by Debbie, 2 towels, 2 handtowels, 2 wash cloths
JoAnn/JZnyc --2 cases Fancy Feast

and there's more thanks to give for 
Fri. evening:
Gusti from Germany--3 cases lg cans Friskies, case of Fancy Feast broth
Anonymous friend--2 cases Friskies
Anonymous friend--2 cases Friskies
Friday Mary--5 mesh drain strainers, bottle caps, 4 Meow Mix cups, 2 cases TP & 2 cases PT
Kittiesmom & Emmy--Halloween card with coupons
Sherry & David W from NY & Julia & Debby--Halloween card and chicken $5
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Halloween card with Chicken $5
Anonymous Friend--2 bags Purina One
Leggygal/Peggy --1 box full of Adoption fleece bags & 2 boxes of leggydews (will see at Flash sale)
Zoolove with Bootsie, Blackie, Cali, Smokey & Snowy--cute purse with kitties, Canon photo printer, Fire TV stick with remote, Lenox China Angel, 2 Christmas snowmen with lights, 2 resin kitties in a shoe, 2 boxes kitty wipes. PLUS 2 more boxes full of awesome items for Flash Sales!! You'll see some at next Flash Sale. Also 2 paks paper towels. 

Do you notice alot of cat food from the boxes lately? Our very low supply of dry cat/dry kitten/can food was have helped our shelves to be decent again and I am truly grateful. Some of the cats sprung some grey hair (me too!) from seeing how low the supply was. I told them to calm down, they would not be without food.  Such a relief for them and for me. 

You might be saying.......Flash Sale??!!! Yes, we are having a Flash Sale on Tuesday at 2:30 ish.  This sale will be by Mich. Our mods will be helping too, of course! More as soon as we get all the info for you! 

We have a few more thanks too! 
Nona--donation for snackers because Barb W put Coralie on the window shelf in Kabana!!
Erick R from CA--donation for FFRC
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Tom W--donation to FFRC, in memory of LittleKat
Barb W., vol--case of Friskies
Gisa Z from Germany--donation to FFRC

You know, there is something that happens too often that really hurts. We routinely get on an average 25 calls daily to take in more cats and kittens. It's a huge amount. We try and help each of these callers by guiding them in directions that may help. And of course, if it's a mama, we tell them about our spay/neuter programs. Some of the calls we can take their kittens and cats. Many we cannot. That is why we have to spay and neuter more and more. But.....what really hurts is when someone (especially people we know) becomes angry with us for not being able to take kittens/cats in. Do you realize that if we never said no, we could literally have---well, let's figure this out.  25 calls a day probably represents a minimum of 60 cats/kittens. Times that by 30 per month is 1,800 cats.  Times that by 12 months is 21,600.  Is it any wonder that we cannot take them all in? My heart hurts when we have to say no, but it's impossible to keep up. I learned long ago to take what we can, help those to the best of our ability, keep spaying and neutering and say a prayer for the rest. We are but ONE rescue trying hard to do the best that we can. Just remember....if you call and we have to say no, it's not because we don't want to help. We will help you with suggestions. I had a person hang up on me last week while I was trying to find sources for her to call from her area of the state--and not without being told "choice words' first. 

We have over the past few years, made a conscious decision to help some of the special needs cats. And yes, if we didn't take them in, we certainly would have room to take more of the kittens. But....this is OUR CHOICE to do this. And we enjoy it and these cats are very happy to be here and alive. Life changes all the time and that is good. This Rescue Center also changes all the time.  And that is good too. Someone asked me once, if I ever regretted taking on any of these special needs cats---they require more finances, more time, more effort---the answer is a sound NO.  These cats give us much joy. And that person smiled.

Well, I don't know where all of this really came from--all these words.  I guess at times the hard part of rescue gets to me. I wish we could spay/neuter faster. I wish all these kittens weren't being born every minute. I wish every cat had a wonderful home. Someday........    In the meantime, we will continue to care for those that are here and try and help as many as we can. Thanks for listening.