Saturday, November 8, 2014

Friday, November 7

Five cats went traveling on Weds.  Yes, and I was a nervous wreck.  It was Smallisha, Penelope, Daisy, Emma Jo and Liberti.  A sister and husband who lives downstairs wanted Penelope and a friend which turned out to be Smallisha.  Then sister upstairs wanted cat friends again. She knew about Daisy and let me to pick the second one. I wasn't sure between Emma Jo and Liberti so took them both! Right now, they are visiting and they will let me know what the decision is. The two sisters and her husband share meal times and tv time. Is a cozy atmosphere and very relaxed.  Will know more today or tomorrow!

Be aware! It's Pop Flash Sales today!  Our friends Mich and Vern will be here. Probably starting later morning to whenever, Mich and Vern will be showing you items, some of which you've not seen before. Really really nice items!  Enjoy!

Reminder---cold season is starting and cats seek shelter in cars. Do not forget to give a few taps on the hood or a toot of the horn before starting your car. 

We had BOXES last night.  Ever so so grateful!
Pat, volunteer--hand warmers and scarf for sales
AuntyFi--play cell phones for Zelda and Sevaun---such fun!
Pat M from CA--assorted cat collars, set of snowman ornaments, ear mite meds, Christmas ornaments, grooming tools, Carlsbad dressing & BBQ sauce, pet tunes CD, kitty toys, Natural PEt cookbook, pet brush attachment for vacuum, tote bag
Betz--shirt set/jacket from Quacker Factory--so very sweet of Betz
PSW--box of Cat Dancers for surprise later!
Justme/Kathy K and furbabies Hamilton, Tootsie and Zsa Zsa--3 lg bags assorted candy, 10 fleece blankies, box of 32 assorted chips and package of white wash clothes
Nona and Jatcat-- Petmate Barn homes for our winter needs!  So very grateful!
Ann F from NJ--donation for FFRC
Mary L from OH (brought Blake and Grady)--donation for FFRC
Clark and Jesse and rest of family--birthday card for Whiskers and $5 donation for special food!
Trudy S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Schinn/Susan and furbabies Ralph and Cleo--Halloween card for Paddy Purr and donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Karen B from Defiance--chief tapes
Jan/farmgirl and Charles--donation for FFRC
Dave and Elizabeth S from KY--donation in memory of their aunt Aileen--very kind of you
Susan 345 from NH--card and international stamps for FFRC
Jan S from MN--card and donation for FFRC
Nona--lots of coupons
Phil & Judy--4 cat scratchers, 20 appetizers and bag of Royal Canin
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--monthly sponsorship of Farrah and from their Amazon sales
Hallie G--donation to FFRC

You may have heard already, we had a very sad happening yesterday. We lost one of our Porchies. It was Defi. He has been darting across the road to see what's been going on over there. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and killed instantly. A volunteer found him almost immediately and brought him back home. Such a deep sadness about this. As you know, it is our wish for cats to be indoors, but we also know there are some cats with "outdoor life" stuck in their heads. And that is what our Porchies are all about. So, we have to come to terms with this. Allow them to be happy in their lives, yet protect as much as we can. It's so hard. I will miss this boy very much. 

I missed a story for Catapalooza.  It was about Chelan.
Chelan. What a beauty of a kitten. Being outdoors all cold is not a good way for life to start. When she and Dhana were found, they were covered in fleas and so cold. Chelan was a calico girl while her sister Chelan was a black tiger. They arrived 10/22/11. Chelan made friends quickly and enjoyed the other kittens. She was a busy little girl. I remember Emaline was a wonderful mama to her and Dhana. She loved on them and bathed them. Then on 11/1, Chelan became sick. Things happened quickly and she passed away. She was held and was peaceful. Sometimes we simply don't know the reason for death. But we have to accept it, treasure their time with us and learn something from each and every cat that comes our way. She had a kind and sweet spirit about her. Chelan was named for the beautiful Lake Chelan in Washington. 

The Covies have moved.  Yesterday was rainy, cold and just plain icky. It was decided that it was time to move them up early. They will still get their 2-3 times out for a run-about each week. The move went fine. Sometime soon, we'll be going thru each Covie, weighing them, giving their vaccinations, worming and a look over. Such a wonderful group of cats. They seemed very peaceful last night. 

Mr. G came to the front welcome room office door again. I do think he's building his courage to come in again! I just watched Jersey walk thru the front office--nice, sure of himself. It's when he gets flustered that his balance comes undone. What a far way he has come. Derecho sang to me this morning---just love listening to his vocals! Jemima is becoming more of a lap cat every day. What a pleasure!  Joey came out quickly today for snackers!