Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday November 1

Can you believe it--we have a light dusting of snow. Impossible, but true. The cats and I are still waiting for more nice Fall weather! The Covies are still in the Cat's Cove. This is when we start keeping a sharp eye on the weather forecast. A couple cold days won't hurt, but when it gets to be consistently cold then we will move them. We try and wait until we absolutely have to because of space. They have more than twice the space in the Cove than Kitty City. But, we also want them to be warm.

I've been checking Porchie Haven--beds are mushed down, food is being eaten, cats curl up together -- they seem to be happy with their warm Haven. 

We are always very grateful for BOXES and gifts. This plays a huge part for FFRC. 
Karin E from AE--donation for FFRC
Nancy R/grammie from IN--donation for the fun of Cat n hat, Sock monkey, Litter Poop Head and Ariel yesterday for Halloween!! 
Julie P--donation to FFRC
Jan from HI--donation for goodies for Catapalooza
Eugenia from Russia--donation for FFRC
Kevin A--donation for FFRC
Lisa S from NJ--donation to FFRC --she shared her birthday in this way with the kitties. Happy Birthday, Lisa!
Thomas P from West Yorkshire--donation in honor of National Cat Day!
Nona--bag of Reeses (yum!) and feathersand 3 desk 2015 calanders, wonderful clippers with blades, guards, oil--big thanks!
Anonymous Friend--Royal Canin baby can food, case of big bags of snackers
Zelda and Friend--lots of sardines, salmon, clams, chicken, snackers. Ping pong ball for cat toys, 4 nice feather toys.  And then for the volunteers--jars honey roasted peanuts, 2 bags Deluxe Chip cookies, bag of Halloween candy bars, 3 bags of nuts variety, bag of fruit chews, box of candy bars variety. Big thanks. That Zelda--she is so special!
Susan G from NH--4 cases of Baby food
Donnajb--5 cases of 32 cans Friskies and 2 trays large kitty snackers
Dutchy--3 cases baby food
Billy K--sardines, chicken and 8 tubs of Temptation kitty snackers
Tom C from IL--donation for FFRC

Tomorrow is our Catapalooza. It starts, on cam, at 1;00.  This event was met with much support from you viewers--lurkers and chatters. This event was done with you all in mind--to enjoy these stories. We here at the rescue center can touch, hold and kiss these kitties and cats. You thru the lens of the cam, cannot, but we feel your love for these FFRC cats. And so, we want to tell stories for all to enjoy. Catapalooza is met for your enjoyment. So, you'll want to get comfortable. Have some snackers handy, get your pets on your lap, may want a kleenex or two and simply enjoy. The stories will be told in random order. If it's a cat we can hold up, we will.  If not, we have pictures galore to show you! This will be done in laid-back style. Know that the stories are true--taken from their own lives and how they came to be at FFRC. We have many readers--and we are all honored to do the reading. 

Trucker is doing wonderful. We do have one issue we are dealing with. Because his tummy now rubs the floor a bit, he developed a pink spot on his tummy yesterday. He actually slept alot yesterday and was in his pen quite a bit. But you know Trucker--he's a speedy boy and insists on playing. So, we will watch this area. He's right now napping in Dodger's Pen . As the fur grows and his skin toughens, this will no longer be an issue. His incision site looks great.

Gusti's uneye area also looks good. Mr. G came out to the Main Area today. Merlee Jo continues on her antibiotics. A second one was added yesterday. Things are doing better for her, but still an issue. We'll keep a close watch on her. Bella was outside yet again yesterday--even in the rain. The dogs pen has a very large cover over it and she can still be in her poof and stay dry. We finally though went out and brought her in. Oh my, she complains when we do that! So....she had to have some bby food! Do you think she knows that?  Yep! 

Cathy Kay's kittens are wonderful. So sweet, energized and so playful! They spent their first night out in the Main Area last night. Little Amazon and Screech have adapted beautifully to being at the Rescue Center. Thanks to Peggy again for the awesome care she gave them. 

We had a bit of Halloween fun yesterday!  In the afternoon, we had 4 costumed visitors--a Cat N Hat, Sock Monkey, Litter Poop Head and Ariel. During their visit, 18 names were drawn from our bucket of chatter/lurker names for a Halloween Bag filled with surprises. These bags will be mailed out on Monday! Enjoy--just a small way to say thanks for what you do for FFRC. In the morning we had a beautiful ballerina (Elizabeth) complete with her point shoes here! 

All is fine here. Have a wonderful weekend and see you on the cam for the Catapalooza!