Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30

Trucker did awesome. He is simply an amazing cat. He sailed thru the surgery yesterday. We left at 8:25 yesterday morning and back at the Rescue, I believe, by 1;00.  His surgery was a bit longer and that was due to his leg being backwards. Made it a little difficult to determine where things were at in regards to vessels, tendons, etc.  He has a nice muscle pad on this stump. Quite a few sutures. When he arrived back here, he ws once again in Dodger's Pen with the gel pad for cushiness. He ate supper and a late snack, peed (very important) and pooed (important too!). This morning he was down on the floor for a little over an hour. It looks like the suture line will be a little above the floor level, which is good. Trucker ate on the floor and then he spent the rest of his time zooming everywhere. And when I say zooming, I mean--he was really truckin' it!  What a kitten. Nothing is going to slow this boy down. He still has one more surgery to do. His "boy parts" are well hidden and he will have to have an abdominal look see, which means a bit of an incision. What is the saying---you can run, but you can't hide??  Well, his hidden parts WILL be found eventually! You may ask---why, if they are not down, do we have to go search for them. The answer is---they may still give off some hormones and we don't want that. And another important reason, because they are warmer in the abdominal cavity, it can increase the risk of cancer to these "parts". So, mission will be accomplished!

We are working hard on the Catapalooza.  It's 1;00 on Sunday. Get in a comfy chair, have some snacks, a warm drink and enjoy! I am trying my bestest to get all the stories done by then. Because of the time involved in doing this, I asked Ellen and Pat to do BOXES last night for me. That way, I could get another couple stories done!

BOXES (I watched on ustream while working and am ever so grateful for your generosity). 
Laura/Emmie05--Halloween 3D card, Waltmart gift card and chocolate sardines!!
Rodney O--SIX cases of 32 cans Friskies, 6 cases of 12 packs Friskies (big cans)  Our food cabinet and the cats are smiling!
Austin W from next county--donation to FFRC
Cita/Margreet--packet of Whiskas and a special tiny broom for little Cita
Nona--stickers and Christmas cards to share
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--Halloween card, 2 packets of kitty snackers, 10 appetizers, 16 cans Fancy Feast broth
Faithy MD--box of 4 kitty snackers, 2 cases Fancy Feast, case of 9-Lives can
Elizabeth A/widdletigger--2 cases Friskies
Robotman--note and 60 laser lights to be used for adoptions and FFRC fun!
Mayumi Tokyo Branch of FFRCNation--bix box of bonito snackers!
Donnajb--2 of the 16 lb. bags of Purina One
rg7fan--big bag of Purina One, 2 cases Fancy Feast, box of Whiskas
Vicki/Clark's mom--donation and note!
Connie/warpedmn & Deb11111--24 potato bags, 8 toaster covers, 24 centipede toys, lots of spider toys, and some of those wonderful crate pads!    Do I sense a flash sale coming up?? 
David P from UK--donation to FFRC
Garyth W from UK--donation to FFRC
Alexandra B from Wash. DC--donation in honor of the Paddys!
Neil S--donation to FFRC

We have some exciting news. Megan C, a webcam friend, has a jewelry company (  They would like to help FFRC! If you go to their site and would like to order something, on specific items, they will give FFRC 100% of the proceeds.  They will also send us some sample jewelry to raffle off, or whatever we'd like to do, to help us.  And they will make FFRC an affiliate, so that 20% of ANY order from our supporters will go to FFRC.  Wow!  Here's all you do to make that happen--Make sure you put in the "order comments" box during checkout, that they are FFRC Supporters. That will signify the 20% to us.  Thank you Megan for doing this for us. Her goal is to help as many kitties as possible. 

We are having a little trouble with Merlee Jo. She has a major bladder infection. This is due to the horrible condition of her bum upon arrival. It's "leaking" bacteria into the bladder. Yesterday, I talked to 2 of the vets--different meds are now started to see if we can get more control on this. Cayden just run the equivalent of a 50 yard dash here in the office--that boy can fly! Little NeeMu is beginning to understand the other kittens are fun to play with. She's coming along. Right now, McHoney, Moose, Abner, and Dickens are on my desk. I'm not sure how on earth they think I can see my screen, but truly, they're not worried about it either! 

That's it for today---must get back to Catapalooza stories!  Have an awesome day and enjoy your pets.