Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1 Weds.

Hank---a cat of character. A cat that loved everyone. As many of you know, we've been searching and searching for him for days. The last that I knew for sure I saw him was Thursday morning---I stopped by his chair that he was lounging in, to give him a head rub.  Hank was an extra special cat. But, truly, they all are. While I will miss him terribly, I'm so glad to finally know that he is not suffering "out there" all alone. I was also worried that he might be off the property and we not able to find him.  I'm at peace knowing that he's not hurt now and that he was indeed home when he passed. That not knowing where he was is so very hard.  Hank was found last night, by Pat and Ellen who have been helping us search. He was across the road, on our property, where he often went to watch the river and the chipmunks. We are not positive what was his cause of death, but that doesn't matter now. He's at peace and I know beyond a doubt, he knew he was extra special. A big heartfelt thanks to all involved in helping us to find him. Thank you all for caring about our Hank, often called Hankster Pankster. 

We've been busy this week making sure treatments are all up to date. We've also spent time cleaning ears, brushing and clipping nails. Have to keep these cats and kitties looking pretty! 

I'd like to give thanks for BOXES from Monday night and to others for donations.
Joyce D--thanks for the very good pizzas that were delivered during our surgery day.
Lois L from IA--donation in memory of Hank
Gusti--donation in memory of Hank
Carole R/Zen--donation in remembrance of Hank
Judy and Phil L from OH--donation in memory of Hank
Eugenia S from Russia--donation to FFRC
Coralie P--donation in honor of Coralie from her Australia Coralie friend
Napa from MA--donation in honor of Purplecat and Northpole
Mia M from CA---donation to FFRC
Dominic C from Ireland--donation to FFRC
Vicki B/nykitty--Woolzies dry balls!---These are really nice!
Sevren--100,001 baby names book
Ellen/kikimycat--ceramic earrings and necklaces to be used for FFRC sales, etc---these are really beautiful and I know will be well received. Also peace signs for next Catstock, basket with autumn flowers and 2 autumn wreaths!
SonJaMac-2 cases Friskies for the kitties tummies, octopus play toy
Susan J/tweety from IN--potty bags, volunteers snackers!---cookies, licorice, oreos, nilla wafers, nutter butters, 6 boxes flavor water powder, chips.  For the cats--2 dz. baby food jars, 4 packs of kitty snackers
jatcat--2 houses for the Porchies

Thanks for shopping at Amazon, whether it be for FFRC or for yourself. They just deposited $562.49 in our FFRC account!  Thanks!

We had three adoptions on Sunday! All 3 of these wonderful cats went together to their new home in Iowa. They are Mahogany, Kerri Kat and Mich. What was really nice is, they got to spend the night in Kitty Kastle with their new mama Saturday night. So they already had a head start on getting to know her! They've arrived home safely and have been exploring. 

Just as an FYI---I do have 2 major dentist appts today and Thursday. (I'll admit--I'm a wimp when it comes to the dentist). My appt. is late this afternoon---if I can talk decently, we will have BOXES this evening. If not, then on Thursday, depending on that appt. too. Sorry for the confusion!

Can you guess the 3 orneriest kittens here? Without a doubt, it is Vernon, Caleb and Gusti. Oh my goodness, these three can rock and roll! There's about 15 other kittens though that are also high speed crazy babies! They are such fun to watch. Bunny and Lucy Ann are doing great. Both are now in the Main Area and are investigating everywhere. 

Mama cat CathyKay is just a happy girl! She loves her kitties and gives them great care. She is good at coming out of her pen and walking about. Her kitties are very good size. Their eyes are wide open, they are stumbling around now and sure can meow! They are 2 1/2 weeks old now.

W are putting together the Porchies Haven. I'm so very glad the decision was made to go with a regular shed--complete with 2 windows, people door and a cat door. It's an 8 x 10 and big enough to put many beds in there. We've put 2 layers of sealer on the inside so we can clean it easily. The Porchies have already started going in and out. A few beds are now in place and hopefully before the end of this day, the whole Haven will be ready for them. They will be safe from all kinds of weather. They will still of course have their sunporch too--it'll be their decision where they want to be. 

Take care and have a happy day. us with the cat overpopulation problem. It's not too late to take a cat or kitten in yet this fall for a spay/neuter. Remember--those spring kittens can have kittens themselves in the late fall. Treasure your pet and give them hugs.