Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday, October 5

A year. A whole year has come and gone since Paul passed away. Paul is never far from my thoughts---so many many memories of him here at FFRC. I decided this past week, that I personally was going to celebrate his "being" and passing in happiness of knowing him and enjoying the memories. Isn't it amazing how so many of you connected with him, without ever having personally met him. He loved FFRC and all the cats here. His heart was big for animals. It's been a good few days thinking of all the funny things that he was a part of here at FFRC. And I also got his truck back two days ago---all fixed and running good.....finally. He would've been happy that we stuck with it and got it fixed. It was important to him that we have this truck for FFRC and the farmyard. 

We have thanks to give! For me and FFRC, we are always grateful for your help.
Arden & Charmaine--5 bags of lovely Precious litter (yes, lovely---we so appreciate litter!)
Joy & Don from NY--3 day visitors--2 big bags sunflower seeds, peppermints and gingersnaps for farm animals for a treat!, Friskies, 100 stamps, Royal Canin kitten dry, batteries, qtips, cat toys, colored copy paper, salmon & cans of chicken
Harry & Michele--day visitors--4 trays of water bottles, 6 gallons water, Friskies, Halloween cookies!, 6 kitty snackers and 2 boxes of cookie packs
Hencass--donation to help with our medical expenses
Carol G from MI--donation to FFRC
Pat & Ellen--donation for Farrah and a percentage of their internet sales
Douglas O from KS--donation to FFRC
Penny M from MA--donation to FFRC in memory of MonsterBearKitty
Brenda R/yarnlover from CA--donation to FFRC for the Feliz Navidad Fun, for medical needs
June/painteddaisy--4 cases fruit drinks, 4 boxes garbage bags, small paper plates, coffee creamer, Clorox Wipes, 8 pks styrofoam sm plates, 3 laundry baskets, CHICKEN!!  And also hamburger that Steve has already browned and bagged. They had a bit at breakfast today! Also lots of gallons of water!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--rice cereal, bby wipes, 3 bags Purina Indoor dry cat food, 2 bags Purina Natural dry, 3 boxes kleenex, Friskies, Fancy Feast and plastic bowls
Jeanette B/furhavenkitties from TN--a note, hug for Anne Shirley, Movie and a catnip pad for Anne Shirley's furture adoption, 10 cans Iams Perfectly Delicious for Ada Jane, and a thank you to Goss for taping boxes. 
Cessna & Wayne B--10 boxes Celestial Seasons Herbal Tea K-cups
Pam R/Buckeye--day visitor--2 cases large cans Wellness
Jatcat from CA--2 of the Hank Huts for the Porchie Haven
Nona S from NY--note and donation for medical bills, stamps, feathers & coupons
Payton I from NY--note and a donation in memory of her Aunt MaryAnn Burr/catsmeow59--an extra special thank you.
Beth C from CT--donation to FFRC
Charlotte L from WI--card with donation
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes and coupons

Bella....what is she going to do come winter? Yesterday was so chilly and very windy. Yet, there she was at the dog's door, meowing very very loudly.....clearly stating she wanted OUT and out NOW.  What a girl. So, out she went. She went scooting as fast as she could for her pink big poof. She probably wanted to get it before Janie did, although they do share it frequently! I've even seen Camie join them on it.  And then Camvie waits for the dogs to come in so she can run with them to their room and nap with them there! Some great friendships going on there!

A big thanks to Chatterchopz--a chatter. Happy Birthday! Instead of gifts, she has asked her friends to help FFRC. How so very kind of you!

Cayden is doing wonderful. His little shortened leg doesn't bother him in the least bit. He runs like the wind. Jersey and Felicity always makes me smile in the mornings--they have their spots where they like their breakfast. I love seeing cats with their personalities! Milo is a happy boy and enjoys playing with the other cats. 

We sure love our group of cats that have CH. Well, yes, we love them all! We've had some interest in people contacting FFRC about cats and kittens with CH. It's nice that people want to learn. We've even have had visitors that come just to get to know them better. They all have their own unique qualities about themselves in regard to CH. And so because of this, it would take a unique home to give them. We are happy to talk to people about the possibility of adopting. One of the things we would go over is how such a cat affects a home and the safety issues are also very important. 

Yes, we are preparing for winter already outside. Just a bit of news on the farmyard. It's important for us to judge how much hay, straw, bedding, grain and bird seed we need to get us to April. The reason is sometimes, depending on the weather, it's very difficult to get supplies out on the farmyard. 

Annette has been officially adopted.  Not sure if you were aware of it or not, but Annette has been visiting a home that is very quiet---just what she needed.Her foster mama decided that Annette was happy right where she is! The busy-iness of the rescue center was a bit overwhelming to her. She is a much happier girl! We also have Bunny on hold--she will be leaving late afternoon next Saturday. 

Trucker is right at this moment, inside the cabinet in Thumper's Room, helping Jimmy change a faucet. He's rolling, chewing and basically being a pest!  Just how we like him! Sure love this little kitty! Nobbin had fun yesterday morning--he got a hold of a roll of paper towels and chewed it up--what fun he had. He is also on hold but will be with us for a few more weeks yet. 

Cutie has found "her thing" again--bathing and grooming the kitties. This morning, inside the orange box, she had 5 little ones with her--all receiving a bath. Happy Cute, happy babies! Joey is doing wonderful. His confidence is good, he loves to be petted now and is so much more relaxed. It's a joy to see and watch him. Coralie is also doing great. Her little stumpies are looking good, as is Bella's. We keep track of these often for them. 

Our new little girl, Missy Maloo is slowly coming around. She loves to be held but is a bit shy and unsure of herself. I would love to know her past--there's something behind those big gold eyes of hers that has a story. We've been spending a lot of time holding and petting her.