Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kitties are crazy! Cats are playing wildly. It must be the cooler weather, perhaps. And then they crash--napping piles of furriness all clumped together.  What a way to spend the day! 

Tomorrow is the big day for Trucker and Gusti. I have heard so many very kind thoughts about these two kittens. And I have also heard much worry too. You know, it's always a worry when we do surgery. For myself, I pray for a peace about these procedures. Then I try to leave it there. But I'm human, and an  A plus worrier! But I also know that they are being watched over. I will keep in touch with the mods and they will post updates for you all. And I will give each a big extra kiss from you all. I won't even "go there" as to the necessity of these two surgeries. We've gone over that already and know that it's the right thing to do. And for today, they will have all the chicken they want! 

Missy Maloo is here in the main area, just strolling around this morning. She is more relaxed each day. Still haven't seen her play yet with another kitten, but I think that time is coming. She has only gained 3 ounces while here, so we are working on that. Alma enjoyed much holding this morning. Something seemed to have spooked her today, but she relaxed and enjoyed the pettings. Joyful is so sweet--she is now meowing often during the day--it's her signal--she wants a snacker or chicken! Love her! Her stay in Kitty Kastle was so very good for her---thanks PaintedDaisy!

We have thanks to give. This Rescue Center is so grateful for the support given to us.
Cindy H from Canada and her crew--Selkie, Blue and MistyMaeMoon--donation to FFRC in honor of Canada's Thanksgiving day
Brenda Q from MI--donation to FFRC
Billie K from TX--donation to help with Gusti and Trucker's surgeries
Ann D--donation to FFRC, in honor of Beth's birthday for chicken for the cats!
Jenny and Brent from Canada (Montana & cat family!)--vinegar, Bounce sheets, PT, paper plates, Dawn dish soap, potty bags (yeah--no holes!), 3 Bounce dryer bars
Gusti from Germany--donation to FFRC in honor of Mr. G
Pam S from IL--donation in honor of Beth's birthday
Cheryl L--3 cases Friskies (cats say extra thanks!)
Sandy L from MN--note, pop tabs for Kellen, Frolic Cat interactive toy
Faithy & Bobby--Cat dancer toys, fun things for Hannah S's birthday, case of Tiki Tuna/Crab, volunteer Planters Nuts snackers
Clark, Jessie and Family--card, happy birthday to Leonard with $5 (for special snacks!)
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--card for happy birthday to Leonard and Emma Jo with $5 each for special yums!

We took in two new cats recently. A beautiful calico cat arrived from volunteer Mary H from Arch. She's been caring for her for a few weeks. Since Dr. Darcy will be here this coming weekend, it was time to bring her. Her name is Callie (a Name a Cat name). She's a sweetie and loves to be petted. A beautiful calico girl.  

The second cat is Mr. G.  He arrived here this weekend, brought by his past owner. Mr. G could no longer stay in his home due to severe allergies of his human. But, he's doing great and seems to be happy. Mr. G is already neutered, is 10 years old and is just ounces away from being 20 pounds. He is a very big boy. Mr. G loves to be petted and he loves to be talked to. What a handsome boy--orange tiger. 

We have several cats on hold. Remember, nothing is ever definite until they actually leave! These cats are: Mathias, Nobbin, Veora, TAB, Daisy (yes, our sweet Daisy!!) and possibly Jambrew too. We also have a few other cats that are in the discussion stage! 

Jackson is right now flipping a spiral toy up in the air and is catching it. Such a joy to watch! Moose is being Moose--forever messing up my keyboard! Penelope is playing--she has certainly discovered the fun of toys. Jarvis--he's just a play machine! Such a love but is so into all the toys! I saw Lucy Rae and Huck napping together this morning. Cutie is doing good--her weight is good and she's so enjoying the kittens. Bella continues to go in/out ten times a day! She comes in, wants her baby food, then goes back out again! 

We are adding a new piece to our ceiling artwork today. It's a heart that says Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends! Love that saying.