Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday, October 7

If you ever want to see how little work you can get done, sit at a desk and have Aubie, Moose, Jarvis, Hillsborough and Abner all on the desk at one time. It's simply impossible---they rock and roll from one end to the next. Knocking my paper stacks over, stealing my pens, chewing on the printer, smacking each other's tails, licking my phone (oh, ick!!), and generally being a big nuisance.  Do I get work done?  Nope.  Do I love it?  You bet! 

Want to help us have some fun? Shhhhhhh---this is a big secret.  November 14 is our friend's birthday--Hannnah S's special day. And she will be here! If you could, would you please send her a birthday card, put her name on the envelope and I'll tuck these away for her until 11/14. I'm told she doesn't get into the blog, so this will be a secret! I appreciate this so much. Hannah is a special girl to FFRC! Thanks!

FInally.......the right outside barn situation for Bear-Bear came available. It use to be a horse barn, now used for a variety of other things. It has a heated Tack Room, with a little cat door that goes into the barn hallway to the Tack Room!  It's a working barn, so people are there to love on him.  The barn cat that was there, recently passed away  (was quite elderly). We put the word out of what we were looking for, for Bear-Bear and I'm so grateful for this opportunity. Sounds like a happy place for this special boy! 

Check out our Flickr site. Jenni has been very busy adding lots of new pics, many taken by Pat. I think you'll enjoy it!   www.flickr.com/photos/fofrescue/

Many thanks to you!
Gisa Z from Germany--donation to FFRC
Lynda S from MN--donation in memory of Paul
Judy and Phil-Sunday volunteers--colored/white copy paper,  fancy feast kitten, pottybags, appetizers and cat snackers

FFRC had no water yesterday for about 5 hours. That's always a big inconvenience. Laundry backs up, water bowls needed filled, dishes piled up, ducks/geese wanted their water/swim tubs--it's amazing how much water we use. June/painteddaisy had just brought in some gallons of water, so we made use of that for drinking, cleaning, etc. The well fix-it guy came and had to pull the pump. Turned out there were two places that the electric wires were not connecting.  All fixed now and water is pumping!

We are also having the inside heavy door to the purple Front Office replaced this week. It's coming apart and will no longer shut without a big big push. That has to be fixed before cold weather comes.

As you know, we had another two floods in the Front Office this past week when we had two torrential pours. Dion came to look things over. Maybe we finally have this figured out. We already knew that the office is about four inches lower than ground level. This is causing a severe backup of water at the lowest part by Dodger's Pen. So, another downspout will be added very soon, to drain out onto the driveway---that should help alot. But a sump pump will also be put into that low outside area. It will turn on automatically when the water accumulates and drain it into our sewer line. Hopefully this will be successful.  Those flooding incidents are no fun for us. It always surprises me though how it doesn't bother the cats--they splash right thru all the water! 

Also this week, our electric guys from Gustwiller's will be here. They will run that line to Porchie's Haven so we will have a light and a source of electric for a little heat when absolutely needed this winter and a fan for the summer. I love walking over to this Porchie's Haven and peeking in to see how many are in there napping! They love those two little windows in there!

We are declaring this as a Flash Sale week for FFRC.  Don't be surprised if you see a few Flash sales a couple times a day! We want to move some of our inventory and we need to pay some bills (electric, taxes, water pump, new door, etc.). Yesterday we had two sales on the cam. They are SMALL sales, usually only doing ONE type of item at a time slot. Here is today's schedule!
11:00 am -- will show the 2-piece pillow cases that make great kittie covers/crate blankies, etc
3:00 pm -- will show the 2-piece blanket sets
6:00 pm -- will show the centipede toys and the spider toys
Thank you for understanding our need to do these sales. They truly help FFRC a lot! 

Little Ichabod is doing wonderful. I saw him yesterday. He will be back with Peggy S on Thursday to visit and to receive a vaccination. I understand from Peggy that he is an ornery little tiny baby! Missy Maloo is wonderful. She has the sweetest face and is beginning to eat better. Cathy Kay's babies are getting so fuzzy--they can now stumble about a bit in their pen! We've been leaving her pen door open so mama can get out and stretch her legs and have a little me-time of her own! She's a great mama.

The Barnies are doing great. We'll be working on getting them all set up for winter too. We'll make sure they have a warm, dry place to hang out in for the coming winter. They are such a nice bunch of cats! The Covies are also doing great. We will keep them in the Cat's Cove as long as possible, before moving them for the winter to Kitty City. 

If you ever have a question about anything that you're unsure of about FFRC, feel free to contact a mod or an admin or myself. We would rather be asked something than to have you wondering about it! Have a happy day! The cats are rooting for you!