Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday, October 9

Here a poof, there a poof, everywhere a poof! Yes, this morning at 10:00 on the cam we will have our next mini Flash Sale. We'll be showing the small poofs and big ones. The small ones are $30 and the big ones are $50--includes shipping. These poofs are like the ones Bella loves so much! Then this afternoon at 3:00 we will have another mini Flash Sale. This will be for some really nice trivets--would make nice Christmas presents/stocking stuffers! 

Friday morning at 9:30 will be our last mini Flash Sale. Pat C , our Thursday volunteer has made quite a few of her wonderful handwarmers---all in such a variety of colors! These are $7 a pair. Think Christmas/winter! 

Just want to say a big thank you for the support shown for this week's mini Flash Sales. The purpose is to help us with some bills that came up --there were 4 of them. 
1-electrician's work to Porchie Haven
2-to fix our flooding problem--an extra downspout and a sump pump
3-to repair the wiring to the water pump
4-new door very much needed for front office

On the Flash Sales, we will be waiting until Friday noon to start packing things up. This will help us save on postage, if we can pack same orders to same persons! We will get things out as fast as possible. 

Jemima is a lovebug. She has decided that life is good and fun. Lucy Ann is also becoming adventurous. She wanders all of the Rescue Center now. A very nice young cat. Emma Jo had a birthday this week--she received extra chicken, which she gobbled up! Thomas seems to be back on track--has a bounce to his step again. We sure do love this boy. 

We have thanks to give for the BOXES and goodies we've received. Thank you so much.
Aliece T from Australia--donation for FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation for FFRC, in memory of Hank
Kerswill--in memory of Hank--bag of RC dry kitten food, crinkle tunnel, 3 cases 9-Lives, 3 cases Fancy Feast kitten
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies Fillets, 5 cat dancers, 5 Yeoooow Bananas, 5 packs kitty snackers, 2 cases tuna Friskies, 2 cases Tasty Treasures Friskies
Jatcat--4 cushies/cat beds for the "Hank's Huts" in Porchie Haven
Piperjo--2 Yeooow Bananas, Easy Life scratch bowl bed
Medic101/Laura--2 cases Fancy Feast gravy love/seafood grill
Joco51--2 toner cartridges
Shona_Anne and BuffyPotter (Scottish branch of FFRC)--card, enamel owl brooch (beautiful), rose quartz friendship bracelet, pawprint blankies for kitties, kitty snackers, vanilla bath set, wall heart plaque "Where life begins and love never ends" (will put on ceiling in Kabana), chicken/fish jerky for the kitties, little china Dutch shoes, wood token colorful elephant
Timbrwolfpup/Kelli--1000 plastic spoons, sugar free Russell Stovers candies, snackers for volunteers--nutter butter, cookies, Welches fruit snacks, rice krispie treats and also a case of Friskies Pate
Vicki B--2 boxes of those wonderful woolzies dryer balls
Kelly R from CA--RC dry kitten food, 2 rolls of packing tape, coupons, baby food meat hars, appetizers, case of Fancy Feast can food
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--case of 24 big cans of tuna!
Wendi B/wendilin--lots of large pieces of fleece fabric!
Beachkatz/Carla C--envelope with lots of large pipe straws (kitties love these!), donation in memory of Hank
Pablolvr--donation to sponsor Dashielle
Isabella H/Budnbits from FL--card and donation to help cover meds
Trudy S from Bryan--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie and rest of family--birthday card for Emma Jo and donation
Kimkost--note, misc. stamps of various denomination, 4 sheets of Forever stamps
Caity, Dexter and Shelby from PA--card and picture of Dexter and donation
Abigail B from Defiance--Chief tapes

Penelope has discovered the fun of playing! This girl has decided that there's lots of fun to be had. We moved CathyKat and her 4 kittens up to the Main Area to Cat's Corner Room. They seem quite content and the kittens are doing a bit of scurrying around. Names real soon!

We also have the 2 newer kittens--the grey/white and buff/white. Today is their first day on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. They are so very sweet. The little boy (buff/white) is now named Huck.  The little girl (grey tiger/white) is called Lucy Rhea.  These are both Name A Cat names. They are about 7 weeks old and full of fun. They will be in Main Area soon.

The cats and kittens are all on a pretty good health time right now. Every time we bring in a new cat, it brings the possibility of new virus's  being introduced. Thank goodness for vaccines! They are life savers.