Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday, October 16

Yesterday is done! Today is now the first full day of recovery for Gusti and Trucker. I'm so grateful  that their surgeries went so well.  Trucker was first. It was decided to do his right leg first. The reason is this leg had the thinnest skin and the worry of his leg developing sores was high. He has a fairly long incision, but this boy is doing awesome. He woke up smoothly and has been raring to go since he came home. He and Gusti spent the night together in Dodger's Pen. He's yowling--he interchanges it between CHICKEN NEEDED to I WANT OUT! His incision is a bit higher than his point of contact on the floor, which is good. This means he will be able to, within reason, be out on the floor.  Now, his "within reason" may be entirely different than what I think! We will have to compromise!

Gusti is doing wonderful too. She was a bit of an ornery girl at the vet's office. She didn't want on the table, didn't want to be poked, didn't want any of the vet world! All she wanted was to be with Trucker. And play.  She is a doll. No surprises removing her bad eye--she did just fine! She and Trucker rode up and back together in the same crate. She is already down on the floor playing her little heart out--I think she completely forgot that she had surgery yesterday!

We had a neat thing happen this week. About 5 days ago, we had a gorgeous gold tiger cat come to the Rescue Center. He was found by the daughter of a volunteer. Unlike most cats that come in, he looked great and was neutered! Here's the great news---he was claimed! Yes, he has a wonderful family that was so so happy to see him and get him back. They brought pictures and videos to show it was indeed the same cat. And before they even saw him, I could hear him meowing and meowing in the next room--he heard them! Out of thousands of cats that have come our way, this is only one of 3 cats that have been claimed! So happy for him and his family.

We had BOXES last night---lots and BOXES!  It was fun and I so so appreciate every single gift that was given!
Widdletigger--3 cases Friskies Variety
Joanne C/Joco--15 copies of Conversation Vol. 3. and 1 working copy of all 3 volumes signed by chatters. We will add our volunteers signatures and then raffle this!
SuzQ/Sue S--bag of Purina One, 12 cans Tiki Cat, 3 tubs Clorox Wipes
Sherry B from KY--20 crocheted kitty toys --really nice, with catnip!
Wendi B --octopus toy, 4 tubs kitty snackers, box of K-Kups Hot Cocoa, variety of flavors
LostGirl--24 kitty cards with envelopes, gift boxes with butterfly cards, book markers with nice sayings
Helen P--16 lb bag Purina One, 24 cans Fancy Feast
SonJa/Sonjamac, visitor from Toronto--8 cases of 32 Friskies can cases, 4 bags and 1 tub kitty snackers, 12 baby food jars, bag of Double Bubble Gum
Betz--18 cases Friskies and baby food jars
Zsa Zsa and mama JustMe--5 cases Friskies 
Adam R from VA--Reeses PB cups!
Kelli J--Reeses PB cups!
Elviscat--3 cases Fancy Feast variety 
Vicki B--6 great bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat
Gusti from Germany--4 cases Fancy Feast variety, 8 bags kitty snackers, 2 cases 9-Lives, 2 containers Bonito Flakes, box of Friskies gravy packets
Lannml--6 cases Appetizers variety
Conii--awesome gifts from The Art Institute of Chicago (4 sm black cat plates), Kitty candy bowl black/white and a beautiful carved wood statue--cat and baby 
Deb11111--15 wonderful awesome cases of Friskies--all flavors/varieties
iPurr from IL--towel, kitty lunch tote, cat poster book. Lots of wonderful books--will share with the volunteers, bathroom lotion dispenser and toothbrush holder. 3 resin kitties--see, speak, hear no evil! A Christmas votive candle holder, The Cats Meow Village tile
Julie & David--get well gifts for Trucker--Senses toy with catnip, Cushie bed sack, Grey leopard print soft sleep.0 mat
Joey3100--1/2 case Fancy Feast Classics, 3 cases of 32 Friskies variety.
David P from UK--donation for chicken for Trucker and Gusti
Virginia/dewbus--donation in memory of Windy, who passed at 12 yrs old
Fran D from FL--donation to help with Gusti and Trucker's surgeries
Gusti--donation to help with surgery/medical needs
Ann F from Canada--donation to help with Trucker and Gusti's surgeries
Margaret/EarthEyes from NC--donation in honor of Seymour

Please, please....check your cats and dogs for fleas. Fleas cause skin irritation, skin infection and can cause anemia which can cause death.  This is not a fun way to die. I have just seen a kitten with over probably 400-500 fleas on it.This little kitten weighs less than 1 1/2 lbs.  This body size can not fight off a flea infestation. Severe anemia is a sad, hard way to die. flea is too many.  Fleas can be prevented and they are a whole lot easier to prevent than to work with an infestation. 

Okay--line up, all you ornery whippersnappers!  I think that would probably be 2/3's of the kittens and a few adults too! Wow--what is going on this week. Super high energy level, getting into everything and then running like they don't know anything about it. They wear me out just watching them!  (don't tell them but this is just how I like them, and cuddly, which they are!!) They must all be wanting to be a part of The Great Race (song by Larissa!). 

Today we start taking things down for the winter. All the rock garden "pretties"  will be stored. Morning Glories will be pulled today. Windchimes will be stored away till spring. Our last load of hay for the winter will arrive today. Leaves are being raked often and put on the burn pile. The beds will be made special for the Barnies so they are toasty warm this winter. Lots to do and it all takes time. We seem to be doing this earlier this year.