Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday, October 26

This blog will be full of thank yous!

Wow! Awesome! Hooray! And a huge giant thank you!  Our Raffle last night was simply humbling and fun and so gratefully received! Here's what happened!

Item A--went to Phyllis Waf  afghan ($435)
Item B--went to Amy Tow   pawprint warpededoo ($570)
Item C--went to Phyllis Bar   eagle warpededoo  ($460)
Item D--went to Sherry Bav  tulip stainglass   ($385)
Item E--went to Gusti  kitty stainglass   ($400)
Item F--went to Norma Bea   warped rug   (730)

Total comes to $2,980.  Additional donations from Beth, Joco, Oilsandsgirl and Donnajb which brought the total for a grand amount of $3,200!!  How so very exciting.

This particular Raffle goes towards our meds, tests, disinfectants, etc.  This means we will be able to order two kits of FIV/leukemia/heartworm tests (enough for 30 cats), 2 trays of feline distemper, 1 tray of leukemia vaccinations, 6 gallons of disinfectant, meds for Thomas and Farrah, 1 tray of Bordetella vaccinations, injectable antibiotics and some more flea meds.  I am deeply grateful.

We also drew names for quite a few consolation prizes.  Those winners were--Aunty Fi, Thomas W, Donnajb, Ann F, Gerri O, Karen B, Tammy C, Lucinda, Tina S, Jakesmeowme, Jeanie K, Phyllis W, Kathy M, Joni W, Ju-in-ji, Jan in Hawaii, Pam T, Leggygal.

We also had BOXES from last night. Wonderful!
Rod O from FL--7 (yes 7!!), 32 packs of Friskies variety mix and 3 cases of large can Friskies
Michelle and Frank--day visitors--10 lg cans chicken, 2 lysols, 8 Mr. Clean
Ellen, Pat and Barb--2 dozen Halloween cupcakes, lots of small plates, 2 reams white paper and 5 big Clorox wipes

We also had BOXES Friday night! Gratitude galore!
Wolfpatch--shampoo, flea/tick shampoo, conditioner
Joey3100--12 cans of sardines
plee9--8 of the 4 packs of Temptation snackers
Bagobear/Vixanna--wow!  3 small quilts made from extra material sent for the FFRC quilts--beautiful.  4 quiled table runners, signature quilt, large quilt. 14 crocheted karanda blankies. And a very special pillow with a cover made by Mayumi with a picture of Zelda on the front! Love it
Jan H and her craft group (friend of Beth)--large bag of quilted, knitted and crocheted kitty blankies
Susan T from NV--donation to FFRC
ma;ureen S (classmate of Beth's from nursing school)--donation for FFRC
James H from OH--donation for FFRC
Karla K from CA--Halloween card and donation
Diane D from MI--card and donation
Debra K from AZ--coupons and stamps

Today is the official opening day of Catapalooza! This event is next Sunday, starting at 1;00. If you would like to hear a story about an FFRC cat or kitten, send in $5 to PayPal or a check. We'll add you to the Catapalooza fun day!  We will also keep track of how many requests per cat.  After the event is over, there will be a major big feast for the cats. The top two requested cats will get first dibs on the scrumptous meal!   Let's have some fun with this! I will try my very best to get the stories on any cat that is asked about. 

Yesterday, Gusti and Trucker had their sutures removed.  Both surgical sites look really good.  Gusti acts like she has both eyes plus one more---she doesn't miss a thing! And then there's Trucker--oh my goodness, that boy is totally amazing. He can zip around like he has turbo speed. What a joy!  His surgery is this coming Weds.  I will be going up to sit with him again for this surgery. 

CathyKay's kittens are out quite a bit during the day now. They are so sweet and love to tumble with all the kittens. The 6 kittens of the Merlee Jo group are also doing good. Such a difference in their size but the smaller ones are catching up now that food is aplenty and there are no more fleas. Mr. G is so very good with the kittens. He still comes up to the door to go into the Main Area, but usually he just likes to watch the action from a safe distance! His feet are so so big! 

Yesterday Gustwiler Electric was here to finish the electrical work. We now have the trench and safe wiring in the big red barn.  This is so the Barnies can have a safe heat light for the winter. And also a bowl that we can plug in to keep their water thawed.  The Porchie Haven also has a light! Yeah--no more using flash lights! We also have two plugs so we can now plug in a heat light for them too. I love checking out their beds--it's easy to see that they've been sleeping in there as the blankies are rounded out! As long as this weather holds for us we will keep the Covies in Cat's Cove.  As soon as the weather turns wintery, we will move them to Kitty City. It's all depends on the weather.

Jessie is such a gorgeous cat. She's a happy girl and loves to be petted. She always goes to the kitty's bunkbed for her breakfast! Jersey is wonderful. I see him playing with toys and looking out the windows at the feeders and he just seems so happy. Derecho is on my lap right now and he's so intent on watching the monitor--there's dancing and singing going on.  He's enjoying it! 

Here's the story of Merri this morning. She comes into the purple front office.  Looks at the door that goes into the Kitty Kabana room.  Decides to climb the two sets of Kuranda Towers in the office--that's 7 different layers she climbed. And then went thru the window into the Kabana, on the shelf, wobbled her way to the table, then the chair and onto the floor.  Wow--wouldn't it have been easier to just go thru the door?  She says: Yes, but not as much fun!  So, with that.....enjoy your Sunday!