Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday, October 12

Happy Sunday! It's hard to believe that it's mid October already. The leaves here are beautiful, the temps are definitely cooler and the daylight is shorter. 

We had 3 adoptions yesterday! Bunny, our adult, was adopted by a friend and moderator, Gem/Edna. I've seen pics already that she's sent and looks like things are already working out. I'm always extra happy when we find a home for an adult! We also had Aubie and Hillsborough go to their new home together. They have 2 young boys that are so excited! Love these adoptions!

Little Jambrew is on my desk, along with Moose and Jemima. Life is quiet and peaceful, until one wakes up and starts the action going again! You can tell the air is cooler--the cats snuggle up more for nap time. Trucker is right now taking a little nap in Dodger's Pen.  This will be the pen he will occupy after his surgery, until he can be down on the floor again. I will have that wonderful blue water pad for him ready on Weds. He and Gusti will travel together to the vet's that day. 

CathyKay and her kits are doing wonderful. They are enjoying the room in Cat's Corner room. The babies are more sturdy on their feet now. And oh.....their blues pretty. 

Missy Maloo has been coming up to the Main Area more and more. She's becoming braver. I can see in her eyes that she is becoming happier. I'm waiting for the day when I see her start interacting with another kitten--that will be nice to see. 

We have some thanks to give.
Timo H from Findland--donation to FFRC
Domingo F--donation to FFRC
PSW--donation to help with the Porchie Haven project
Timbrwolfpup/Kelli--bag of snack size Twizzlers, Kraft caramels and a box of CHeetos snack packs
Angelface/Linda C--a gorgeous "lapghan", cat on cat, black and white.  It's just simply amazing!
Anonymous Friend--24 large rolls of Sparkle paper towels
Kerswill--big bag of Purina One cat food, Easy Life hammock/scratcher
Anonymous Friend--memorial stones for Saide and Mudjie for Albert's Garden--special thanks. Sadie's stone says "Sadie, Our Special Inky" and Mudjie's stone says "Mudjie. Purrs and Sandpaper Kisses,"

Bella is like a revolving door. She's in and out and in and out. We made a sign "Bella is In" and "Bella is Out" so we can keep track of her. She sure doesn't seem to mind the coolness or the sprinkles. She just snugs right into her poof! 

Jersey just climbed up the Kuranda Tower and went thru the window to be in the Kitty Kabana Room. Just 2 feet over is the doorway, but he prefers climbing! It's amazing---we can have a very quiet time, all is sleeping or playing quietly.  All that we need to do is rustle the plastic that the chicken is in, and presto---a bunch of cats emerge out of nowhere! Simply amazing. 

Cita is growing. She loves to climb and easily makes her way up and down. I saw her carry a snacker the other night, way up high, just to eat it. Forest is everyone's friend. He loves to play and is nice to all the kittens. Vernon is growing. He's still a bit "snorkly" but seems to be getting over this. Right now, the general health of all the cats and kittens is good.

Surgery will be this coming Saturday, the 18th. Tentatively we have Lucy Rhea, Huck, Missy Maloo, Anne Shirley, Dashielle, Cita, Mathia, We also have some physicals to be given. On Monday we will be doing the weigh-in to check weights for surgery.