Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 21

Moose is a kangaroo! That boy can leap straight up in the air! He is one busy boy--all the time. Such a joy! He's a loving kitten, huge drive to play hard and is so very cute! He makes working at the desk a bit difficult at times, because he has to help me so so much, but wow--what a great kitten! And then if you mix Jarvis with Moose, you'd never need any other entertainment but to watch these two in action.! 

Little Merlee Jo is doing better. Her poor little bum is still very sore but each day it's improving. She's down now on the floor enjoying all the toys, things to climb and her new kitty friends. Yesterday we got all the kittens and cats up to date on their vaccinations, wormings, testings, etc. Not too much complaining from them, as I promised to use a little baby neeble, as Derecho calls it! All the kittens have fully recovered from surgeries. 

Another two-some kittens are Dickens and Abner, the beige brothers. What one doesn't think of, the other does. Their morning routine includes sitting in the big sink in the front Thumper's Room, plucking out any of the spoons, forks, dishes that's in the sink. One by one they drop them over the edge. I think they like hearing them clink on the floor. Two wonderful cats that need their permanent homes! 

We have thanks to give. Each day gives us the opportunity to say a big thanks for your support.
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--a big batch of mailing labels for the computer
Kathy H/OrdinaryDiva from NY--a nice note, ointment for kitty eyes. The following were asked for by a starving, skin and bones, Sevaun!  2 big bags of kitty snackers and 2 tubs of Temptation snackers. They will of course, get their yummies today!
Anne B from CT--a card, a very pretty yellow crocheted shawl, owl microfiber towel, 4 bottles Dawn soap, Halloween stickers, Glor in the Dark Paint, mouse pad
Jan from HI--card with a note--kitty hot/cold bag, magnetic note pads, magnetic clip. And a variety of beautiful Hawaii calendars for the volunteers!
Anonymous Friend--stuffed lion for Mr. G, 3 Bob the Cat books, stickers, 2 super soft kitty throws (one for KK), 8 pillow cases, 4 blankies. Flag with picture of Jonah that says The Cove that Jonah Built (will go on a flag pole at Covies!)  Love this!  2 retractable leashes and 2 collars for Janie and Cami. Halloween make up, 4 sets kitty ears/tail/bow tie and 18 Halloween bags! Happy Halloween coming up!
Sherry and David with nurse Chrissy & teacher Tara--Halloween card
Abigail B--donation & Chief tape
Alan C from UT--donation
Susan M/macncheesemom from MA--donation to FFRC
Nona from NY--lots of coupons and itty bitty feathers!
Joanne B/Boudicca--In honor of Sarah, a donation to be used as Sarah would like!
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Erica B from FL--note from WIllard, our sweet boy, with an article about Hollywood Beach Cats where Jackson and August came from.  The Beach Cats there in Fl are getting wonderful, major help! So heartwarming! Also a donation to FFRC
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Diann G from IL--donation for FFRC
Ann F from NJ--donation to FFRC
Karen W from MO--a special book in memory of Magenta and Putter, called Old Cat. Special thanks!
Ann P from PA--donation to FFRC in honor of Pat C, the Thursday volunteer
Brian B--donation to FFRC--very grateful!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of our next raffle. This is known as the Warped raffle and Rosemary's too!  Rosemary's beautiful afghan from S. Africa is simply beautiful. All the other items are from Joe and Warped---awesome pieces! Plus, we have a minimum of 16 consolation prizes and this time we will show you what they are because they are really very nice! The raffle tickets can begin tomorrow, Weds. This ends 10 am on Saturday. BOXES that night will be at 5:30 pm and the Raffle will be held at 6:00. Fun times ahead. The purpose of this particular raffle?  This is the time of year we need to check and replace and restock much of our meds and test kits. This is no small matter and a must. 

Ada Jane is doing pretty good! Her appetite has really picked up this week which is so nice to see. CathyKay's kittens are growing and will be out some today to start exploring a little bit. They've had their first vaccination already. Luige is sporting some mighty big feet and he likes to get into the middle of some mighty big play action! Alma was playing with a crackly leaf that came in the door yesterday--was so nice to see her playing like that. 

We have several families looking at cats for adoptions. More later as details are worked out. Bella is still going outside to visit her doggie friends. She loves to sink down in the middle of the big red poof out there.  Pania loves her routines. Her breakfast must be given on the right side of the bench, on top of the rug! Love this about her. And Ming has his certain spot too for breakfast. Zelda just climbed the hemp wrapped pole to the ceiling---yes, she does exercise! 

Watch out for Halloween! Sounds like we have a very strange visitor coming sometime around Halloween time. I also heard Sevaun saying she was going to pass out sardines to the Covies. They can't wait! I've heard from Tim who adopted Teva and Purrzer--sounds like all is very good and happy. Both cats are happy! Just what we wish for each of these cats!