Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday October 19

Our surgery day yesterday is over and recoveries went great.  I am thankful to Dr. Darcy, Amber, Lynnette, Sue and Pat for their help. The spays that we did were: Lucy Rhea, Missy Maloo, Anne Shirley, Joanne Ellen, Cathy Kay, Cita and Callie. The boys that were done: Huck, Dashielle and 2 "outside" people's cats. All went well with no complications.I'm so grateful! 

We also did many physicals. Here are those results:
Paddy Purr--will try a different med to help him with his over grooming ways. He also had an abscess on one of his shoulders that we aspirated.  Should be just fine.
August--annual physical, good
Ada Jane--recheck, one kidney, as we already know, is very small, other one is fairly normal
Debut--beginning physical, good
Joyful--annual physical, good
Kiara--annual physical, good
Penelope--annual physical, good
Lorenzo--annual physical, good   As we know, as a chronic URI, will continue nose drops
Lucy Ann--beginning physical, good
Ming--annual physical, good.  If starts to overgroom again, will try a different med
Snappy--annual physical, good
Mr. G--beginning physical, good. She does not think he's overweight--he's just a big boy!
Felicity--annual physical, good
Cozarelii--annual physical, no heart murmur detected

We also had BOXES on Friday evening. Big big gracious thanks to you all!
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--2 bags of Lays & Doritos chips, 2 boxes of Pringle singles, Box of cookie assortment snackers--the volunteers are thankful!
Caren F--3 cases of Friskies, variety
Linda S/mls--6 cases of Friskies, variety
Janet C from VA--big bag Purina One dry, 2 cases Friskies, case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
David & Christine and fur babies--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, 2 cases of Fancy Feast can, rainbow Yeoww toy and a catter totter piece of furniture (will be put together today!)
Aunty Fi from UK--For Jambrew when adopted: laser light, wrestle and scratch mouse, 3 toys
Clark/kitty!---a very nice letter and $5 for his mommy's birthday, for his FFRC kitty friends and a BD card and $5 for Fabio!
Joey3100--3 containers of O'Keefs hand cream---good stuff!
Hallie G from PA--donation for FFRC
Gillian--donation to help with medical expenses, in memory of Tom's birthday & their 41st wedding anniversary
Beth A from IL--paypal in honor of Lynnette's birthday for lunch for everyone!  Happy Birthday to our Lynnette friend!
Michlyn--gingersnaps for the horses, big bath towels, cookies to share and stickers for Hannah
Phil & Judy (last Sunday visit)--4 notebooks, turbo refill, 28 lg cans Friskies cat food, case of Friskies cat food, feather toy, bag of Purina One, paper towels and Tasty Treasure 12 cans
Heather--daughter of Phil & Judy--6 cat snackers, 20 appetizers and 3 cases baby food
Widdletigger--2 bags of Precious kittylitter, 40 lbs.
Donna H from PA--donation for Gusti and Trucker's medical bills

A giant thanks to Michlyn who was here for a two day visit. She was gracious to take on a couple Flash Sales, one even at 2:00 a.m. We went thru alot of inventory--and that is wonderful. 

Gusti's "uneye" looks wonderful--we apply warm compresses daily and then put on ointment in an effort to keep the sutures soft until their removal. Trucker is also doing great. It does appear that the majority of his incision area is up off the floor. That is a good thing! Dr. Darcy says---let him go and play!  We still keep an eye on him constantly though and check that site. He still goes in his pen a few times a day for a nap. I tell him to take it easy, he just runs! Him and Gusti have a good friendship.

Mr. G is doing good.  Every day we leave the door open, in the morning, for the cats to go back and forth from the Main Area to the Thumper's Room. We can do this since the population is low back there. This morning, Mr. G came clear up to the Welcome Room office. He's a bit unsure of all the hubbub the kittens create. But, he's getting braver. 

We took in a new kitten. She's a beautiful long hair calico girl. She arrived on Thursday. This little sweetie is just 8 weeks old and is much underweight from severe diarrhea and extreme overload of fleas. Fleas are gone now and we're making headway on the diarrhea. Her appetite picked up yesterday! Took 3 full baths to get clear water on her (because of the fleas). Her poor bottom area is very sore with much sloughing away of tissue.  Once the diarrhea is under full control, this should start healing.

We have names for CathyKay's kittens!  Finally!  It's taken me way too long, but they resemble each other so much that I wanted names that I could remember.  I think I have it! And there's a trick to each name to help you remember.
Intor  --  bl/wh  Right foot, Inside toe/Outside toes are black.  (name--IN,  TO for Out, R for rt foot)
Tinia  --  bl/wh  tiny white stripe on chin  (name-- Ti for Tiny)
Bounty  --  bla/wh  big white stripe on chin  (name--B for big)
Tenacity  --  black tiger/wh    (name--T for Tiger
Got it?  It'll be easy--you can remember their names now! 

Missy Maloo has now gained 8 ounces since she has arrived--she's working up!  Callie is just not too keen on the other cats, so for her to have a more restful recovery from her spay, she is spending some time in Kitty City. She enjoys people, but the cats....not so much. 

You might have noticed that little Columbus has a new friend. Ichobod is here now at the Rescue Center. He's outgrown his foster mama, Peggy.  That boy is one ornery little fella--he's here, there and everywhere! He and Columbus have so much fun together! 

Our need was great.  Our need was heard.  Our need was met.  We were drastically low on can food. With great pleasure, I can now open the doors and see the shelves are full.  My big gratitude to you. In the middle of our need, there was YOU.  Thank you. 

Have a wonderful, happy Sunday. I love our sign that says: This Rescue Center is a place of JOY! Please....only bring peace, friendship and a good heart within our Rescue Center.