Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24

Oh my, what a busy day. Actually, what a busy week this has been. We've had visitors which we love. We've had treatments going on. We've had adoptions! We have the Raffle going on! We're also starting to get organized for the Catapalooza. This week went way too fast. Cats are happy--they enjoy busy-iness, especially if they get their chicken!

We have lots of thanks to give. I am always so grateful for the help you give us.
Kerswill--donation in honor of her 4 furnieces and furnephews. They sponsored Preakness, Ratchet, Penelope and Tabitha.
Coralie P from Australia--donation in honor of Coralie, also in honor of her upcoming wedding!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Donnajb--donation to sponsor Trucker
Michele S from MI--donation to FFRC
Vivienne R from WI--donation to FFRC
Kikimycat--4 cases of Friskies pate
Liz G/natureluver from TX--Halloween 3D card, 6 bags kitty snackers. Also Hello Kitty items--for use however FFRC can use them (2 kids life jackets, sunglasses, arm floats, flip flops, water bottles)  Also box of magnet bonder clips, 10 scotch tape rolls, cat coffee mug, pencils
Billie K--5 extra big boxes of Friskies
Anonymous Friend--54 pack of Fritos class mix
Zoolove--12 pack Friskies Treasures, bag of fun size candy (54)
RoBot-Man--large bag of chocolate starlight mints candy
Joni R--visitor for 3 days--pecan pie, 1 Reese PB cup to wash the pie down with!
Eric, Carrie and Jimmy--3 cases of Friskies
SonJa--butterfly note pads, zip lock bags, stickers, appetizers, maple sugar candy, lots and lots of chicken for Trucker and friends, Smarties and coffee crisp bars
Arden & Charmaine--6 of the 40# bags of Precious Cat litter!!
Mayumi--FFRC Nation Tokyo branch--2 boxes of Tullies (chicken and tuna), bag of Crispy Kiss snackers and 2 packages of meat fillets which the cats love!
Jatcat--4 beds for the Covies
Barbara W from Virginia--case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers and 4 cases of Gerber baby food
Tigercat/aunty Julie--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey, 4 boxes of Whiskas Puurfectly Fish and a big bag of Purina One
Ezis--2 cases of Friskies pate and a case of Fancy Feast grill
Pam T--step 2 Up and Down Elephant slide---the cats and kittens LOVE it! 
Rosemary B from South Africa--5 awesome, beautiful afghans  We will have these in a raffle.  Big giant thanks

We've had several adoptions this week. Yesterday Joanne Ellen was adopted. She went to a wonderful family with a young boy that will call Joanne Ellen his own! The next one was Caleb. He went to a teenager girl who already loved him! I love these adoptions! 

We had a special adoption today. Snappy went to his new home! He went with Jenny and Brent who are from Canada and has adopted from us before. I am thrilled for Snappy. As you probably know, he has that desire to go outside. The good thing with Jenny and Brent is they have a beautiful backyard that is 100% cat proof and cat save.  No cats can get out and no cats can get in. It's wonderful! I do believe this is a perfect situation for Snappy. 

Tomorrow we will have BOXES at 5:30 pm and then our Raffle Drawing at 6:00. We have quite a few consolation prizes too that we will be drawing names for! It's time to have fun! 

I'm sorry, but this will be a short blog. Time has just been flying this week. Know that the cats are all doing great! Tomorrow Gusti and Trucker get their sutures removed.  Next Weds., Trucker is scheduled for his next surgery. Hard to believe it'll be 2 weeks already since his first. He's buzzing around here like a speedy boy!