Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, November 3

The Catapalooza was yesterday. Oh my goodness---it was full of laughter, joy, good memories, tears, soggy kleenexes, good friendship and sharing. We ended up with 151 stories. We truly had no idea how long it would take. We started at 1;00 sharp and ended about 5:45. And we kept the stories coming!  Many many thanks to all of our readers--you were all awesome. And thank you to our Catapalooza story supporters--you are amazing. A big thanks to all of our viewers--I believe we consistently had 660 people on listening to the stories. It was a "simply amazable" day for me. To see the support and love from you all was so heart warming. I also thoroughly enjoyed all the stories--brought back so many memories and reminded me what's most important.....every cat matters. And your friendship too matters so much to us here at FFRC.

Our Ming and Zelda had top requests, so at the end of the Catapalooza, they were presented with their gorgeous crowns, which Angie made. They were cooperative for pictures! So cute. Then lots of snacks was given to all of their cats for allowing us to talk about them! They had fresh catnip, a casserole of tuna, chicken, salmon and sardines. Yummmmm!

We did this not only as a fundraiser, but it was a memoryraiser too! We ended up with a total of $2,480. I thank you for this. We here at FFRC are grateful.

As was mentioned at the Catapalooza, Trucker is officially adopted by FFRC. Because of his lack of connection from brain to his bladder, we do indeed have Trucker Trails when he potties. He's so sorry, he doesn't mean it. But, one of our things here at FFRC, if a cat is a known "outside the box" cat, we do not adopt them out. Most homes are not capable of keeping up with this type of potty accidents. So, he and I had a talk. While he is a permanent now, he is going to try his bestest to get into that box to potty. He did make it part way once yesterday and had a pretty smug look on his little face!

I would like to say thanks to the following:
Joanne P from FL--a donation to help Catapalooza
Carol N---donation to FFRC
Lorraine L from CA--a donation to help Catapalooza
Carole Ro from VA--a donation to FFRC, to be used however is the need. Thank you!
Pam/BuckeyeCat--a donation to FFRC, to help where needed.
Barbara F/lgecko--donation to help Catapalooza
Ellen T--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Margo F from NE--donation to help Catapalooza
Christine R from MI--donation to FFRC

Little Screech and Amazon are wonderful. So very ornery--you can just see it ooze out of them! Where one is, usually so is the other. Big thanks to Peggy, our volunteer, for caring and loving them while they were so little. It takes a lot of work to do this. She is our only foster mama and does a phenomenal job.

Dashielle is dashing about. That is what we wanted for him--to be very mobile and that he is. He cn climb and race and just have so much fun! Debut is becoming more and more relaxed. She absolutely loves to play. It's so nice to watch her. She especially loves the pipe cleaners and will play forever in the office with them. Rolls and rolls and runs with them!

Cita was adopted this past Saturday. She went to a home where she is already loved. They've sent a picture of her and she looks so happy. Dickens and Abner are still at it--emptying out the dishdrainer of everything that's drying. Two comical kittens. They are much bigger than their mama! Missy Maloo is growing!  Yeah.  It's taken a while but she is just doing great now. Such a beauty.

Truckers sore on his tummy is dong great now. It never opened, just was pinkish. We were so careful not to let him down on the floor too much the first few days. The fur is growing back and that will help. Our newbie NeeMu is wonderful. She's getting use to the other kittens now and is even playing with them! A big improvement!