Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday, November 24

We are back! Vacation is over. Steve and I had a fantastic time. We went to Las Vegas--saw 3 night time shows, tons of lights at nights, many wonderful sights, walked our feet off!, visited the Nevada ASPCA, the Container Park and tons more. Busy morning, afternoon and night! One day we drove to Utah to visit Best Friends Animal Society which was awesome. A wonderful vacation, but I'm so so so glad to be back! I missed the cats something fierce, although I knew they were all being well taken care of. I thank everyone who pitched in extra to make it possible for me to go. I'm back on track!!

We had an adoption this morning! Our sweet little Huck found a home. He went to a great home that has two kids that he will enjoy. Tomorrow morning we will have another adoption---our beloved Ming will go to his new home. His new mama promises already to post lots of pictures. This is an exceptionally hard adoption. Many of you remember when Ming came in to FFRC---he was super thin, had neurological problems, visually impaired, very knock-kneed.  Most of his problems are long gone. He still has some vision impairment and is still knock-kneed, but these things make us love him all the more. Ming is going into a great home---the new owner has watched him from the beginning of his time here with us. And her home is safe for Ming. He will be the only cat and be known as King Ming. I know this will be hard to let him go, but let's rejoice----Ming will have his very own home! 

This morning was spent catching up on treatments, thanks to Mary helping me. All vaccinations, ear cleanings, wormings, flea preventions have been caught up now. 

Our raffle is on!!  This is an exceptionally nice raffle with 8 items! Each ticket is $5. You can do this thru PayPal or send a check (let me know by email if sending a check). BOXES will be Weds. at 5:30 in the evening and the raffle will start at 6:00, followed by consolation prizes! We are grateful for each and every ticket purchased. Check the facebook chatters page, FFRCNation and our Tweet page for all the scoop.  

We have so much to be thankful for! We have had BOXES once since I've returned and had envelopes! 
Linda M, in memory of Lily, her siamese--case of baby food, meat
KnittenKitten/Donna H--plush blankie with kitties and flowers, for a raffle!
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie in IA--big bag of Purina One dry cat food, 4 boxes of Purrfectly Chicken
Kikimycat/Ellen--Thanksgiving card. Gifts for the volunteers (will put in their upcoming surprise bags!). Then Ellen dazzled us with items for a Flash Sale---many gift tags, Christmas Cards--so so nice!
Justme/Kathy K in IA--memorial stone for Princess Zsa Zsa to be placed in Alberts Garden
Susan M from MA--donation for FFRC
Jennifer Boyd--Just Be Original Art Studio, from a fundraiser for FFRC ($200)
Alan C from UT---donation for FFRC
Karen B from Defiance--Chief Tapes
Deb/mycatkat--card for FFRC
Charlotte L--donation for FFRC
Mary from OH who brought us Grady, Blake and Shira--thank you note.

Shira, the black feral cat that Mary brought last week is now in the Feline Fieldhouse (part of the Cat's Cove). The weather has turned warmer and will be nice enough for her to acclimate there for a few days. Her two boys, Grady and Blake hang out in that area. The plan is for them to realize they are together again so that when the door is opened to the Fieldhouse, they will stick together. 

Thanks too for these PayPals!
David W from CO--donation to FFRC
Christine R--donation to FFRC
Douglas E--donation to FFRC
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC
Gisela from Germany--donation for chicken for little Gusti and friends!
Randy S--donation to FFRC

Great news! Last week, FFRC received a deposit for $1,880.42! This was from Ustream for our revenue share for the ads that are displayed during broadcasting! I thank you, our viewers, for this! 

Remember to check out the site   This company is doing a fundraiser for FFRC!  Also our newest project is our Scrip Program. Check it out at

The 4 kittens of CathyKay's are doing so much better. A couple more days of antibiotics and they will be done. Little Screech and Amazon were returned from Peggy, our volunteer and foster mama yesterday. They look awesome and are running around like crazy kitties! Star's bum looks much better too. Thomas had a difficult time with this past UTI, but for the time being, it's under control. There's a possibility that we will do periodic meds to try to keep it at bay. 

This Saturday, starting in the morning, is a surgery day. On Weds., we will weigh kittens and make up the surgery list.

Mr. G is out and about part of the time now in the Main Area. This big fella had not been with any other cats all of his 10 years. Considering that, he's doing pretty good!  Trucker is doing awesome---that boy can go mighty fast! He is simply amazing! Bella is still going outside on nicer days. She had a big surprise this morning---she was given a whole jar of baby food. She was smiling ear to ear and pawed out every lick of it! Cutie is happy and is maintaining her weight nicely. Ada Jane is slowing down, but still eating pretty good. Anything Ada Jane wants, Ada Jane gets. 

So glad to be back! All is well. Kitties are having fun and the cats are happy! Have a wonderful day.