Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day November 27

Happy Thanksgiving Day to our FFRCNation. It is truly a blessed day to give thanks for so many things.

Our raffle is over and what a raffle it was! So very exciting! Here's our winners. I would like to be sure you all know that I consider each and everyone of you winners.
Item A   mink kitty blanket won by Susan Am  ($675)
Item B   cat bed won by Jane Lue  ($730)
Item C  X-Box won by Gerri Ro  ($1,040)
Item D  iPad Air won by Sandra Hes  ($3,220)  ***
Item E  Seymour Canvas won by Jean Sch  ($170)
Item F  Music, Love & Cats Afghan won by Tami Lof ($490)
Item G  Camo Kitty Afghan   won by Romeosmom  ($785)
Item H  Black/white kitty Afghan  won by Kathie Sad  ($765)

We then had 25 consolation prizes to give away. That was fun and heartwarming for me! All raffle items and consolation prizes will be mailed very quickly.

The total of this was $7,875. And then the magic started. Extra donations started popping up on the cam chat--one after the other. It was totally amazing and remarkable. My legs and arms even got "jelli-fied" watching it unfold in front of me. I am truly in awe of our FFRCNation. A thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. How about a million thank yous?! My heart is full of thanksgiving and appreciation for the compassion, generosity and giving-ways of our FFRC friends. The total is $11,060.  Every penny will be used wisely.

As important as this financial help is to FFRC, your friendship is important too. It's simply amazing to me how friendships can form, such as they have, thru our chat and fb pages and our tweet and FFRCNation page. I truly believe we have the kindest people involved with this cat rescue. Your hearts are huge with kindness for FFRC and each other. I am grateful for our viewers, lurkers, chatters, mods, admins, fb friends, supporters--each and everyone of you. You are truly a friend to me and FFRC. I am in awe of your kindness. 

We also had BOXES last night! Fun and we're grateful!
Widdletiger--2 large packs of 6 inch paper plates
Jatcat from CA--Blue Diamond almonds, variety for the Moss Family. Big thanks
Patricia M from IL--lots of kitty themed cards touse however--very nice
Tom W from MI--10 FFRC calendars from Zazzle to be used as wanted!!
Fur Haven Kitties & mama Jeannette--for ALL the FFRC kitties--snackers, bag of Natural dry and a case of Perfect Bistro Thanksgiving Dinner. This was shared with the FFRC inside cats, the Porchies, Covies, Barnies and was much appreciated!
Warpedinmn--6 cases of baby meat food, much needed!
Deb11111--a special gift of a Dell Computer for the cam. Wow--what a great gift. This will be put to use fairly soon for our webcam. Special thanks, Deb.
Larissa--handmade kitty card with story of Little Mouse and Lorenzo
Rita S from OR--kitty card with donation
Cheryl L from WA--thanksgiving card for staff, vols, admins and mods
Sherry and David W from NY--thanksgiving card
Julie, volunteer--a batch of 6 inch and 9 inch plates
Judy & Phil, volunteers--clorox 2 and a bag of dry cat food
Emily & Arden C (birthday gifts!--so very kind of these kids! Poptabs, PT, towels, cat toys, kitty can food,  dry cat food, bleach, vinegar, Laundry soap
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
electraNJ/Nadine C from PA--Thanksgiving donation
Sharon/pablolvr--donation to FFRC, for Christmas in honor of her sister in law
Rebecca H/woolywhiskers and Darren M from UK--donation to use as needed

We've heard already from Ming's new owners. Sounds like it's a happy home! Ming is already playing with his yellow string, is purring and kneading and doing well. It's so nice that a cat that has been here for the length of time that Ming has can go into a home and be so happy!

I am constantly amazed at Trucker and his vocabulary. I truly have never heard a cat with so many vocals as he has. He will even look right at me and make a certain chirp, that I know means---please open that door for me. He's a chirper, a ye-owler, a mewer, a whimperer--so many sounds. It's quite interesting to listen to him!

All the cats are doing well. For breakfast, they had their special cans of Thanksgiving food along with fresh turkey pieces. They were in turkey happiness! 

This Saturday is our surgery day. The boys that probably will be done are: Columbus, Intor, Ichobad, Teagan, Norton  and Star.  The girls that will probably be done are: Tinia, Bounty, Tenacity, Screech, Amazon, Merlee Jo, Beth, Jenna Jo, Neemu, Dawn and Priya. 

We also have a few cats that will need physicals. They are: Trucker, Ada Jane, Jackson, Paddy Purr, Pania, Slick and Thomas. 

Today, our family's Thanksgiving meal is at my sister's house in Fort Wayne. We will be gone all afternoon. I give special thanks to Indy who is staying here this week. He will be doing the feedings, so that our regular volunteers can have family time. I appreciate Indy very much for offering to care for the cats while we are all gone.  

Have a happy, blessed day today, folks! Enjoy your families and friends. For those of you that may be getting some winter weather, stay safe. I deeply give thanks for you all. And of course, I'm so grateful for our kitties and cats. I feel very fortunate to be able to do something that I love doing.