Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday, November 4

Remember to vote today.....Boss Derecho and Mayor Anony approves!

Big time thanks for BOXES last night --last night was very extra emotional. I never cease to be amazed at the kindness our FFRCNation shows to this Rescue Center.
Pat & Ellen, volunteers--10 packages of 6 inch plates and 10 packages of 9 inch plates
Beth A/eaglewatcher from IL--2 spin mop head replacements.....hmmmm....do you suppose there's more to this?!!
Kathy R from CA--bubble gum, 12 cans Friskies, 8 appetizers and a beautiful fall color rug
Donna/Knittenkitten with Shadow & Starla--Halloween card with a very sweet note from Shadow, a wonderful Hank bracelet that is a treasure, 7 bags of Kitty earrings, variety.  Lots and each one is so beautiful!
Binky C from NC, with a note, box tops for Caryn, syringes, soreness meds for cats, Revolution, sardines, 3 trays Party Mix cat snackers, Leopard print tunnel, hooded kitty cave bed, bird seed bags to remake into totes
Janet S with Toby & Harley--Mouse House cat bed with swinging eyes---Nobbin immediately claimed it but had to let Screech and Amazon have it for night time!
LJ323--2 bags Sunkist Fruit Gems, 4 big bags party Mix snackers, Box of Princgles chips variety and 4 microfiber floor mats
LJ & Larissa--a beautiful, awesome Harlequin Cat Afghan--just stunning  (raffle time!)  so colorful!
Butterfly Teacher & Class from Belguim--letter about student K and his rescue of a special kitty that he ended up keeping!
Conii--Halloween card from Elliott & Izabellah with a donation, plus Snoozies and blanket and kitty beds and kennel pads---all wonderful things to help keep cats and kittens happy and cozy!!  2 Pet Stages scratcher bowls & Triangle scratcher, 30 spring toys, 4 bags of Yeooow toys--rainbows, kitty Halloween kickers & sharks. Paw print wind chimes, paw print/angel wings wind chimes, a beautiful kitty tote bag.  Banners--Cat rules & I Love My Cats. A red/black pillow "One Cat Leads to Another", lots of Keebler cracker packs, Reeses, Hershey Blyss---multiple bags of many flavors, 5 boxes of 24 Wellness Devine Variety cups. Wonderful items!
Janet M--donation to PayPal for FFRC

Wow--$282.18.  Yep--that's how much a check that FFRC received from Goodshop. This is from our viewers shopping there!  Many thanks!

Please check into theis awesome website---sparklepopjewelry.com    It's filled with beautiful jewelry and FFRC gets a nice direct benefit from it.  Thank you!

We are working on a new medical record for our FFRC cats. In the past, I've always had one for my record books then would recopy it onto a chart that would go home with them. It would be so nice to have one sheet, copy it at adoption time and keep a record/send a record with the adoption!  I'm excited. Many thanks to Beth for helping me with this. We should be starting today to transfer all the records.

There goes Trucker and Vernon again--rolling over and over and over, each trying to outdo the other. They sure know how to have fun. Preakness is giving Jenna Jo a thorough bath. Lilly Ann is sitting beside me for extra pettings! Kiara has been playing "knock the syringes out" alot lately. She's about 75% right on.  Jackson and August just strolled by--side by side--with that wonderful hip hop gait that they both have!

I mentioned last week that I had a surprise for you. Well.......here goes.  Steve and I are going to take a REAL vacation. Yep, that's right. It's been about 25 years that we've had a real vacation! I'm such a "homebody" and leaving here is very hard for me. There's my personal cats, all the farm animals and of course, the Rescue Cats. A tremendous amount of critters to care for. But, we're going! One place I've always wanted to visit is Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab Utah. And Steve and I both have wanted to see the shows and lights of Las Vegas. We have not experienced either one before, but we're going to! We will be leaving early on November 16 and returning late on the 21st, I am thankful for our volunteers that will cover. A special thanks to Connie D who will give meds and do breakfast. Lynnette will keep track of the ins and outs of each day.  Jimmy will care for the farmyard and animals. and the needs of FFRC.  And I will only be phone call away for Lynnette or the mods. Many things can be "fixed" with a phone call! Steve and I are already signed up for various tours at Best Friends. And the country is so beautiful there. We also already have tickets for a couple shows in Las Vegas. Let the fun begin!

The Red Barnies should be comfortable this winter--they had their own plug-in put in this past weekend to be able to handle a heater light for them! The Covies too will be set. The electric line there is pronounced safe and can handle the warming beds for them.  The Porchies will have a few heated beds and a heat light too.  The Grey Barnies (we have red barns/grey barns!) also have a safe plug-in this year We will be set!