Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday, November 30

Are you ready for it?  December is here, tomorrow! Hard to believe. The saying is---time flies when you're having fun. Well, it certainly does go fast here at FFRC! 

We had surgery yesterday. All went very well. Columbus, Intor, Ichabod, Teagan, Norton and Star were the boys that were done. Then the girls were Tinia, Bounty, Tenactiy, Screech, Amazon, Beth, Merlee Jo, Neemu, Dawn and Priya. We did not spay Jenna Jo as she seemed a bit off yesterday. No reason to hurry this process.  We will make an appointment for her very soon at the vet's office.

We also did a few physicals. They were:
Jersey--normal physical. He was so very good letting us handle him
Ponia--normal physical. She actually enjoyed it!
Slick--normal physical.  Gave an injection to help with his skin issues.
Thomas--normal physical. We will start him on meds hopefully to prevent his UTI
Paddy Purr--all seemed fine, except for his bit of thinness and his licking. Will look into which medication would be the best to help him.
Trucker--what a zooming boy he was. He showed Dr. Darcy that he is a super fast speedy-wheel boy. It's possible that we've found what may be testicles--not in their proper place, but "do-able"!  Will get his surgery scheduled soon. 
Ada Jane--still, of course, she has her kidney issues. We expect this from an almost 20 year old girl. We've been having a physical done monthly on her when Dr. Darcy comes. Last month she thought that Ada Jane might have an "unusual feel" to her abdomen. This month confirmed it---she has an abdominal mass that is about the size of a golf ball. Her treatment? Love her every single day that she is with us, as usual! This doesn't change anything for Ada Jane. What Ada Jane wants, Ad Jane gets.

We had BOXES on Friday night. Many heartfelt thanks to you!
Cheryl L from WA--a fun box filled with Jacci things!  Plus milk rings for the kitties, pop tabs for Kellen and box tops for Caryn. Also many many kitty pads for the kuranda towers--so pretty and purrfect!  A big thanks to Cheryl for her gifts to me--peace towel, cards, bath pearls, peace bird sign, a great book, lots of wonderful items! 
SuzieQ--bag of Sunkist Fruit Gems, 12 packets of salmon and a case of Fancy Feast
Romeosmom/Sarah & Rob (Neil and Anna Maries' daughter) and their kitties--2 plush kitties with squeakers, named Lucky, Temptation snackers, wand toys, 2 Laurel Burch cat carriers
Gusti--6 cases of Pro Plan can food
Kikimycat/Ellen from FL--more hot chocolate mixes for the guys that help FFRC and LOTS of pretty earrings, such a wonderful variety of them. Watch for flash sales!
IBKCFJJJ--you might want to know what that means!  It's Itty Bitty Kitty Collection for Jingle Jangle Jubilation---wow!  In others words, our FFRC cats! Yes--they got together and sent 2 boxes full of snacker bags, full of holiday goodies for Volunteers, UPS, anyone that helps us!  WOW!
Coralie P from Aussie--donation for Coralie , the kitty and friends
Deborah F from CA--donation to FFRC
Gusti--a donation to FFRC for Happy Thanksgiving
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC
Stephanie S from UK--donation for FFRC
Char in Biloxi--donation to FFRC in memory of The Mouse, her cat who passed to the Rainbow Bridge.

I have to tell you about our ornery kittens. Many times you folks think they are sweet little angels. Well.....they really are, BUT.......yesterday while waiting for their surgeries, they were rotten. Yep, just rotten.  Jumping, climbing, tossing each other around, rolling up their blankies and diving in--all of these things while in their condo pens. Then they discovered they had sandboxes (aka litterboxes). They were kicking "sand" everywhere and then rolling and rolling in it. Tossing their sand on the floor became great fun. I was on the floor, using a hand little sweeper to clean up their mess when all of a sudden, I felt (I'm sure a whole ton of it) litter come dumping on the floor, after landing on my head and shoulders and back. Yes, you can imagine it. And they just sat there by the bars looking out, like that was great fun!  Needless to say, their litterboxes were removed.  Naughty kittens! Love them anyway! 

Our orneriest kitties are: Jarvis, Moose, Abner, Trucker, Freemont and Dickens. Oh but what fun they are. Hmmm--they seem to be all boys!  But, then you can add in Gusti---she loves to romp and play right along with them! These are wonderful kittens still needing homes (except for Trucker!). 

I've been trying to make a decision in regards to cats and FFRC, spaying/neutering--the whole picture.I'm still working on it, but do you know how very important one single spay can mean?  It can mean many lives that are saved.  This is the time of year, before spring is even thought of, to get those boy and girl cats spayed/neutered.  It is absolutely one of the most heartbreaking things---to see such overpopulation problems that result in neglect and abuse. It can be fixed, plain and simple.  Spay and neuter.  And please....don't say "it's not my cat".  If you're feeding it, it's YOUR cat. Help us by spaying/neutering please. 

I've heard from CathyKay's family. All is going great. Scabs are literally gone, vanished! What happy news! They still have her on the duck/potato food. She's still there and while things are going so good, they are fine for her to still be there!

Jimmy has been hard working on the Porchie Haven. We've been fortunate to have a reprieve in the weather. It's been in mid 50's for a couple days. The inside of Porchie Haven is now insulated, covered with plywood and then that wonderful vinyl wall covering that makes cleaning so easy. Two heat lights in there will be all they'll need to keep them warm and toasty. 

The Barnies too are all set--their heat box is there already keeping them warm in the big red barn and the grey barn. The Covies are still getting out for their run-about three times a week. They come back quickly for the dinnerbell call! And the baby bunnies--they are doing great. They're growing, still in the nest and starting to hop just a bit!