Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday, December 2

Watch out--better do the kitten shuffle.  It's not because the kittens are so tiny anymore, it's because these cats have speedy wheels.  They get to playing and then zoom, zip, zap, they run without any thought that they need to run around our legs. They bounce right off and continue on their fast ways! I swear they all have rubber-bones! It's truly a wonder that us humans haven't taken a spill yet. It's so nice though, that they are so happy that they are confident enough to just play their little hearts out!

We had BETP last night! That stands for Boxes, Envelopes, Tube and a Package! Many thanks for your kindness!
JilliR27--2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Feast
Nancy B--6 tun can cat beds!  They've already started being cozy in them!
Allanimals---cat skeletal anatomy poster---very nice
Aunty Fi and with the help of Leggygal--2 biggydews and 1 pillowcase with TRUCKS on them for Trucker! So soft and in the back Thumper's Room for Trucker's night time sleeps
Phil & Judy--Sunday volunteers--2 boxes band aids, Meow Mix packets, case of Fancy Feast, post it notes, Friskies cans, baby food, 5 chicken cans
Frank & Michelle--our Friday visitors & pet snugglers--5 cases of water and lots of Mr. Clean and Lysol
Jan S, from Defiance, visitor--paper towels, litter, soft towels, paper plates, wash clothes and bag of dry Friskies
Penn, Tell, Pixel and family--Thanksgiving card and donation for special treats for the kitties
Little Kat and her family Elaine and Alan B from FL--card, donation and gift card to Petsmart. Loved the letter, Little Kat!
Isabella/BudnBit from FL--education redeemable coupons for Caryn
Dan and Joy D from NY--card and donation for FFRC
Sopieandlucydad/Mike from MI--coupons
Susan CT from Defiance---donation for FFRC
Wendi B from WI--card and doantion for raffle booster
Victoria O from WI--raffle booster for FFRC
Jean K from MN--raffle ticket money
Francoise A from Ontario--donation for treats for kitties and doggies
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Eugenia S from Russia---donation for FFRC
David W from CO--wonderful Kuranda Tower beds! We'll be putting these together this week and will use them right away!  Thanks bunches!

Ada Jane ate a good breakfast! She is simply amazing! Mr. G has been out in the Main Area more and more. Grumbles are down a bit. He really doesn't mean too much by his "talk". The kittens never seem too worried about it. McHoney has a new trick she's been doing this past week.  She's figured out how to get my top desk drawer opened.  She ever so carefully fishes things out that she wants to play with! She discovered too that I keep a bag of snackers in there which she helps herself to!

We took in 2 new adults on Sunday. A friend of ours, who works at Dr. P's brought them. One came from FFRC. Betra, also known as Cricket was adopted here in the late summer of 2009.  She was only 4 weeks old when she arrived from Dr. P's office. Her birthday is 5/26/09. She's a beautiful black/white long hair cat. The second cat did not come from here and was found in a beanfield.in 10/07. Her birthday is 4/27/07. Her name is Bobbi. She's a pretty brown tiger, with a very dark stripe going down the top of her entire back. She's also a "natural" no-tail so we have her as a probable Manx cat. She actually has a very very short stubb there at the tail base. She is sweet.  Their elderly mama passed away less than a month ago and they do miss her very much. Yesterday, they seemed to be ready to come out of their adjoined pens, so the doors were opened. After thinking about it, they've come out and are doing great. Both have lots of friendship in them and want to please but it's obvious they also miss their mom. When they are relaxed and settled in, we'll let them in the Main Area. Welcome to Betra Cricket and Bobbi. 

Two of our kittens, Intor and Tinia will be adopted this Friday late morning. The lady who is adopting them have been here quite a few times to visit them so they will know her.  Gusti is also on hold by Phil & Judy! What a wonderful thing these three adoptions are. Gusti will be loved so very much. They will be taking her after their Sunday afternoon visit, late in the afternoon. But first, the kitties need their Sunday loving time with Phil! 

Lucy Ann is wonderful. She would do amazing in a home where a lap is available for her to have all day! The Covies are doing wonderful! Anony and Sevaun are keeping them all in line. Today is their "out and about" day. They so love this! Lele and LaDonna are great friends.  Jonah will sleep next to anyone that likes to snuggle! Oliver is big and fluffy and handsome as ever!