Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Weds., December 24

On the first day before Christmas, the FFRC kitties gave.......a big giant thank you and love you all to our FFRCNation friends! Merry Christmas Eve day! It is truly a blessed time of year.

We had an ENVELOPE day yesterday! Many thanks given! 
Val S/kismet from WI, Jason/Dawn G from NC, Vern & Mich from MI, Cheryl & Jim L from WA, Phyllis B/kittysmom from MI,  Kristi W from PA,  Anita S. from NY, Julie & David, Suzanne & Andre from NJ, Terry M from IN, Debbi C/lostgirl from NJ, Mary/oldgraymary, Ann/ad86 & Sherry/sillysticks, Peggy/leggygal, Ton & Cecily R from CT- --Christmas card

Carole R/Zen--donation to FFRC
Matt & Darcia, Nicholas, Brendon S from MI--card photo of FFRC kitty Ruby, donation in honor of Dawn S
Susan/Schinn from Maine--photo of Cleo & Ralph, donation to use where needed
Tom & Nancy G/Kerswill from MI--awesome letter from Domino & Amber, Target gift card
Julie C from IN--Christmas card & photos of FFRC kitty's AnnaMarie & Mellow & donation
Margo F from Nebraska--Christmas card and donation
Susan M/macandcheese from MA--Christmas card and donation
Shona C from Scotland--Christmas card and donation
BoPeeps from FL--Christmas card and donation
Cindy and her wonderful kitties from Nova Scotia--Donation and stamps and Christmas card
Judy/doodles, kitty Hank from BC--Christmas card & donation
Shawn from Georgia--donation for drink and snacks for the volunteers
Blanche A from PA--donation to use where needed
From the FFRC cats--a card to Jacci with lots of stickers!
Clark, Jessie and rest of family--birthday card for Felicity!

Helene B from Germany--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Joanna H from FInaldn--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Lori N from NE--PayPal donation for FFRC to be used wherever needed
Herta B from IN--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Lynne W from CA--donation to FFRC

Today is Felicity's birthday! She is now 2 years old and is a cat with mild CH. She's so beautiful. A very peaceful cat. We took her in 3/12/13 from Minnesota. Shamballie's birthday is tomorrow, Christmas Day!He too will be 2 years old. He arrived here 11/20/13, had been a HBC, with multiple injuries including a severely fractured leg. After surgery, leg being pinned, he's recovered 100%. He especially loves Beth/eaglewatcher. 

We had so much fun this morning! Our gift for the kitties and for our webcam viewer friends.....was a real life Christmas Tree, decorated with cat toys! It's about 7 feet tall and a beautiful tree. It's very sturdy and will not fall over. The kittens and cats can climb and climb, which is what they've been doing. The "star" at the top was a real sardine. Tabitha found it and ate half of it! Vernon was even at least half way up the tree, clear inside! Elizabeth put a ramp up to the tree and now Trucker can even have some fun! Fun times for the kitties---enjoy them! 

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, will probably be a laid-back day.  Cleaning will be as normal (must have a clean rescue center for the cats!), but we're not expecting any visitors.I wish for all of our volunteers and our FFRCNation, friends/family,  a very blessed day. Merry Christmas!