Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday, Dec. 16

On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love brought to me..............ten plates of sardines. Oh yeah--I love them and the cats do too! It's part of the breakfast routine! 

We have so much to be grateful for. We had BOXES last night, paypals received and envelopes. Thanks!
David P from TX--donation thru Paypal, to be used wherever needed.  Pets to their Anya, Yuki and Miyu.
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation for caring for the Derechos and Truckers!
Domingo F from Italy--donation to FFRC
Amy & Jaden with kitty pets--dog Christmas card with note, 15 bell toys for kitties, candle ornaments, poinsettia pins, heart wreaths and holly, icicle ornaments (put an icicle on our tree)
Widdletigger/Elisabeth--4 boxes Kleenex, 72 rolls of PT and 48 rolls of TP--yes, we are very appreciative of paper products!
Scotland/Washing Branch of FFRCNation & Steffi S/buffypotter & Linda C/angelface--kitty card, 4 kitty bag clips, cat dancer, coil toys, bottle caps. 2 bags Reeses PB, 2 bags Chocolates, PB mint fudge. 3 cans chicken, 2 cans clams, 4 cans sardines, kitty snackers, 6 pks kitty stick snackers, 2 magnets of Z kitties
Kerswill--play cube. turbo scratcher refills, case of Friskies
Gusti from Germany--2 of the 40 lb bags of Precious Cat Litter
AB?Anne B--luminarie card, kitty snackers, lots of ribbon, bows, gift boxes, gift bags, glitter glue to share with volunteers.  Ornament, wrapped mug, tape dispenser, box of 20 greeting cards
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--hard hat for Jimmy--let the icicle fun begin!
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--2 nightlights that change colors!  Fun for cats to watch
Jatcat from CA--safety box cutter with extra blades and envelope openers
Elskates with Bridgette, Natasha & Savannah--Christmas card with donation
Diane G from IL--Christmas card with Donation
Lurker from Medina, OH--Christmas card with Donation
Jean K--kitty Christmas card
Anna C from MA--Christmas card

Tomorrow is Trucker's big day---his last surgery! Wow--he's been thru alot, but this one should be at low risk. His lost tic tacs will be found! He will come back in the afternoon. We are having a dickens of a time getting his loose stool under control.  We're working on it with all treatments on the table--hopefully soon it will not be a bother for him. 

Coralie likes to sit in my lap, on a cushie in the early mornings when I start my computer work. The minute she hears Lisa rattle the kitty snacker bag--she leaps off my lap--plop on the floor. She's so quick, I don't even get a chance to help her get down. One second she's up and one second she's on the floor! She loves her snackers!

Noble made his way up to the Main Area this morning. He's back again with his brother, but it's a step in the right direction. Both he and Honor are so very handsome. Floyd and Nelson are doubly cute too. They love to be held and can purr so very loud. 

Sunnie J is another purrer---it must be a requirement as we seem to have so many of them turning on their truck purrs! Such a soothing sound. Ada Jane is holding her own and enjoying things. She is still napping on top of the volunteer pen. Her appetite is good and she so loves her drippy faucet. 

McHoney has been holding class as how to open drawers and doors. She's always opening my top desk drawer. As a matter of fact, she is here right now doing it. She sorts and roots and picks something out to carry away. I just keep picking things up and redepositing them. The last 3 mornings, there's been McHoney and both the twins--Dickens and Abner, and Jarvis all in the cabinet in the front Thumper's Room. Not doing anything but sitting there looking at us when we discovery them. I'm sure that they are in planning stage of something ornery! 

Those wacky, wiggly, twitching tails. They tell a story all by themselves!
If your cat's tail is:
Curved, with the end twitching....it signifies annoyance or attention.
Hanging down and puffed up....it signifies fright, worry
Down and tucked between his legs....it signifies total submission
Is shaped like an S....it signifies relaxation and contentment.
Straight up in the air and swishing slightly...it signifies a casual greeting
Straight up in the air but curved at the end....it signifies curiosity or excitement.
Cats DO talk---with their ears, whiskers, eyes and tails and stance! Take time to know your cat! 

Do you know what a happy tail is?  It's a cat that is spayed or neutered!