Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday, December 22

On the fourth day of Christmas, the kitties gave to me.........four kitties on my desk at all times to help me work! How so sweet of them! I can honestly say my work is a bit slower, a bit mis-spelled at times and a bit choppy at times--all because of these kitties! I love it though! They just look so darn cute all sitting here ready to grab my fingers and the computer pointer!

We had another adoption yesterday! Our sweet Nobbin finally got to go to his new home. His new family (Connie D's daughter and grandkids) have been waiting a long time for this boy. They've loved him from the very first when they found him. He is a bit of a mush in their arms! What a lucky cat he is! 

On Saturday we had 4 adoptions! A great day. In the morning, Dawn and Luigi went first. They were tentatively picked out one day last week. A phone call came that both were wanted! I think these two will love being in the same home.  Also Merlee Jo was adopted. The kids in the family and their dad was so very excited! It was nice to see that. She is such a beauty. Then Moose was adopted. He was first chosen because of his beautiful eyes, yet they had not met him yet. Once they arrived, Moose was waiting for them and there was no hesitation. Moose was going home with them! 

We had BOXES yesterday afternoon! We had 6 Boxes from Conii and knew she was home. She said she could watch, so Boxes were done early! 
Many thanks to Conii and Elliott and Izabellah!  Kitty Christmas card and a donation to FFRC. Hammock scratch pad, 2 bowl scratcher beds, 4 fleece kitty pads. Lots and lots of kitty toys, cuddle pads,  and a triple tunnel. Also a triangle/tent scratcher. 6 cave beds, 4 blankets with kitties on them and 2 blankies and 4 bags of doggie snackers for Janie and Camie. 6 mega snacker bags and 6 tubs of kitty snackers too! 
Painteddaisy/June for Trucker! A truck with his name Trucker Moss printed on the sides! Now, we must make sure he gets his license!
Andre & Suzanne, visitors from NJ--a big box of kitty wipes!
Yankeechick---pizza for a special meal on Saturday

We also have donations from PayPal to give thanks for:
Mark S from UK--donation to FFRC
Gisa Z from Germany--donation to help with the cats with CH
Mindy R & Marsha S from ME--donation to FFRC, in honor of Schinn, their friend! 

As many of you know, we lost Jonah on Friday.The Covies were allowed out for their Friday Run About at 11:00 in the morning. It was a devastating thought to know that he did not come back for supper when the Covies were called to return to Kitty City. Our boy was missing. We spent Friday night, all day Saturday and all of Sunday morning looking and looking--searching everywhere.  No Jonah. I called the shelter on Saturday to alert them of our missing boy, but he wasn't there. On Sunday, we received a call from them saying a man had found a tiger/white cat, male with 3 legs.  It HAD to be Jonah. The man was en route to the shelter with him, so Steve and I jumped into the truck and headed there. The first thing they told us when we entered, was that they didn't think he was our cat because the color description didn't match. But, when the door opened, out popped Jonah's head---it was him, it was him! Glorious day! Jonah was safe and sound. He purred, rubbed, purred some more, all the way home! It was wonderful--I was so fearful something bad had happened.  

To find out more of the story, we stopped at the person's house that found Jonah. Apparently he showed up in the early evening on Friday. He spent Friday night and Saturday night under their tarp. There is no way Jonah could've walked that distance. It was 7 miles from our driveway to theirs. It's obvious he was given a ride--in a vehicle. He meowed very loudly to alert them that he was there. Sunday after finding a carrier, Jonah was transported to the shelter.  We are grateful for the return of him--he is very loved. Jonah is the original Covie--the reason Cat's Cove was made. We love him so much. 

We are in the process of going thru our collars and will fit each Covie and Porchie with a collar and a tag with their name on it and the FFRC's phone number. We've elected to do this instead of microchipping.  If someone finds one of our cats, with a collar it is obvious that he/she belongs to FFRC and it will give our phone number. A microchip won't help unless someone has a reader.  Your support thru this time has been much appreciated. We do indeed have a wonderful FFRCNation--compassionate people galore! Thank you.