Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday, December 9

Ornery kittens! Cats running crazy! Zipping and zapping and climbing. Tackling, jumping and flying. Yep---someone gave these cats catnip mistletoe. Energy is high here! 

We had BOXES last night! So many grateful thanks given. 
Donnajb---600 6 inch paper plates, box of 30 bags of Lays Kettle Chips
Jennifer M/Jinkies TX--For a raffle--super soft Kitty face blanket
Dewitty from WI--Christmas card, Tower Snowman with kitty toys and kitty snackers!  And info about different rescues
Jean S from WI=--8 boxes Kleenex, 48 rolls of TP and paper towels--yeah!
Trudy S from Bryan OH--Christmas card and donation to FFRC
Melissa L from NY---donation to FFRC
Gemini54--Kitty Christmas card, kitty pin with pink bling collar (thanks!) and for a raffle--very soft Charlie Bear
Anonymous Friend--milk rings for Pania  (she too says thanks!)
Ann F from NJ with Noah & Karla---donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & Family--For Anony's birthday--card and $5 for treats
Jill D from MN--Christmas card, letter and gift
KnittinKitten/Donna--box of 36 bags Grandmas Cookies, bag of Reeses variety
Nora S from NY--coupons and stamps
John & Susan T from OH--Christmas card
Don & Katy with Shelby & Dexter--Christmas Card
Tom & LInda C with Happy from IL--Christmas card and donation for FFRC
Debbie C/LostGirl--gift card and poptabs for Kellen
Andrea W--purple Paws tote bag
Roberta L from OH--card with note and 2 Jackson Galaxy Books

We took in a new kitten two days ago. He's a real cutie. Has a short tail and the poor thing has 3 distinct kinks in it. One is close to body, two are towards the end of the tail. He's gold and white and has a sweet personality. His name is Sunnie J. He was found in a neighbors yard of one of our volunteers. He most likely will be up in Main Area tomorrow.

We have names! The two little black/white kittens are named. The boy with the bigger white streak on the back and a black face is Floyd. The boy with the smaller white stripe on the back and the white face is Nelson. They love to rock and roll and provide much entertainment in the back Thumper's Room. They too will be in Main Area soon.

We also took in a young adult. He lived in Minnesota. Guess who our visitors are this week! It's Connie/Warped and Deb11111. They are from Minnesota and graciously, on very short notice, transported this wonderful cat to FFRC. His name is Bender and he's about 3 years old, a beautiful black/white cat. He's a bit of a big boy--shy by a couple ounces of being 20 lbs. For him, he would do better if we can help him lose a couple pounds! Bender is also a cat with mild CH. He does real well. His past owner could no longer keep him, returning him from the rescue where he came from was not an option and he also needed some medical help. He had ruptured anal glands. Things are doing better though in that department already.  I feel he too will do good here in the main Area.

We had adoptions on Sunday! In the morning, Michelle/Callie and Henry/Frank (usually Friday volunteer visitors) adopted Jambrew. They were so happy and so was Jambrew! I do believe this kitten will have lots of spoiling happening, which is good! We also had 2 kittens be adopted by Judy and Phil, our Sunday volunteers. They picked wonderful Gusti and Priya. I've heard already and it sounds like all is happy! 

This weekend, we have two more adoptions. That will be for Beth and Jenna Jo.  This family was moving and wanted to wait to bring them into the new home!

We also had a returned kitten. Caleb is back and he's a happy boy. Playing and running and making up for lost time.  Caleb is the kitten that Dina, my daughter in law found inside the hood of a car. He's happy, has grown and is spending half time in the Main Area and half in the Thumper's Room.

Take care, all!