Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday, December 29 evening

This is a week of visitors! FFRC thoroughly enjoys visitors. This weekend, Alex/Tabbycat and daughter Lauren arrived. Today Beth/eaglewatcher, Kathy/justme and Deb/deb11111 arrived! This is just wonderful!

Construction has now started on the Mail Room/store! So exciting.  The cabinets, countertop and cupboards are already moved from the store area to the Mail Room area. In the store area, shelves will be rearranged and reorganized! Fun and exciting items coming in.  Tomorrow the beginning of the new wall will start.

We have a couple thanks to give!
Stacy G from TX---donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Michelle M from FL—donation made in honor of Francine D who is a cat lover.

You can find low cost spay/neuter programs in your area. Just check out this site:    Thanks to Dave/wolfpatch for this reminder!

As you may know, Trucker is involved in a contest. All it takes to win are votes. Please visit   I’ve just realized that votes can be “bought” but please….if we are to win this contest, let’s do it with clicking votes.  Trucker prefers that too! Thank you.

The lost is found! You may already know---Leonard went AWOL last Monday. We were all so worried about him. We searched and searched and searched. Yesterday, Lauren spotted him in the parking lot. He’s safe, he’s back after being gone for almost a week and he’s grounded forever. Seriously though, we are not sure what happened. It just seems odd that after many years of never having trouble with the whereabouts of our cats, two were recently lost. I’m so thankful that both are safely back home. Parking Lot cams may soon be in place. Won't be much longer until the name tags are here and we can get those on the collars. 

Here is a story I would like to share:
Once there was a cat rescue that was loved by many. The cats and kittens that were part of this rescue center had much love and friendship for one another.  Fun was had by all and a genuine family-feeling was always felt. It was wonderful. Those that could look into the Rescue Center could sense there was much peace. Then one day, a cat named Cyber said something unkind about another cat. It wasn't long until 14 other cats started adding comments. One by one, an unkind remark was added. It seemed as if once they started, they could not stop themselves. Cats who usually showed such friendship and love for one another were squabbling, hissing at each other and generally causing sad feelings. It was quite shocking. And so hurtful. Derecho took this all in stock. It saddened him to his very heart. He spent time thinking about this and came to a thought about these actions. In this world of cats, why, when they have a choice of friendship and kindness or being picky and hurtful, would some choose to be the later? It was quite a mystery to him. It seemed so simple to him---goodness grows goodness but being unkind also can grow more unkindness. The matter truly was in each cat’s heart to decide how to act. Well, Derecho decided there was a way to fix this problem. He was going to show them---kindness can cover unkindness and help happiness to grow again. One by one, he went to the squabbling, picky cats. He went right up to Cyber and gave a hug and a purr. It truly took Cyber by surprise. At first he was going to clobber that Derecho. But, then, a warmness came over him and his heart grew. That felt really good. As he sat there feeling the love that was always there, he saw Derecho go to 7 more of the squabbling, picky cats. They each got a hug too. Same reaction—wow, that was rather a nice feeling! Derecho needed a bit of a rest. Before he could hug and purr on the last 7, the first 7 went to the last 7 and gave them a hug and a purr. Peace was restored. Forgiveness was given. Friendships were mended. Derecho just sat there and smiled. But, soon, a meeting was called. Derecho challenged them. Why----oh why did this happen? We are a nation of cats here—not blood related, but bound by love, friendship and heart. When a difference of opinion comes up, what would be the better decision? From the very middle of the group of cats was little Amazon. She raised her paw to speak. Derecho called on her. With her littleness, she filled the room with a big message. She said a very simple message---acceptance of one another and love. Alma then spoke up. She said she had already learned that lesson---we are all different and with many opinions. But, that can be a good thing, especially when accepted with love. It’s ok to have a difference of opinion and to be different. It actually makes the world quite exciting. Just accept each other with love! What a smart girl Alma is! And then Coralie raised her one whole paw and spoke up---lean on each other and it will draw us together. We all need someone to lean on. Don’t let negative actions get in our way of being a friend-family. We will all have a problem sometime and we can help each other get thru it.  We can help each other to carry on. I only have one whole hand, but all of you are welcome to it. Come on, cat nation---let’s be a family of friends!  Let’s lean on each other! And with that, Derecho smiled his wonderful smile! They had learned their lesson well.