Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday, Jan. 2

What a very busy week! Plus, there was a Happy New Year party here Weds evening. I'm not sure who had more fun---the visitors and volunteers or the cats! The ball that came down at midnight was equivalent to the New York one! Happy blessed New Year to you all.

Tomorrow is an extra special day. It is the Can-ival day! It starts at 3:00 and ends when we're done! I truly do not know much about all the details as I've not been privy to it (!!) and I've also kept myself away from any info that would pop up on the screen as I love surprises! Many thanks to BIll, Angie, Elizabeth and all the folks that have helped them in the preparation of this event. I understand there's 9-12 boxes or so???  I'm so excited and can't hardly wait. Tomorrow we will be putting many, but not all, of the cats in the back Thumper's Room and Kitty Campus Room for safety. 

The construction in the Mail Room is moving along nicely. It seems like a whirlwind of activity in there. Alot of the displays we've had for the store is in the back Thumper's Room right now. Shelves are not organized yet. Today, I believe the rest of the construction may be done. We're hoping so, as it's important we get things moved out of the back Thumper's Room for our use for tomorrow. The door needs to go in place yet to the new Mail Room area and the rest of the vinyl board put up. Also the topper on the new wall. And baseboards! 

We have a couple new display units for the Store area. New inventory has been ordered and we're anxiously awaiting  the delivery of alot of it next week. So exciting. We've used many of your ideas and suggestions for the incoming inventory. We also have the back up of Leggygal, Warped, Pat C (vol), Anne-in-UK, Shelley H and Kikimycat for some wonderful items too.  So exciting! 

We have taken on 4 new kittens and their mama. They arrived a few days ago and are now in Cat's Corner Room. Mama is a dark gold/white. Two boys are a buff riger and a buff/white. The two girls are a torti/ASH mix and a calico. Mama and the two boys are friendly. The two girls are a bit shy yet but they are slowly losing that battle and I'm sure will end up cuddly! The babies are about 7 weeks old. Names will be given soon. They were found at a feeding station of a friend of ours.

Lots has been going on with our cam. The new computer donated by Deb11111 will be in place very soon for the main cam control. Thanks, Deb! We also have a second cam going on. It's all in the testing stage right now. It's in place, in the Cat's Corner Room at the moment. This is a cam donated by Jatcat---thanks!  We also will be putting in a new range extender. We've been having a bit of a problem with our old one. JustMe/Kathy has donated this extender---thanks, Kathy.  Lots of progress--we want to be sure that our viewer friends can enjoy the happenings here at FFRC. This of course, is all master-minded by Dawnstar--our mod and go-to-guy. Big thanks, Dawnstar! More info later on all of this as details are ironed out. 

We have thanks to give! We always have big hearts of gratitude for you all out there. YOU are so appreciated!
David P from Netherlands--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Cheryle T--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
MaryAnn B from SC--donation thru PayPal, in memory of a little tux kitty that her and her husband tried to save.  Thanks, MaryAnn for trying. 
Neil S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Mindy S/mbstarr and Nestle--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Ronda B from AZ--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Eleanor G from NJ--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Shannan W--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Matt, Darcia, Nicholas & Brendan S and Ruby (a past FFRC cat), day visitors with our friend Dawn S--laundry soap, chex mix, RUssel Stovers!, Dawn liquid soap, kitty snackers, candy, Fancy Feast case, carmel corn
Mary H from Archbold (Friday vol)--bleach, Tide
Pat C, Thursday volunteer--more items for the store & kitty snackers
Tabbycat & Tabbytween--10 bottles vinegar, 6 bleach, dozen can of cat food

A big thanks to you all too for using FFRC to go thru to order your Amazon items! We just received a payment from Amazon for the month of October. It was for $523.32! Yeah! 

Today we will have an extra special adoption. That is Freemont. Our friends Suzanne and Andre came back to FFRC, from their home in New Jersey to officially adopt Freemont. The love is there big time. Freemont thinks he is in heaven when they hold him. Their departure will be this morning. 

One thing I'd like to mention--there are times that I have called a cat a resident when we have later found homes for them. Sometimes when a cat comes in, we don't know how far they will progress. As time goes on, if they are using the litterbox 100%, are emotionally happy and physically  healthy--they may be able to be adopted. I know that some of these are hard to see them go.'s truly a wonderful thing. They are brought here, many in poor condition. They grow emotionally and their bodies become well. At some point, some of the cats progress enough to be able to go into a home. And that's really what rescue work is all about. It's a joy---pure, out and out joy to know beyond a doubt, that they have "made it". Yes, we will miss them--some really stand out like that. But, when it's known in our hearts that they are happy---then it's time to let them go on about their lives. Afterall, there will always be more that need our help. I deeply appreciate that you understand. That makes me feel that you "get it"--you know what rescue is all about. 

See you tomorrow---3:00 for Can-ival. I'm very excited! And super grateful already!

And where, oh where are the LBG's?  I miss them very much.