Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday, Jan. 11

Surgery Day has come and gone and all is well! Many thanks to Dr. Darcy. Also to Amber, our vet tech, Thanks to Lynnette and Sue who does lots of things for surgery day. Also thanks to Beth and Pat who did post-op kitty holding to comfort them as they awoke from their anesthetic. We did 7 FFRC boys and 1 boy for a volunteer. We did 2 FFRC spays and 2 spays for volunteers. We also did many physicals.

FFRC spays were: Marmalade and SoonJa.  FFRC neuters were: Floyd, Honor, Nelson, Noble, Sunnie J, Leopold and Chauncey. All their physicals were good. Honor had an umbilical hernia that was also repaired. Marmalade had an extensive spay, as she has had 4 litters in a very short amount of time--made for a fairly difficult spay. All incisions look good this morning and appetites are great!

We did many physicals.
Star--physical good, eye is healing, continue antibiotics that he's already on, will watch tail
Ada Jane--looks good! Has gained a bit of weight, abdominal mass about the same! Somewhere, Ada Jane has discovered she has a loud meow!
Alma--physical good
Bender--physical good, continue with antibiotics
Betra--physical good, does have some stomatis, will put on antirobe for 10 days
Camvie--physical good, will always have URI issues, changed up meds again
Coralie--physical good. Dr. Darcy was very pleased with her!
Jessie--physical good. Her advanced age can be told in her eyes, but doing great
Paddy Purr--physical good, looks better than last month. Has gained a bit of weight. Still has a 4/6 heart murmur.
Thomas--continue as we have, looks good, will monitor UTI and seizures
Merri--physical good
Trucker--physical good, going to try another med to try and get control of his lose stools
Walter--the last 2 meds we have been using are not successful on his "circling", so will try a different one--may be just the one to help him!
Pania--physical good, eye looks the same-no further swelling of eye orbit

As you may know, yes, we have a bit of a cold going on in the rescue center.  Don't worry--all is fine though. Antibiotics are being given. Dr. Darcy is aware. As with typical cat-colds, recovery is usually complete in 7-10 days. While we don't like colds, their immune systems will be triggered and they will build up antibodies and be tougher! There's always a good side to everything! 

Our new inventory is slowly but surely coming in, for our Store Room. I think you'll enjoy the items---we used many of your suggestions! When we get closer to being complete, we'll show you all! 

Many thanks to these friends for your help to FFRC:
Cita---for a wonderful, delicious basket of goodies from her homeland for Steve and Jacci!
Domingo F---donation to FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC
Pat B from Defiance--donation to FFRC for her contribution from her Ebay sales and from both Pat and Ellen, for sponsoring Ferrah. 
Renee C from Canada--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to cover drinks for surgery day
Joyce D--donation to cover pizza lunch for surgery day
Marilyn H--donation to FFRC
Lorraine and Ale3xandra from Wash DC---donation in honor of Trucker and Coralie because they show inspiring perseverance!

Vernon---what a wonderful sweet boy! He has figured out how to climb quite well. He frequently climbs up to the top of the Kuranda Towers and then just sits and does his little Vernon cry. His cry means---come quick and rescue me, I cannot get down. Well, of course, we rescue him!  Soon-Ja, Leopold and Chauncey and mama Marmalade have now had some adventure time in the Main Area. Rebecca is still a bit shy, but slowly coming along. 

PetFinder's is now complete....for now! Yeah! Next on the list is updating the Website which is already started. This is a big project and will take some time, but will get it done! 

It's warmer today. We have been warming up the Porchies and Covies food---they love it. We've checked their beds, lights and blankies and all is still cozy.Today is the Running of the Covies--they will like it with the slightly warmer temperatures. 

Cayden, Caleb and Honor are tussling big time here in the office, with Star rushing in at them to play too! If there's one thing cats know how to do, it's how to have fun. Even though it was so so cold yesterday, Bella still wanted out for a quick visit in the dog pen. It didn't last long but she came in smiling! 

I'd like to say a special thanks to our mods and admins. I appreciate their hard work and for giving so many hours to FFRC, purely  for the sake of helping. I'd like to say a thanks to our chatters who welcome each other, say thanks for donations, and are simply kind to one another. That is what we want FFRC to be known for---friendships. We also so enjoy our lurkers and fb posters and tweeters and FFRCNation friends! 

Can you name 4 popular cars named after cats?  Jaguar, Cougar, Lynx and Bobcat.
A cat's heart beats about 155 times per minute. 
Handling kittens for 20 minutes a day the first 0 days of their lives increases their bonds with people.
Did you know your cat is a digitgrade animal? That simply means they walk on their toes with the back of their foot raised!
The cat generally has 24 whiskers, 12 on each side of the face.