Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday, Jan. 4

Can-ival 2015! Phenomenal. Wonderful.  Deeply grateful. Words simply can't describe how the Can-ival felt for me and how it went. Yesterday was this great event. I was truly just blown away by the generosity of our FFRCNation. You folks are simply so very kind. 

It started at 3:00. First, a herd of reindeer came prancing into the Rescue Center, jingling bells! This was followed by Santa who carried a big big gift. I was lucky to be able to open it--and out fell the little LBG's!  Oh my--joy, joy! The LBG's were back and all decked out for Christmas! They were thrilled to be home. A great story about their adventure was read by Angie. By the way---they're being fingerprinted to see who took them!!

Next, we went out to the parking lot, to await the arrival of what I was told was about 15 boxes. Down the road we could hear BIG horns honking. It sure didn't sound like a small truck to me. In the parking lot pulled a big semi truck. When the driver opened the back doors, there they were.......piled high were many many boxes for FFRC! Lots of beautiful boxes!

We had approximately 30-some people here helping. All was so organized. Boxes unloaded, brought in and stacked up, boxes were open, shown and carted off to various parts. It was just amazing! I'm told there were almost 400, yes almost FOUR HUNDRED boxes. We had up to 900 people watching the opening of the boxes. 

Most boxes were cat can goods--big cans, little cans, medium cans! Packets of food arrived. Even TP, PT, plates, clorox wipes, dry food, cushions,baby food jars, kitty houses to name a few things. Every box was thrilling to open! Also lots of gift cards for FFRC. I know I was ecstatic and I could tell the cats were smiling ear to ear! 

Last years can-ival kept us in stock thru the first week of March. This year there is more! I haven't done a count, but I know we are well stocked and it is truly a comfort to know we don't have to worry about feeding the cats! What a comfort to know this. It is truly a feeling of peace to know the cat's food needs are met. 

After Boxes were done, everyone helped move the piles of can food to inside the house where they will be kept while being used. The closet is filled to the brim in the Kitty Campus Room and so are the cabinets above the counters! We then all shared in good food in the mail room. A very very good day.

It is impossible to extend the deep feeling of gratitude that I have for you all. I was given a slip to excuse me from writing individual thank yous for this event. This is super appreciated. 

I thank Goss for getting this idea started and getting the word "out there".
I thank all the mods, admins, FFRCNation page & Twitter page for promoting the Can-ival.
I thank all who lent a hand in moving and unloading boxes. Many of our visitors went over to Bill and Angie's house to carry boxes! 
I thank Angie, Bill and Elizabeth for sharing their home with boxes for 2 months and for their planning of this event.
I thank the semi truck driver and Hornish Trucking for letting us use their semi.
I thank each and every person who sent such wonderful gifts to FFRC for the cats. The outpouring of love was overwhelming to me. 
I thank Steve and Sam for their help too in moving boxes.

FFRC was started in the Fall of 1999. The 24/7 cam started Jan. 2010. It is simply heart warming to see where we have started and where we are today. Since we started the cam, Friends of Felines Rescue Center has grown and improved in many ways. We've grown in building on to FFRC. But, we have also grown in making friends with so many folks all over the world. Friendship---such an awesome thing! This Rescue Center is a place of joy! We want peace, friendship and good hearts to be here involved with FFRC. 

I would like to say a thank you to everyone in my life who has changed it for the better. I choose to be around people who are positive, compassionate and enjoys other people and animals. These are choices we all make in our lives. My choice is to stay positive and to enjoy life. You are a part of what we do here and I am most appreciative. It may be a donation, a kind word, loving the cats or offering friendship. You have made a difference to me. I fiercely care for what happens here at FFRC and I appreciate you being a part of this Rescue Center!