Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jan. 7, Weds.

Bundle up and stay warm! The windchill temp is way below zero and the snow is blowing. Heat lamps were checked for the Barnies---all working great.  Porchies Haven is toasty. Porchies sunporch has heated beds and all are working properly. Horses will only be out a couple hours today. Goats and donkey have a clean barn to go into with lots of straw. Bunnies are all protected. Hens are still laying eggs--when we find them they're frozen but once thawed, they're just fine! All beds and heat lamps are working in Kitty City for the Covies. Let the sun shine though!

We had BOXES on Monday night and envelopes too! Big thanks for what you do for FFRC.
Barb W, volunteer--3 cases of Fancy Feast
Piperjo--3 cases Friskies, 4 bags of kitty snackers
Annette B--case of Fancy Feast kitten, case of Friskies and Sheba too
Andre, Suzanne & Daniel--Happy Birthday, Freemont. In honor of his birthday, a very soft bed for Freemonts friends. Bella was napping in it this morning!
EHP--case of Fancy Feast
Jennifer & Vinny from NY--our rescue friends--4 bags of kitty snackers, shirts for Vernon and Cayden, 10 crocheted mice with catnip, Feline Frenzy toy with scratch pad, 2 lg. pretty kitty pads, Yankee Candle with a kitty surround lid--very pretty!.  Also 2 bracelets (Alex & Ani--Prince of Love), nice soft blankets
Kay S from Perrysberg--donation to FFRC
Rebecca H from CA--donation in honor of Kelly R/littleonemine
Anonymouse Friend--lots of coupons
Ann F--donation to FFRC
Cita/Margareet--Christmas card
Peggy & Bernie G/Halos mom & dad--donation to FFRC
Jenny S--lots of small plates, snackers, KMR, Iams dry food, cat toys, laundry soap, nursing bottle and blankies

We also had some other donations thru PayPal:
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Big Al, to get a special treat for the Porchies
Brenda R from CA--donation for Feliz Navidad fund
Diane F/Hull--donation for the medical fund.
Gusti--donation in memory of Big Al--may he rest in peace
Lynne W from CA--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Shawn B from Canada--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Janet M--donation to FFRC
David P from UK--donation for chicken for Trucker and friends!

Most of us have enjoyed the wonderous stories of Helen Keller. A viewer friend sent me this Helen Keller quote which I particularly love:  "Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it."  Very meaningful.

The voting for Trucker is over and this sweet boy came in First Place! Thanks to Aunty Fi for submitting him.  We received a PayPal today with Trucker's winnings. He's been talking about getting a job to help FFRC recently! I told him his cuteness helped with a donation! The PayPal is for................ready for this?..........It's $604.47!  Wow- just wonderful! Many thanks to you all for making this possible. We have a powerful voting group of people in our FFRCNation.

Many of you have already heard the news about our Big Al. Our sweet big boy passed away a couple days ago. He recently has lost weight and an abdominal mas was discovered. He passed over quietly and peacefully while being petted. Big Black Beautiful Baby Boy Al---he had lots of names. Big Al was a friend to everyone--cats, dogs, people, horses, chickens--everything. He is greatly missed. Al arrived here on 6/15/07. He was maybe 9 years old---we never determined exactly how old he was when he arrived. All we do know for sure is that Big Al is missed and was much loved. 

We took in a new cat on Monday. She is 5 years old, a long hair white cat with a sweet personality. An apartment manager brought her over. The people that had her, left 4 days prior--left, locked the door and left no food or water or litterbox for her. Unbelievable. But, she's a sweetie and is doing good. She is in the back Thumper's Room and today she will be out and about back there to start on the next stage of being able to come up to the Main Area. Her name is Unelma, which means Dream. It's pronounced: U-nel-ma, just like it looks!

We have names for mama and babies! I kept saying soon, soon we will have names, so one of them has a play on words with that! The mama (gold/white) is Marmalade. Her two girls are: Soon-Ja (calico) and Rebecca (torti). The two boys are: Leopold (buff/white) and Chauncey (buff).  Names are all from Name A Cat!  Soon-Ja is from LJ, for Sonja.  Marmalade is from Phil. Rebecca is from Hannah S.  Leopold is from Aunty Fi. Chauncey is from Lannml. Thank you all. 

We also had an adoption yesterday! Our little Amazon went to her new home. She will have 3 kids all to herself to play with! So exciting. She should do just fine! 

This Saturday is our surgery day. Tentatively the schedule is, for the boys: Floyd, Honor, Nelson, Noble, SunnieJ, Leopold and Chauncey.  The girls are: Marmalade, Soon-Ja.  We also, in part of our desire to curb the overpopulation problem, are doing a few "extra" spays/neuters for cats that our volunteers know of that are not done yet. So, we will probably have another 3-4 cats added to our list. We also have quite a large list of physicals to do. This will all keep us busy!