Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Jan. 23

An awesome book! The title is: The Story of Us--FFRC.  The back of the book says it all:  FFRC Nation.  Many Countries.  One Heart.  One Mission.  One Nation.  Pat & Ellen presented me with this wonderful book last night. It's all about our cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. It has the stories of Alma, August, Jackson, Merri, Jersey, Lorenzo, Milo, Solee, Felicity, Freemont, Cozarelii, Vernon, Walter and Derecho. There's also a story told by Zelda. Many thanks too to Megan who typed it, Larissa who was the technical advisor and Marilyn who designed the cover photo and to all of our FFRC Nation.  FFRC is Where Life Begins....and Love Never Ends.

This lovely book is so gratefully received. They also presented me with a second book of these stories. This second book will be included in our next Raffle!

We had ENVELOPES last night! Many thanks!
Pat & Ellen--5 big cans of chicken and a notebook to help keep things organized.
Pat C, Thursday volunteer--paper towels, kitty blankie and 3 more handwarmers
Barbara R from Bryan--donation from Rosalie Sanders family (was mama to Cricket & Bobbi), in honor of these 2 wonderful cats
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Debra S from New ORleans--in honor of Susan and Bo-Bae
Susan M/macncheesemom from MA--donation to FFRC
Connie H from Cecil OH--chief tapes
LittleKat and Elaine & Alan B from FL--Valentine card, sheet of stamps, donation from Little Kat (who saved her allowance) and also picture of Little Kat on her own notecards. She is 16 yrs. old!

I've talked to Dr. Darcy about Trucker and his poo problems....again. His stool sample has come back good. So, she's going at this in full fighting mode. We have a rather extensive treatment program we are trying on him. So.....keep your fingers crossed.

Sunnie J just ran by me at 100 MPH--chasing Star and Caleb. Leopold and Rebecca have been very busy this morning also--the feathery toy is taking a beating between the two of them! Little Addison is doing awesome. He's here, there and everywhere playing. He also loves to climb the Kuranda Towers. So so nice to see him in play-mode.

We've been working hard on getting the Paw-Mart items in the website. Spent almost the whole day on this yesterday. We are also getting the website current in all the other categories. Lots to do!

We have some inquiries about our kitties and cats! It's possible that Mr. G will be adopted. Also one of our cats with CH is possibly going to find a home. We also have 3 kittens being looked at. As soon as I have more facts, I'll keep you posted!

Magic is doing good. When she arrived, she was 15 ounces, Sunday.  On Monday she was 1.01.   On Wednesday she was 1.02 and today Friday she was 1.03.  She certainly knows how to eat!

Today about 1:00 or 1:15, we would like to take the cam over to Paw-Mart, our FFRC store, and show you around! We'll show you the new items and old items and the new construction. This will be recorded to youtube for those that may miss it. 

Cats have special scent glands at their temples, on their face and at the root of the tail. When a cat rubs against humans, it is atually making its mark on them---a good thing!

Cats are capable of 3 distinct types of sound: purring (mouth closed), meows (vowel sounds made with mouth open and closing) and hissing (mouth open in one position).