Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday, Jan. 25

Truck, truck, trucking along. That's what Trucker is doing---putting around in his little truck. He likes to sit in his toy truck and then have someone pull him around. He just sits there, looking about so intently!  Just hook up a leash to the front of the truck and pull!

Many thanks to Joni, Pat, Megan and Ellen (volunteers) for helping with the Sparkle Pop Jewelry & other jewelry for the Flash Sale last night. We even had Megan from Sparkle Pop joining us to give us guidance on some of the jewelry pieces.  Many thanks for the participation! We'll be working on packing and shipping tomorrow.

We were asked why we picked last night at 9 pm to have a Flash Sale. The beauty of having friends from all around the world means we'd like to spread the times for these sales around, so it gives different people an opportunity to have fun with our Flash Sales. It's nice to do things for different time zones!

What a beauty Felicity is. She may not "present" herself very much when visitors are here, but she sure loves us and loves to be petted. Bender asked to be cuddled this morning.  He is a lap cat, even with his size. He'll curl right up and lean his head on your shoulder. Anne Shirley, Triumph and Mogo had the experience of spending the night in Kitty Kastle last night. It's such a good experience for these cats to get to do this--builds their confidence.

We have thanks to give---you all are wonderful!
Pat P--Tide HE laundry soap, 16 Appetizers. And food for the farmyard critters--grapes, carrots, apples, oranges. And gummy worms for the volunteers!
Coralie P--donation for Coralie and friends for extra treats
Kelly L--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Angel/Dottie--a nice pen for us to use as needed
Mareike M from Germany--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Susan G from NH--letter with picture of her kitty--pop tabs & Box tops, Turbo toy, lots of potty bags
Kelly R/littleonemine--coupons, Irish Shamrock socks for Megan, 3 informational books on cats, kitty wipes, 6 large cans of Tuna and bag of Purina One
Madisonpepper--box from Spoiled Rotten--filled with great toys and different kinds of snackers
David & Christine with Miau, Yuki and Anya--2 boxes of packets of Salmon, 18 cans clams and 24 cans sardines
Great Aunty Julie/tigercat from IA--4 boxes Whiskas Purrfectly Fish, big bag of Purina One
Megan A--Mardi Gras King Cake from Julie Anne's Bakery in LA---super delicious!
Aunty Fi--2 Gund Pusheen Plush cats, both purple, one for Jacci/one for Magic

Yesterday when I went by the Power Dam, which is about 1/4 mile from here, there were thousands of seagulls flying around and diving into the waters. Amongst the seagulls flying, I saw 2 adult Eagles and 3 immature Eagles. Such a very beautiful sight to see. 

A cat can jump about 7 times as high as he is tall. 
Remember to bang on the hood of your car before driving away.
A cat's whisker is called a Vibrissae. It's about twice as thick as the hair on their coat and are 3 times deeper than hair roots.

Mr. G's adoption will be next weekend, due to his new mama-to-be having the flu. Kate, who will be adopting Addison will be returning on Feb. 7 and staying with us, to leave on the 8th. Addison is happy! 

Marmalade is such a good mama. She's becoming more use to people and being petted. She is such a beautiful cat. Today the Covies have their Out and About Day. They were eagerly waiting for the day to be opened. Jonah and Charlie though came inside to the back Thumper's Room for the day--don't want them out yet! Ada Jane is holding her own--she seems to have a big appetite in the mornings. Spends much of her time napping. 

Just wanted to send out an extra thanks to you all. Your support is phenomenal and much appreciated. You show your support in so many different ways and each way is important to us.