Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday, Jan. 13

Did you see that long hair gold puff go trotting by the cam?  And here, I was thinking she was in the back Thumper's Room and she decided to make her entrance already to the Main Area, all by herself! So....meet Monna, a Name A Cat name!  She has been living outside at a home of a volunteer. After bringing her here to be spayed on Saturday, she just looked so so comfortable that we decided to have her stay here and hopefully find a home. Monna is about 8 months old--just a real beauty. Right now she is nestled down deep in the middle of the big red poof! Quite comfortable already!

Unelma is out and about much more now. More relaxed! She's a nice girl. Mr. G is watching the birds at the Kitty Kabana windows--he's actually trembling with excitement! Bella came up to the Main Area for about 15 minutes yesterday, then wanted to go back to the Thumper's Room. She went straight to her cushie bed--I think she wants to make sure no one takes it!

As you know, we have a slight kitty cold here in the Rescue Center. All will be just fine.  It's like a kindergarten class---a new one comes in and sneezes and there it goes.....germs! The good thing, it will build their immune systems. Already today I can tell things are better.  Murphy who felt punky for a couple days is now very ornery---running all over the place! These are tough cats--they're going to be ok.

Many thanks to you!  I am very grateful for your help!
Phil & Judy--Sunday volunteers---6 bath towels, 8 washcloths, box tops, pop can tabs, bag of Purina One, soft soap refill container
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Joyce K from PA--donation to FFRC, in honor of Lettie Bradley's 80th birthday!
Coralie P--donation to FFRC, in honor of Coralie.
Deb11111--safety cutters that can hook onto clothing---no more accidently tossing them out in boxes!
LJ--2 bags Sunkist Gems, 8 wonderful memory foam bath mats.  And then....the wonderful kitty scarves for raffle!  SIX more to add to the bunch (which will happen soon)
Megancummins/Sparklepop with Leo, Sparkle & Jewels--a wonderful gift from SparklePop jewelry--a check for $1,318.22. This is just fantastic and very very much appreciated!  Thanks, Megan and Sparkle Team!  This covers from Dec. 7 thru Jan. 7.  Just amazing!
Donna/Napa--a special thank you, Napa for remembering.  A donation made to FFRC, in memory of my Dad who passed away 3 years ago tomorrow. Thank too for the donation made In Honor of Sevren.

We now have 7 bunnies here in the Rescue Center! They are from the farmyard. They are about 3 weeks old and mama isn't feeding them anymore. Because of the severe cold, we brought them in to keep warm and to feed them. They are doing great. My goal is still to spay/neuter these rabbits too!
The first original litter is doing fine---we have two of them in a pen. They are growing and eating very good.

So far, I have had 5 different people tell me that they have double checked their outside cats, since they saw Coralie's frostbite info ad in the paper. Yeah, Coralie! 

We will soon have a raffle for LJ's awesome kitty scarves!  Keep an eye on facebook and a slideshow for them! This is will just like how we do an afghan raffle.

*What do cats and gorillas have in common?  They both purr!
*Siamese kittens' eyes cross at about six to eight weeks.
*The cat does not chew. It swallows its food and relies upon its stomach's gastric juices to digest the food. These juices can break down bones, feathers and hair.
*Cats cannot live on a meatless diet. They must have taurine (an amino acid), animal fats and vitamins that only come in animal foods.