Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday, Jan. 8

Brrrr---Very much colder today. It was a good day to warm up the can food for the Covies and Porchies. When we do that, you KNOW it's cold cold out there. 

MYTH: Tapeworms come from bad food.
FACT:  Pets become infected with tapeworms from swallowing fleas, which carry the parasite. Also, cats can get tapeworms from eating infected mice or other exposed rodents.

We had BOXES last night! So very grateful to you all!
Judi Sp--2 bags of Precious Cat Litter and a scratcher/lounger (which is already being used!)
Joco--box of velcro cord wraps--these will certainly be used soon
Andrea W--1 container of Powder KMR and a case of KMR cans
Anonymous Friend--Jess & Jane cat shirt (really nice!), bag of paw points, box tops, milk rings, pop tabs, fleece blanket, 2 nail clippers, rat toy, pingpong balls, catnip cave, doggie treats, crinkle tunnel, stuffed toy elephant, neata cat magnets, 3 scratcher replacements
Suzq1500--box of Mr. Clean erasers, 3 Clorox wipes, box of Whiska Purrfectly Chicken
Vicki B--6 bags Royal Canin baby cat
SVCathy & Scott--bag of PB filled pretzels, 4 bag of chocolate covered potato chips, doggie snackers, 4 breakfast packages, Peet's & Trader Joe's coffee (kcups), butterscotch cookies---yeah Trader Joe's!
Margaret S--donation for FFRC
Henry R Peeeps and Oh My Guinness---Happy Birthday cards with $5 each for special yums for Whiskers, Walter, Anny, Felicity, Shamballie & Austin! 

MYTH: Indoor cats cannot get diseases.
FACT:  Cats still are exposed to organisms that are carried through the air or brought in on a cat owner's shoes or clothing. That is why vaccinations are so important!

Please remember these two wonderful sites that are for FFRC:

Marmalade and her kittens are doing wonderful. Chauncey and Leopold are already trying to get into the Main Area. Soon-Ja and Rebecca are getting more confident each day. Marmalade's laid back attitude helps with the kittens!

Unelma was up in the Main Area for a little bit early this morning. She seemed relaxed and curious. Won't be long until she makes that full decision to come and play!

Thomas is doing good. I know many of you worry about him. He has so many sleepy days. We know that Thomas has had a long, hard history of nasty seizures. We want quality love and time for him. He makes us laugh when he does his run/hippity hop!

We have been busy updating lists. Also PetFinders is almost completely up to date to! Next that will be tackled is the Website. Isn't that what January is for---all those catch-up things! 

We had our internet cables all checked yesterday. A problem was figured out---a squirrel had chewed on the cable which interrupted the good connection. All the cable from the pole to inside was replaced. So far, so good....all good readings 

Let me remind you please......if you get emails or messages from someone that makes you uncomfortable or are uncertain about, never hesitate to let me know. Maybe I can help. 

MYTH: Putting garlic on a pet's food will get rid of worms.
FACT:  Garlic may make the animal's food taste better but has no effect on worms. The most effective way to treat worms is by medication prescribed by a veterinarian.

Caleb has been playing with a green kickeroo for about 15 minutes. He's a great kitten. Cayden is climbing up and down the Kuranda Towers---he must be practicing for something important! Zelda is sound asleep on my desk. Coralie is napping on my lap. Cutie is snugged up with Zelda.  Jarvis, Scott  and Norton are rough housing inside the litterbox. I've often wondered why that is so fun--but they're not telling me why!  

One big difference between the big cats and the small cats----Big cats can roar but not purr.  Small cats can purr but not roar!