Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday, Jan. 19

Our two new arrivals are here. Yesterday, Steve and I drove to eastern Ohio to pick up Snoopy and Storm. Here are their stories:

Snoopy is now known as Addison. He is 5 months old, a handsome black/white kitten. His mama and siblings were trapped and neutered/spayed. All have now found a home. He originally was taken to a rescue at 7 weeks old. Addison is a little shy but so so loves being held and petted. He appears to be a kitten with mild CH. He enjoys being cuddled. A very sweet boy.

Storm is now known as Magic. She is 6 weeks old, an all grey kitten. She was found in a yard after being abandoned by her mama, but she did continue to care for the rest of the litter. Storm is a doozy of a kitten--very vocal, very active. She loves people. She also has both of her rear legs severely deformed. They are already stiff and atrophied. Dr. Darcy has already seen a video of her. This little baby has made great friends already with Bella and Trucker. Magic is also a speedy wheel girl--she can zip around quite easily. The problem is that it's difficult to potty because of the way the legs are formed. Time will help us with whatever future decisions are made for her--right now she needs to grow and stay healthy.

Yeah for Ustream! We received our November PayPal from them.  Get ready for's for $1,672.61.  This is why we tolerate the ads---it's to our benefit! Thank you, viewers!

We have thanks to give:
Donavon S from OH--a donation for Leonard and his friends
Pat, Thursday volunteer--handwarmers for the store
Jatcat--3 dirt bags to cover up the computers--protects them from kitty hair!
Katy L, a Canada Lurker--5-3 pks of Lysol/Clorox wipes, 16 boxes of Kleenex, 12 bottles Hand Sanitizer and 12 bottles Dial soap--we're ready to keep the flu bug away!
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Friskies
Lannml--1000 styrofoam plates
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--1000 6 inch plates and also of 9 inch plates
Arden & Charmaine from IN--a donation to FFRC, to help with the 2 new kitties
Vicki & Pat--Jessie's family--donation to sponsor Jessie's siblings

I've heard from the family that has Purrgo. He is now 8 months old and weighs 10.2 pounds. His pictures show how very handsome he is. We've also heard from Abner and Dickens new dad. All is well. It took Dickens an extra day to adjust. Abner was right at home from the beginning. Both are doing wonderful and are so happy!

Yesterday we had our annual volunteer info meeting. Lots of volunteers showed up and for that, I'm grateful. We went over many topics, including goals for 2015, cat health, CH info, fundraisers, info about Kitty Kastle, events for 2015, just to name a few topics. 

Who is the cat who loves to chomp on our hair?  Bobbi
Who are 2 cats with kinky tails?  Merri and Sunnie J
Who loves to come in the house the most? Trucker and Camvi
Who likes to bury herself in the warm laundry?  Kiara
Who loves the pink poof on the Princess Bed?   Cozarelii

Our new store has a name! Finally! And we love it. Our store is now forever to be known as Paw-Mart. We will be working on updating Paw-Mart in the website!

We love those cute cat ears! A cat can turn its outer ear toward a sound about 10 times faster than a dog. A cat's ears are a lot more sensitive than human ears. A cat can hear sounds up to two octaves higher than the highest note a human can hear.

This evening, we will have BOXES at 5:30 and the raffle for the wonderful cat scarves at 6:00. Come join the fun! Of course, there will be consolation prizes too!